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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records
Poor House & Pauper Appropriations - 1892

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A County Clerk Minutes Roll #55
County Clerk Minutes, pages 33, 37, 53 - Poor House, pages 102, 107 


April Term 1892 pages 33 and 37

A report of the Poor Commissioners was here read in open Court and ordered filed.

The following accounts having been filed for allowance and having been examined and approved as the law directs by the proper Committee are hereby ordered paid a majority of the Justices present voting therefor viz-
Also the following Pauper Appropriations are allowed for the ensuing quarter.
Mrs. Janies Walker Pauper Outside $15.00
Harbert Honeycutt Pauper Outside $10.00
Ramisey Childress Pauper Outside $ 5.00
Martin Link Pauper Coffin $ 3.00
J. C. Clendening Pauper Coffin $ 3.00M
W. R. Anglea Pauper Coffins (listed 7 coffins at $3.00 each, no names for paupers)
J. L. Gray Pauper Coffins (listed 2 coffins at $3.00 each, no names for paupers)
James Tuttle     Caring for Thos Tuttle Jany & Feby $15.00
P. P. Dismkes      Poor House Supplies $4.05
R. G. Gillespie      Poor House Supplies $6.95
W. H. Hassell      Poor House Laborer $14.00
M. A. Dennis      Poor House Laborer $20.50
T. P. Dennis     Poor House Supt. $63.25
J. D. Roberts      Poor House Laborer $8.33
M. J. Hassell     Poor House Coms $16.15
Dr. T. H. Hassell     Poor House Physician $20.85
A. M. Blue      Supplies Poor House $7.00
R. Beeber     Poor House Supplies 1.40
T. H. King      Pauper Coffins (7 listed at 3.00 each with no pauper names listed)
Columbus File Col Pauper Coffin 3.00

April Term, 1892, page 53
Ordered by the Court that W.E. Pitt br and he is allowed Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) for caring for Mrs. Jane Young a pauper.

Poor House Records

October Term 1892 page 102

The report of the "Commissioners of the Poor" for the year 1892 was read in open court and ordered entered upon these minutes and is in words and figures as follows
We the undersigned Commissioners of the Poor beg leave to submit the following report for the year ending Sept. 30th 1892.

Inmates, White

Arch Barton                Age 95
Enos Harper               Age 73
Susan May                 Age 61
Tom Glover                Idiotic Age 56
James Brum               Idiotic Age 23
Fanny Hessen            Idiotic Age 46
Rachael Boyd            Age 72
Jane May                  Age 36
Susan Aldridge          Age 11
Margaret Morgan     Age 75
Lizzie Anderson         Age 18
Thomas May             Aged 39
Fanny May                Age 4
Tom Tuttle                 Age 42
Francis Anderson       Age 23

Colored Inmates

Peter Baber              Age 103
Dick Chambers        Age 72
Perry Mathes           Age 76
Clarisa Patterson     Age 57
Sally Meador           Age 80
Wm. Slaughter         Aged 23
Joel Turner              Age 80
Amantha Cothran    Age 78
Jordan Meadors      Age 70

Admitted during the year Whites 15       Blacks 4
Left during the year Whites 16       Colored 2
Died during the year 3

Stock on the farm 1 pr mules, 8 milk cows 11 yearlings, 27 sheep, 25 hogs, 39 shoats, all in good condition. The crop of wheat, 166 Bushels, 2000 binds of oats 12 tons Hay, about 30 acres of corn 7 bbls per acre Irish potatoes 30 bu. acre of late potatoes, acre of sweet potatoes acre of turnips, 8 bu onions, 3 Bu Peas, 1 Bu Beans, 4 bbs Molasses, 130 lbs Lard, Wagon & harness, farming tools sufficient for the farm, the fencing and farm in good condition. Produce sold from the farm $85.34.
Paid Commissioner W. F. Clendening $25.65
Paid Commissioner Leroy Hoffman $24.40
Paid Commissioner M. J. Hassell $21.50
Paid out for the use of the farm       13.79      $85.34
We employed T. P. Dennis Superintendant for the year for $230.00 he to make a hand on the farm and all other duties pertaining to the office, he was to furnish two horses to be used on the farm, he was to keep two milk cows to be used for his family and also for the inmates we hired W. H. Hassell for $15.00 per month to work on the farm. All of which is most respectfully submitted.
M. J. Hassell
W. F. Clendening Comis.
Leroy Hoffman

October Term, 1892, page 107

F. W. Wright having received a majority of the votes of the Justices present is duly elected Commissioner of the Poor for ensuing term of three years.

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