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Founding People & Families of Immanuel Baptist Church
Portland, TN.
Ertner Family

Submitted by Anna Nettles, Church Historian
© 2004

Information Sources: Immanuel Church records 1911-2001, Immanuel Cemetery Records; Personal Accounts of Immanuel Baptist Church Members : Esther Burysek Butler, Lillian Vejr McGee, Marie (Mrs. John) Ferrett; Betty (Clyde) (Mrs. James) Holubicka; Milton & Bea Burysek;


Adam Ertner Born: 11 Sept 1850 Germany dd. 16 Oct 1931, Burial Schweizer Community, Simpson County, Ky. Immigration from Galacia/Poland to N.Y. Arrival 760; 5 July 1890. *Family is listed in the ships records:

ERTNER* Adam, *Oleta, *Edward F. ,*Lydia, *Maria , *Martin
Othilde (Oleta) (last name unknown) born 1835 Germany died before Sept 1920

Wife 2. Harriett Bennett White McLaughlin (b. 22 Mar 1858-dd 21 Feb 1935 daughter of Reuben White and Harriet Briley, widow of Alexander Martin McGlothlin. Adam Ertner and Harriett married 8 Sept 1920. She is buried in Schweizer community beside Adam Ertner, his first wife is buried on the other side of him.

1. Edward F. ERTNER married Berta Hlad
2. Lillie (Lydia) ERTNER married Adolph BURYSEK
3. Maria (Martha) ERTNER married Chester HENDRICKS
4. Martin ERTNER (no information)
5. Annie ERTNER married Oscar CUMOR
6. Mary ERTNER married Leslie MINNICKS
7. William H. ERTNER married Mary Glenn WHITE

1910 Ky. Miracode US Census Index 0092/0179 Simpson County, Franklin, KY.

ERTNER, ADAM w/m age 55 Born Germany Emm. 1890 Speaks German Occupation: Grist Miller
Oleta w/f wife age 55 Born Germany
Annie daughter 16 Born TN.
Mary daughter 12 Born TN.
Willie H. son 9 Born TN.

*(Older children are on their own)

1930 US Census ROBERTSON County, TN. District 1 #187/201
ERTNER , Adam w/m age 76  pers.prop.$30.00  Speaks German  Grist Miller
Harriet (2nd wife) age 72  Born Tn  Father - Tn.  Mother - Tn.

1. Edward F. ERTNER born 1884 Germany dd. Before 1962. Married ca/1910 Berta HLAD Born 6 Aug 1891 - dd. 23 Feb 1936.
    a. Edward W. ERTNER born 28 July 1901-dd 20 March 1996 Ill. Married Grace (?)
    b. Fay S. ERTNER born 1916/7 Attended Wheaton Bible College, became a Baptist Missionary, never                  married. Died in Florida .
    c. Dan M. ERTNER born 1919 married Ruby (?).

1930 Us Census Robertson County , TN. Dist. 1 #189/204
ERTNER, Edward F. w/m age 46 married at 26; Clerk in General Store, Speaks German Value of Property $30.00 Born Poland/father born Poland/mother born Poland
Benta (Berta) wife age 39 mar. at 19 Keeps house Ill./Bohemia/Bohemia
Edward W. son 17
Fay S. daughter 13
Dan M.   11
Edward F. ERTNER ran a Country/General Store in Mitchell, TN (on Hwy 31W - beside the creek and below the big Brick house on Highland Rd.)

2. Lillie ERTNER born 6 May 1888 - dd 11 Aug 1970. Buried Immanuel Cemetery Portland, Tn. married Adolph BURYSEK born 16 Jan 1882 Bohemia - dd. 3 Sept 1963 Portland, buried Immanuel Cemetery, Portland, Tn.  Adolph Burysek Descendants
3. Martha ERTNER married Chester HENDRICKS
4. Martin ERTNER - no information
5. Annie ERTNER married Oscar CUMOR
6. Mary ERTNER married Leslie MINNICKS
7. William H. ERTNER born 28 July 1901 Simpson Co. KY-dd Dec 1979 Portland, Tn. married Mary Glenn WHITE born 14 Oct 1905-dd 18 Dec 1992.  He ran the General Store with his brother Edward.

1930 US Census ROBERTSON County, Tn. District 1 #194/208
ERTNER, Willie H. w/m   age 27  mar. at 23   Personal Prop.   $3000.
Mary G.    w/f    wife 24

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