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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records
1902 - 1904

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A County Clerk Minutes Rolls #55 & #56
County Clerk Minutes, pages 519-520, 103-105, 234-235 

Roll #55

Sumner County Clerk Minutes

Page 519-520

October Term, 1902

The annual report of the Commissioners of the Poor was read in open Court and ordered spread upon the Minutes of this Court and is as follows,

To the Hon. County Court Sumner County Tenn.

October Term 1902, We the undersigned Poor House Commissioners report as follows for the year 1902 the present inmates in the County are as follows,

White Males

J.B. Gilbert 47             Epilepsy

John Eliman 86            Old age, feeble

James Brinkley 33       Idiocy

Will Jones 24                Idiocy

James Barber 42          Idiocy

William Crabb 74         Blindness

Willie Addison 4

Thos. Dennis 72           Idiocy

William Cheek 63        Idiocy

James Wilks 54            Idiocy

Chas. Shoemaker 62    Old age, feeble

White Females

Fannin Hesson 73          Fits

Lillie Griffin 18              Scrofula

Ruth Crabb 74               Old Age

Frances Addison 31

Lizzie Addison 11

Mary Rippy 64               Idiocy

Rosie Wilks 47               Idiocy

Jane Young 88 Old age, Blind

Lizzie Shoemaker 65      Old age

Sarah Carver 50             crippled

Infant of Frances Adams, 2 months old

Colored Males

Green Carver 75             old age

Peter Wickware 60         Paralysis

Peter Glover 67              Paralysis

William Hall 13              Crippled

Colored Females

Ann Barber 45               Insane

Adline Vertress 59        Insane

Total Inmates, White males 11, White Females 11

Total Whites 22, Total Colored males 4, Colored Females 2

Total Colored 6, Grand Total White & Colored 28.

T.W. Wright

Jno M. Guthrie

G.W. Wise Comsnrs.

Roll# 56

Sumner County Clerk Minutes

Pages 103-105

October Term, 1903

The Commissioners of the Poor presented their annual report as follows:

To the Hon. County Court of Sumner County Tennessee, We the undersigned Commissioners of the Poor for Sumner County do hereby present to your Hon. Body our report for the year 1903 as follows,

White Inmates

Wm Crabb 75             Blind

Mrs. Ruth Crabb 75  Feeble

Fannie Hesson 56      Fits

Taylor Gregory 65     Crippled

Lizzie Gregory 55      Old age

Mary Rippy 65          Lunacy

Rhoda Black 19

Infant babee Rhoda Black

William Jones 25       Idiot

James Barber 43      Crippled

Ben Gilbert 51          Epilepsy

Thos Dennis 65         Idiot

Alice Jones 24           Idiot

Joe Ruff 67               Crippled

Wm Cheek 63           Lunatic

Dora Borders 39       Insane

J.W. Brown 50          Crippled

Henry Eidson 14       Idiot

Flora Silivan 30        Pregnant

Dug Graves 69         Crazy

Jim Brumley 36        Idiot

Total White Inmates 21

Colored Inmates

Peter Sarver 48      Deaf mute

Will Hall 14             crippled

Peter Gleaves 68    Paralytic

Moses Talley 77     old age

John Peyton 65       Deaf mute

Eliza Farlan 35        Crazy

Ann Barber 42       crazy

Green Carver 75    old age

Adeline Vertrees 64 Epilepsy

Total Colored Inmates 9

Grand Total white and colored - 30

T.W. Wright

G.W. Wise

J. Miller Harris Comisrs.

Roll #56

October Term, 1904

Pages 234-235

The following report of the Commissioners of the Poor for year ending October the 1st 1904, was read in open Court and ordered spread upon the minutes of this Court and is as follows,

To the Hon. County Court of Sumner County Term of the Oct Term 1904, We the undersigned Commissioners of Sumner County Poor Farm offer the following report to wit

List of paupers, White

J.B. Gilbert 51            Epilepsy

James Brumley 30      Idiotic

Will Jones 26              Idiotic

Tom Hardin 70           Idiotic

Harry Eidson 16         Idiotic

Mary Rippy 69           Old age

Rosa Wilks 47            Idiot

Lizzie Bell 70              Old age

Jim Barber 43             Cripple

Total White 9


Green Carver 58       Rheumative

Peter Wickware 61   deaf & dumb

Will Hall 14               Cripple

James Peyton 68       deaf & dumb

Moore Tally 78         Old age

Ann Barber 40           Insane

Eliza Farland 32         Insane

Rachaul Braskin 73   Old age

Total colored 8

Admitted during the year 16, Disposed of and left 16, Deaths, white 6, Colored 3 total 9

No. of paupers sustained during year . .. 42

T.W. Wright

J.W. Albright

J. Miller Harris Cominrs.

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