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Founding People & Families of Immanuel Baptist Church
Portland, TN.
Hradek Family

Submitted by Anna Nettles , Church Historian
© 2004

Information Sources: Immanuel Church records 1911-2001, Immanuel Cemetery Records; Personal Accounts of Immanuel Baptist Church Members : Esther Burysek Butler, Lillian Vejr McGee, Marie (Mrs. John) Ferrett; Betty (Clyde) (Mrs. James) Holubicka; Milton & Bea Burysek;


John HRADEK 1857-1948 and wife Josephine 1869-1948, were both
born in Poland and died in Portland, TN. They are buried in Immanuel Cemetery.

1920 US CENSUS Ed. 274 Cleveland, Ohio
HRADEK, John W.   age 64   born 1855   Bohemia
Josephine   wife   60   1860   Bohemia

1930 US Census SUMNER COUNTY Dist. 16 #80/92
HRADEK, John   age 73   Born 1855   Bohemia speaks Czech/Imm. 1903
Josephine wife 60   married 32  years  Born Bohemia

Their children were:

  1. Christia HRADEK born 1891 Poland - dd. 26 May 1979 married Ignatz WOSTA. See WOSTA family for info.
  2. Jerry HRADEK born 8 July 1893 Poland -20 Oct 1968 Salmons, Ky. Married Bertha NESVARBA born 1892/6- dd ? (daughter of Josef and Mary NESVARBA) In 1918/9. Had one daughter, Virginia HRADEK born 1921 married James Kratchoville.

    1930 US Census South SIMPSON County, KY. #166/156 Next to Nesvarba
    HRADEK, Jerry   age 36  married at age 24  Born in Poland
    Bertha  wife  34     22    Tenn.
    Virginia daughter  11   born in Tennessee
    (Virginia HRADEK born 1921 married James Kratchoville)

  3. Anna HRADEK born 1898 Poland, married Joseph MAZANEC. See Mazanec for info

  4. Emma HRADEK born 1901- dd. 1963 married Reuben NESVARBA

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