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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A County Clerk Minutes Roll #54
County Clerk Minutes, pages 416-418

January Term 1885 page 416

Ordered by the Court that Thos. Tuttle, an imbecile pauper in the care of L.W. Lawrence, be placed in the custody of his brother Wm Tuttle and $100 be appropriated for his benefit, said appropriation to be drawn by M. Fikes upon a call of the roll of Justices all present named in the caption voting aye.

Pages 416-417

The Report of the Commissioners of the Poor was read and ordered to be spread on the minutes. Said Report is as follows
"To the honorable County Court-
We the undersigned beg leave to submit the following report for the year 1884 -
At a meeting of the Commissioners on the 5th October 1883, we employed L.P. Dennis as Superintendent for the year 1884, as such we agreed to give him Two Hundred Dollars in money and to furnish him and his family with provisions if raised on the farm, if not, he was to furnish and feed his own family, he was to keep two horses to be used on the farm also one cow in consideration of which he was to make a hand on the farm and do such other business as the commissioners require of him, he was also to furnish the labor of his brother Thomas Hardin. At our Jany meeting we employed John Roberts at the rate of ten dollars per month as a farm hand. Inmates for the year 1884
White           Ages
Thomas, Benjamin feeble       83
Luton, Mary Very feeble      75
Malone, Harrry blind & feeble      81
Malone Meda      37
Malone Looney       16
Malone John      12
Malone Lizzie       9
Malone, Rolly      5
Malone, Monroe      3
Boyles, Rachael Idiotic      63
Kirk, W. M feeble       81
Hesson Fanny crippled       38
Dodson, Nancy Dumb       49
Glover, Thomas Idiotic      47
Henderson, Sarah Idiotic       24
Key, Katie Blind       65
Taylor, J. P. very feeble       87
Kennedy Elizabeth cripple      40
Kennedy, Martha       16
Brown, Frederic       40
Brown Margaret      37
Brown, Fanny      12
Brown, Mattie      10
Brown Lilla       4

Total number white inmates Jany 1st, 1884 - 24
Colored inmates

Wherry, Church very feeble       100
Patterson, Clarissa Idiotic       39

Total number colored inmates 1st January 1884 - 2

Page 418

White admitted during the year 1884
Hunter, Mary Ann Idiotic       60
Parker, Frances       Feeble       63
Parker, James       8
Parker, Sarah       4
Total number whites admitted -4

Colored admitted during the year 1884
Young, Milton       Cripple      17
Bratten Wm.     Very feeble       75
Rutherford      Idiotic      25
Total number colored admitted 3-

Whites left during the year 1884
Malone, Harry
Malone Meda
Malone, Looney
Malone, John
Malone, Lizzie
Malone, Rolly
Malone, Monroe
Henderson, Sara
Kennedy, Martha
Parker, James
Total number whites left during the year 1884 -10-

Died during the year 1884 White
Luton, Mary
Taylor, J.P.
Total number white inmates died during the 1884 2
Colored inmates died during the year 1884

Wherry, Church
Bratton, Wm.
Total number colored inmates died during the year 1884 2

Stock on hand year 1884
One pr mules
13 head cattle
27 head sheep
23 head hogs
40 Fowls
5000 lbs pork 200 barrels corn, 160 bushels wheat, 5000 binds oats 1000 binds fodder 3 tons Hay 5 barrels sorgheum, 50 bus sweet potatoes 50 bus irish potatoes 1 bbl peas 1 bbl beans 6 stands of lard one two horse wagon, 2 two horse plowers, 3 single plows, one two horse harrow, one cultivator, five hoes, three spades one set of wagon harness, one set of plow gear five axes one cutting knife 3 pitch forks, one cook stove, eight beds and steads and clothing for the same one scalding trough.

Produce sold from the farm $217.16
Paid out as follows T: J.M. Hollis, Physician 16.11
John Rovert farm hand 27.50
D.A. Rascoe merchandise 15.20
James Anderson, Commissioner 19.50
M.J. Hassel commissioner 62.80
H.F.Suttle Commissioner 39.85
total $180.96

Leaving balance in the hands commissioners 36.20
We would also state that the inmates are generally contented and well cared for the farm is good condition in every respect, the fences in good repair the land in a high state of cultivation.
All of which we respectfully submit Dec 31st 1884
M.J. Hassell
H.F. Suttle
Jas. Anderson

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