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Submitted by: Ann Brosnahan
Great Great Granddaughter

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William AYCOCK, son of Abner AYCOCK born abt. 1753 in Bute Co., North Carolina, now Warren Co., North Carolina. Died abt. 1823 in Warren Co., NC. Abner AYCOCK was married 07 July 1778 to Sarah (Sally) HARPER, born abt. 1754 in Bute Co., now Warren Co., NC. Sally HARPER AYCOCK age 96 in the Warren Co. NC 1850 census living with William LANCASTER and Sally AYCOCK.

William AYCOCK, b. abt. 1800 in Warren Co., NC and d. abt. 1853 in Warren Co., NC. He married Nancy Ann PATTILLO 21 October 1829. Nancy PATTILLO, was b. abt. 1805 in Brunswick Co, Virginia and d. after 1880. She was the daughter of John and Martha STEED PATTILLO of Brunswick Co. Va.

William AYCOCK'S occupation was a farmer and he became a blacksmith when he inherited his father's smith tools in 1823.

Warren Co., NC is just across the border from Burnswick Co.,VA.

William and Nancy AYCOCK in the 1840 census lived in Brunswick Co., VA. In the 1850 census, William and Nancy AYCOCK lived in Warren Co., NC.

William AYCOCK died in 1853 in Warren Co., NC. In the 1860 and 1870 census Nancy AYCOCK had moved back with her children to Brunswick Co., VA to be near her mother. In the 1880 census, Nancy AYCOCK with her daughter Anna AYCOCK lived with her son John C. AYCOCK and his family in Franklin Co., NC.

William & Nancy PATTILLO AYCOCK/ACOCK children:

1. John C. AYCOCK/ACOCK, born abt. 1830 in Brunswick Co. VA. d. aft. 1880 in Franklin Co., Louisburg, NC. John C. Aycock - American Civil War Soldier - Enlisted as a Private at the age of 29. Enlisted in Co. L, 15th Infantry Regiment NC CONFEDERACY on 12 June 1861. Wounded, transferred in Co. K, 32nd Infantry Regiment NC on 04 July 1862. Discharged because of wounds Co K, 32nd Infantry Regiment NC 02, February 1863. After the Civil War, John C. AYCOCK move to Wayne Co. NC and married Martha/Patty ?. In 1880 census John C. AYCOCK was living in Louisburg, NC. John C. AYCOCK occupations were blacksmith, farmer and merchant.

John C. & Martha M. AYCOCK children:

1.1. Virginia AYCOCK - female b. 1868 Wayne Co. NC.

2. Silva AYCOCK - female b. 1870 Wayne Co. NC.

3. John AYCOCK - male b. 1875 NC.

4. Beulah AYCOCK - female b. 1877 NC.

5. Clara AYCOCK - female b. 1879 NC.

2. Christopher AYCOCK/ACOCK, born abt. 1831 in Brunswick, VA. Occupation: carpenter. He was not living with family after 1850 census.

3. Emily C. AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. abt. 1834 in Brunswick,VA d. aft. 1880 in Boydton, Mecklenburg Co., VA. She married Henderson REDMOND. In the 1850 census Emily was living with her grandmother Martha STEED PATTILLO in Burnswick Co. VA.


3.1. Saluda REDMOND, female b. abt. 1854 Boydton, VA

2. Stafrus REDMOND, male b. abt. 1856 Boydton, VA

3. William REDMOND, male b. abt. 1858 Boydton, VA

4. Edward REDMOND, male b. abt. 1862 Boydton, VA

5. Linwood REDMOND, male b. abt. 1868 Boydton, VA

4. Sally G. AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. abt. 1835 in Brunswick, VA. Sally was not living with family in 1870 census.

5. Austin C. AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. abt. 1838 in Brunswick, VA d. after. 1860. Before the Civil War broke out Austin went to live with his mothers brother Christopher C. PITTILLO in Perry Co., Woodville, Alabama. Austin returned to Boydton, VA in 1862 to enlisted in the Confederacy. Austin C. AYCOCK - American Civil War Soldier - Enlisted 27 February 1862 as a Private in Boydton, VA. Enlisted in Company G, 38th Infantry Regiment VA. Detailed on 15 May 1862 (as litter bearer w/Medical Dept.) Returned on 15 June 1862.

6. George Griffin AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. 02 March 1838 in Brunswick Co., VA d. 17 April 1900 Wake Co. Raleigh, NC. Married Holland Annie ROSE 22 December 1870. She is the daughter of William ROSE and Chelly BRIDGERS of Wayne Co. NC. Holland Annie ROSE b. 1855 in Wayne Co. NC d. 19 April 1900. GEORGE G. & Holland A. ROSE AYCOCK are buried in the ROWLAND/AYCOCK cemetery in Raleigh, Wake Co., NC. George G. AYCOCK, American Civil War Soldier - Enlisted as a Private at the age of 22 in the Confederate Regiment 30th NC State Troop Infantry, Company B "Nat Macon Guards", Hospitalized on 01 April 1865 at Farmville, VA. POW on 15 April 1865 at Hospital, Farmville, VA. Discharged on 09 June 1865.

George G . & Holland A. ROSE AYCOCK children:

6.1. William Ernest AYCOCK, b. 10 October 1871 in Johnston Co. NC d. 08 July 1953 in Lenoir Co., NC. William E. AYCOCK married Annie M. WILLIAMSON 21 December 1910 in Wake Co., NC. They are buried in West View Cemetery Kinston, NC. William E. AYCOCK, enlisted 27 April 1898 in the Spanish American War and was wounded and discharged 22 Apr 1899. William and Annie AYCOCK had four sons and one daughter.

6.2. Etta Mae AYCOCK, b. 22 July 1873 Johnston Co., NC. d. 1903 in Wake Co. NC. She married Joseph R. WILLIAMS 20 Feb. 1895. In Wake Co. North Carolina. Etta M. AYCOCK & Joseph R. WILLIAMS had one son and two daughters .

6.3. Eliza AYCOCK, b. 14 December 1875 in Johnston Co., NC. d. aft. 1880.

6.4. Leonard Augusta AYCOCK, b. 24 June 1878 in Johnston County, NC d. 12 November 1965 in Raleigh, Wake Co. NC. He married Lena Elizabeth PLEASANTS 15 December 1908 in Raleigh, Wake Co. NC. Lena E. PLEASANTS b. 07 November 1877 in Wake Co. NC. d 16 June 1942 Raleigh Wake Co. NC. She is the daughter of Thaddeous H. PLEASANTS of Wake Co. NC and Penelope (Penny) FINCH of Nash Co. NC. Leonard A. & Lena E. AYCOCK are buried in Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, NC. Leonard and Lena AYCOCK had two twin sons, died young and one daughter.

6.5. Edward Henderson AYCOCK, b. 01 April 1881 Johnston Co., NC d. 09 September 1947 in Raleigh, Wake Co., He married Espran (Essie) Elizabeth 04 April 1903 Raleigh, Wake Co. NC. They are both buried in Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, NC. They had four sons and seven Daughters.

6.6. Nancy Ida AYCOCK, b. 11 August 1884 Johnston Co. NC. d. 30 June 1939 in Norfolk, VA. She married Mark L. COLLINS 19 October 1902. They had one son and two daughters.

6.7. Sally Clara AYCOCK, b. 12 October 1888 in Wake Co. NC. d. 12 August 1966 in Wake Co. NC. She married Andrew G. JACKSON 27 July 1912 in Wake Co. NC he died 29 Mar 1915. They had one son that died young. Sally C. AYCOCK, JACKSON married husband #2 Elliotte WILLIAMSON b. 19 Nov 1888 d. 11 July 1954. They are buried in Raleigh National Cemetery in NC. They had no children.

6.8. George D. AYCOCK, b. 13 September 1892 Wake Co. NC. d. before 1900 in Wake Co. North Carolina. He is buried with parents George G. and Holland A. ROSE AYCOCK.

7. Edward S. AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. Sept. 1841 in Brunswick Co., VA. d. 05 December 1924 in Georgia. He married Mary A. GODBOLD. In 1885 the daughter of Ervin GODBOLD and Sarah FOXWORTH SC. Mary GODBOLD AYCOCK b. February 1861 in SC d. aft. 1930 in Georgia. Edward S. AYCOCK, American Civil War Soldier - Enlisted as Private on 16 August 1861 at the Age of 21. Enlisted in the Confederacy Company B, 30th Infantry, Regiment NC. Surrendered Company B, 30th Infantry Regiment NC on 09 April 1865 in Appomattox Court House, VA. Edward S. AYCOCK was awarded Francis S. Bartow Chapter Daughter of the Confederacy "Crosses of Honor" at The Veterans, Camp 819. In 1907 Ware Co. Waycross Georgia. Edward S. and Mary GODBOLD AYCOCK had two sons.

8. Mary A. F. AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. abt. 1843 Burnswick, VA

9. Martha S. AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. abt. 1845 Burnswick, VA

10. Susan E. AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. abt. 1847 Burnswick, VA

11. Indiannah R. L. (Anna) AYCOCK/ACOCK, b. abt. 1848 Burnswick, Virginia d. aft. 1880 in Franklin Co. NC.

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