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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records
1895 - 1896

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A County Clerk Minutes Roll #55
County Clerk Minutes, pages 40 - 43, 186 

Note: During the October Terms of 1895 and 1896, there were some pauper coffin purchases recorded within the finance report. I have extracted just the names of the deceased paupers. No ages were given.

October Term, 1895, page 43

James Smith's child
Sweet Yates
Rose Rogan's Baby
Delia Williams Col
Lon Gammon child
Daniel Davis
Jim Draper
Sarah Crenshaw

Page 186

October Term, 1896
D. Jameson
Huffmans child
Rufus Chambers wife Col
Henson Poston child
John E. Pride
Rufus Chambers wife
Caroline Walker Col
Lou Douglass
Mary Hassell
Lucy Carr's child
Ed Drapers Child
Jas. Dunivan
John May
Will Josey
Michael Johnson
E. Harper
Ana Pane?
Fanny Hobdy

October Term, 1895, page 40

The Commissioners for the Poor presented and read their annual report which without objection was ordered spread upon the Minutes of this Court and is as follows:

Page 41

To the Hon. County Court of Sumner County We the Poor House Commissioners of said County beg to make our report for the year ending the 3rd of September 1895.
Inmates of the County farm up to date

Enos Harper aged 78
Thomas Glover aged 64
James Brawley aged 26
Matilda Griffin Aged 82
Martha Roberts aged 76
Susan May aged 70
Fanny Hesson aged 43
France Adson aged 26
Liza Adson aged 4
Lula Griffin aged 12
Axone Lawrence aged 74
Case Johnson aged 4
Michel Johnson aged 2
Tom May aged 41
Dave May aged 38
Parnie May aged 7
A Josie aged 72
L. Strother aged 70
Tisher Ashford aged 48
John Elerman aged 79
Poly Ellerman aged 67
Delia Roberts aged 55
W.A. Taylor aged 19
Susan May aged 9

Jacob Cotton 95
Parry Mathis 78
Dick Chambers aged 75
Milton Young aged 29
Sally Harper aged 50
On the farm is the following stock to wit:
3 Work Mules, 6 Milk Cows, 7 Head Yearlings 12 Head Sheep, 20 Head of fattening hogs, 40 Head of stock hogs. Made 432 buschels of wheat, 20 ton of hay, 400 bundles of oats, 45 acres in corn, acres in sweet potatoes, 1 acre in Irish Potatoes, 20 bushels of dried Peas, 11 Bushels of Onions, 1, 2 Horse wagon & harness, 2 two horse plows 3 Double Shovels, 2 one horse plow, 1 Cultivator, 2 Harrows, 2 sets of plow gear, 2 choping axes 2 Cros cut saws, 4 Iron wedges, 2 Seythes & cradles, 1 Mower, 1 acres of sorghum.
Sold off the County Farm in 1895.
One hundred and eighty six Bushels of wheat, 156 Bushels of wheat at 58 cts per Bushel & 30 Bushels at 60 cts. Per Bushel. Paid F. J. Hutchison one hundred and five dollars & 74 cts. $90.96 on quarter ending Oct. 1st and $14.78 present quarter. Sold M.A. Dennis to lambs for four dollars and 65
The wheat and lambs sold for one hundred and thirteen dollars 61 cts. After paying F.J. Hutchison, one hundred and five dollars and 74 cts. the balance went to the benefit of the County Farm. Deaths at County farm in 1895, 4 all colored.

Left the County Farm in 1895 16 whites, 13 colored 3 Inmates at the County farm up to date 29.
Inmates during the year in and out 49.
122 loads of wood, six bushels of dried apples, one barrel of crout, 200 lbs of lard, one barrel of soap. The inmates are well cared for and the farm is in a Good condition at this time. One young orchard of 85 trees some of them bearing scorn of the little children that were

Page 42

at the County Farm we have procured them good homes. The inmates are comparatively cleanly and as healthful as is possible for the class of people who are forced through ill health and old age and adversity to seek the care of the County.
Your Humble Servants
W.F. Clendening
M.J. Hassell
F.W. Wright comsners.


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