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Clarence Smart Letters

Submitted by Jan J. Barnes
© 2003

Clarence Smart was the son of James Marion Smart and Nina Belcher.  He was born 11 Aug 1890 and died 14 July 1914, hit by a train while working for the L & N RR at Mallory Station close to Franklin, TN.  This collection of letters was given to his sister, Lela Smart Johnson, and following her death given to her son, Guilford Martin Johnson.  Thanks to his children, Larry, Jim, Patsy, and Jerry for allowing us to post this collection.

June 28, 1914

Anniston, MO.

Mr. Clarence Smart

Dear Old Cuz,

How are you getting along old boy?  I am fine and dandy.  Say kido I wish you were with me now, I am having some time.  If you meant what you told me two weeks ago, you will be with me in a little while.  Clarence I am getting $1.50 per day and board and don't work over 2/3 of the time.  I have been driving a team with the wheat thrasher part of the time and hauling grain the other part.  I have worked 9 days and have made $13.50.  Old boy, there are some pretty janes out here.  There is one where I am working there is some class to her believe me.  She is some fast to.  I am hoping to have some fun today.  Clarence the man I am working for only made about 3,000 bu of wheat and that is not near as much as some men made.  One man here made 7,000 bushels.  Clarence the thrashing is not near over yet, the thrasher I have been working with will run about 3 or 4 weeks more and they are calling for hands and paying from $1.50 to $2.50 and board.  When we get through here I am going to Kansas and then to Nebraska and the Dekotas.  They pay $2.50 to $3.50 and board.  Well boy, are all the folks well?  Please write and tell me if you are going to come out here.  There is a job waiting for you.  I would like to have a buddy anyway.  Say if you come please write and tell me right soon.  I would like for you to get here by the 5th or 10th anyway.  I will give you the route here.  It only cost me $6.14 to Cairo, ILL. but when you get to Nashville you buy your ticket for Martin, Tenn.  That's where you change trains and then buy your ticket for Cairo which is only $1.91 I think and then for Anniston Mo. and I will meet you there if you will tell me when you are going to start.  Clarence I think there is a chance for us to make about $150 bucks alright during the thrashing.  Well I guess I had better stop along here some where so be sure to ans. soon.  Write the next day after you get this so do good old boy and come if possible.  I am as ever yours truly,

My address is Anniston Mo., no route.  I'll get mail at the post office.

Leonard A. "Jack" Smart was a first cousin to Clarence Smart.  He was the son of Dr. John W. Smart and Emma Organ.  He was born May 23, 1896 and was killed  in Chicago on August 28, 1938.

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