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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A County Clerk Minutes Roll #55
County Clerk Minutes, pages 271, 272, 273 

October Term 1893, page 271

Here is a another report from the ph commissioners from the October term, 1893. In typing this I noticed quite a bit of difference in spelling of the names. Joel Turner became Joel Suner. Rachel Boyd became Rachel Boyls. Some of the inmates aged several years since 1892, some actually got younger! I try to type these reports exactly as they are presented on the film, even though I am sure I make mistakes in transcribing and typing. Please be sure to read the last comments given by the commissioners. They took their duty and responsibility very seriously, and I think it shows in the care and concern they give the poor house inmates.

The following annual report of the Commissioners of the Poor for year ending with this date, was read in open Court and in words and figures as follows: To the Honorable County Court of Sumner County; We the undersigned Poor House Commissioners beg leave to make this our report for the year ending the 30th day of September 1893.

Page 272:

7 head of milck cows, 4 head of yearlings, 5 calves, 25 fatening hogs, 65 stock hogs, 28 head of sheep, 2 work mules, 1 two horse wagon, farming utensils to run the farm, 23 acres in corn, 2 acres in sorghum, 45 acres in clover, acre in sweet potatoes, acre in irish potatoes, acre in turnips, 15 bushels of onions, 3 bushels of peas, 242 bushels of wheat, 1500 bundles of oats, 20 tons of hay, 300 lbs of bacon, 150 lbs. of lard, 10 bbls of old corn, 60 gallons of old sorghum, 1 bbl of pickles, 200 lbs of tobacco.
Inmates at the County farm in September 1893, 19 Whites & 10 colored. Whites,
Rachael Boyls             aged 70 years       idiot
Fanny Hessise             aged 45       poverty
Susan May                   aged 60       idiot
E. Harper                     aged 78       poverty
James Brumley            aged 25       idiot
Francis Adson              aged 25       poverty
Eliza Adson                   aged 3
Margaret Smith           aged 38       poverty
Lou Smith                     aged 9       poverty
Flora Smith                   aged 7       poverty
W. B. Smith                  aged 3       poverty
Matilda Griffin             aged 77       poverty
John May                     aged 78       poverty
Eliza Cooley                 aged 81       poverty
Nathan Spain               aged 73       poverty
Jane Young                  aged 75       Blind
Thomas Glover            aged 56       idiot


Milton Young       aged 30 years       idiot
Joel Suner      " 80 "      poverty
Perry Matthews       " 82 "      "
Jordan Meadors       " 78 "     "
Sally       " " 81 "      "
Jacob Cotton       " 93 "      "
Sally      " " 73 "     "
Dick Chambers      " 84 "     "
Samantha Cothran       " 78 "     "
Carissa Patterson      " 55 "     "
One death in 1893, Peter Baber Col. Aged 107.

Sup'dt T. P. Dennis' report shows that at the close of the quarter there was 29 people in the poor house, the inmates are comfortable, cleanly, and as healthful as is possible for the class of people who are forced through ill health, old age, and to seek the care of the County. In concluding this report the Commissioners say we feel keenly the great responsibility placed upon us by this Court in the administration that duty, So far it is with you to say we have striven honestly and to the best of our ability to merit your approval and return to you the office intrusted to our keeping we hope you will find our record unblemished by intentional wrong and one which will meet the approval of the Court and the people.
Your humble servants,
W. F. Clendening
T. W. Wright
Leroy Hoffman       Comirs.

Page 273

Which report was ordered received and spread upon the minutes of this Court, all the justices present voting therefor.

W. F. Clendening having received a majority of the votes of the Justices present and named in the caption was elected Commissioner of the Poor for ensuing legal term of three years.

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