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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records
1898 - 1899

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A County Clerk Minutes Roll #55
County Clerk Minutes, pages 470, 513 - 514, 45- 46 

Page 470
The following report of the Commissioners of the Poor for the year ending Sept 30, 1898, was read in open Court and ordered spread upon the minutes of this Court which is as follows, To the Hon. County Court of Sumner County we the Poor House Commissioners of said County, beg leave to make this our report for the year ending the 30th of September 1898.

Inmates at the County Farm

Whites 26
Sarah Taylor age 40, cook
Martha Roberts aged 79
Robert Taylor aged 2 yrs
Susan May aged 67 years
Fanny Hessen aged 52
Lilia Griffin aged 15 years
Lila Roberts aged 57
Molly Josie aged 39
Jane McGinnis age 38
Maud McGinnis aged 9
Mary Dennis aged 70
Lucy Crabb age 70
Eveline Gourly aged 65
Eliza Gourley aged 39
Jane May aged 42
Susan Aldridge aged 16
Fanny May aged 10
France Alderson aged 29
One Infant 1 month old
Ben Gilbert aged 43
Jas. C. Hoy aged 44
Jas. Brumley aged 29
William Holmes aged 76
Jno Elmore age 82
Jas Barber age 38
Wm Crabb age 70

Colored 5
Dick Chambers age 78
Green Carver aged 77
Ann Barber aged 47
Adeline Vertrees aged 55
Jas. House aged 14

January Term, 1899

Finance Committee report- Poor house and paupers
William Apple Labor on Poor House farm
E. B. Gibson Labor on Poor House farm
Thos Link Superintendent - Poor House Farm
Pauper Coffin for John Mirtin's wife, Col
Pauper Coffin for John Mirtin, Col
Pauper Coffin for Louis Graves child, Col.
Pauper Coffin for John Utley's child Col.
Pauper Coffin for Dave Jones child
Pauper Coffin for Thos. Odom's Daughter Col
Pauper Coffin for Mary Locket
Pauper Coffin for Anna Rogas child Col
Pauper Coffin for Joanna McDougal
Pauper Coffin for Emma Smith

Page 513

Pauper Coffin for E. Dobbins child
Pauper Coffin for Millie Carey Child
Pauper Coffin for Martha Taylor

Outside Pauper Appropriations for 1899

Page 513

Mattie Anglea Temporary
Tom Fry District 2
Callie Jones District 6
Lizzie Hardin District 8
Ludia Harris District 9
Mrs. Cronn District 10
Mrs. Walker District 10
Lydia Graves District 12

Page 514

James S. Ramsey for grandchild District No. 12
Mrs. McDole District No. 12
James Barber District 14
Mrs. Clampitt District No 14
Mack Lauderdale Col District No. 1
Mrs. Weathers District 10
Judia Cochran District 14
Mrs. Holloman District 13
Comodore Summers District 15
Mrs. Rowland District 11
Dora Shanklin District 13
Mr. Draper District 15
Maggie Butt District 5
Elizabeth Riggsbee District 15
Bird Tucker District 12
Maggie Whitson District 14

Ordered by the Court all the Justices voting therefore that the report of the Committee appointed at the October Term 1898 of this Court to purchase land for the Poor House farm which report is written & filed and recommends the purchase of 75 acres of land of R. T. Cunningham adjoining the County farm at the price of five hundred dollars ($500.00) and directing the Chairman to pay afor same at said price when a general warantee deed clear of all sucumbrances is delivered to him for the county by said R. T. Cunningham, be and the same is confirmed and the Committee discharged and the Chairman of this Court will see to the deed to said land being made in accord to said report and will pay for same out of any funds in the County Treasury.

Poor House Report, October Term, 1899

Page 45

The following report of the Commissioners for the Poor for past year was read in open Court and ordered spread upon the minutes of the Court and is as follows:
To the Honorable County Court of Sumner County, We the Poor House Commissioners of said County, beg leave to make this our report for the year ending the 30th Sept.

Page 46

1899 Inmates at the County Farm 35
Whites 26
W.B. Gilbert aged 44
J.C. Hoye aged 45
James Brumley age 30
John Elemore aged 83
Wm Jones age 21
Jas. McGinnis age 7
Jas. Barber age 39
Wm Crabb age 71
William Adson, Infant, 1
Fanny Hessson age 70
Lila Griffin age 16
Molly Josey age 40
Jane McGinnis age 39
Maud McGinnis age 10
Ann McGinnis age 3
Lou Crabb age 71
Mary Brokenshire age 42
Mary A. Dennis age 71
Lou Josey age 21
Nifin Johnson age 35
Francis Holmes age 36
Blanch Jackson age 34
Lizzie Johnson Infant 1
Francis Adson age 28
Lizzie Adson age 8

Mack Baker aged 68
George Young aged 38
Wm Hall aged 10
Dick Stratton no age given
John Wallace Infant
Ann Barber aged 48
Adeline Vertrus age 50
Ann Wallis age 24
All of the inmtes are well cared for by the Superintendant Thos. Link and his lovely wife Mrs. Maggie Link.

W.F. Clendening
T.W. Wright
M.H. Stratton Comsrs.

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