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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records
1880 - 1881

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A Microfilm Roll 53
County Court Clerk Minutes, pages 188, 223, 320-321, 367, 399, 427, 428

January Term 1880, page 188

Ordered by the Court that the following appropriations be made all the Justices present voting for the same to wit
Patience Killbuck pauper for the ensuing year $100.00
Polly Mongomery Col. At Jas. Hutchinson ensuing year 25.00
Rebecca Hodges 30.00
Taylor Gregor 30.00
Jno Ball 30.00
W.L. Harper 2 pauper coffins Ellen Bakes child and Henrietta Miers child 4.00
J. H Link 2 pauper coffins 3.00
Jas Carwright puaper coffins for Peter Kirkpatrick 3.00
Jas Hiteal 2 pauper coffins for Mrs. G. W. Jackson & Jos. Robertson 6.00
The report o;f the commissioners of the Poor was read and ordered to be spread on the minutes in which is as follows viz:
Annual report of the commissioners of the Poor of Sumner County with the expenses that have accrued from first Jan 1879 up to Jany 1st 1880 which amounts $775.00 the area number paupers 25 average price 30.00/in
Names white Paupers ages and conditions
Susie Ellis age 80 in feeble health
Mary Luton ae 74 very feeble
Darcus Barnet age 64
Harry Malone 77 Blind very feeble
Almeda Malone 33 health good cooks and washes for white paupers
Alonzo Malone 11 works on farm sprightly
John Malone 7 very sprightly
Lizzie Malone 4 very sprightly
Ben Thomas 68 very poor health works but little
Betsy Walton 40 does sewing for white paupers
Joseph Meadows 17 works on farm
Anne McHenry 36 poor health has two pair of twins, two boys four years old and boy and girl four months old

Colored inmates
Dick Green age 80 in poor health very little mind
Thos Averett 77 Able to do but little
Emeline Mathews 77 in very poor health
Dick MCGee 29 Idiot both hands burnt off
Clara Patterson 32 cuts wood for cabins

Left durin the year
Harry Goss, Joseph Meadows, Rosa Vineyard & 2 children and Becky Cage

Died during the year all colored to wit
Matilda Gray with comsumption, John Collier old age, small child of Gidda Grays no name

April Term 1880, page 223

Ordered by the Court all of the Justices mentioned in the caption voting for the same. That a levy of 10c on each $100.00 worth of property paying an Ad valorem Tax be made and collected for the year 1880 for the purpose of fraying the outstanding coupons of the bonds issued by the County of Sumner for the erection of Jail and Poor House and if there should be a surplus of money to appropriate it for the purpose of redeeming the outstand county warrants.

Ordered by the Court a majority of the Justices named in the caption voting for the same that the following named appropriations be paid to wit:
George Rogers Pauper one year $20.00
Rufus Hunt pauper one year $40.00
Ansel Odom for taking care pauper child $15.00
Thos Connors pauper $30.00
J.G. McKoin one pauper coffin for Molly Harris
Felix Hamilton one pauper coffin for Catherine Swaney

January Term 1881, pages 320-321

The report of the Poor House Commissions was read and approved and ordered to be recorded a majority of the Justices voting for the same which is as follows to wit:
Annual report of the Commissioners of the Poor of Sumner County with the expenses that have occured from 1st day of January 1880 up to the 1st day of January 1881 which amounts to $650 - average number of inmates twenty, average price $30.00. Number of inmates on hand their ages and conditions.
White inmates
Susy Ellis age 81 very feeble
Mary Luton age 75 very feeble
Patsey Walton age 41 very feeble does principly sewing
Sallie Pridy age 16 idiot has fits
Ben Thomas age 71 works very little, good health
John McAdams age 68 good health cuts wood
Harvey Malone age 71 blind, bad health
Almedia Malone age 34 cooks washes good worker
Alonzo Malone age 13 makes half a hand on Farm
John Malone age 8 sprightly
Lizzie Malone age 4 sprightly

Colored Inmates
Thomas Averett age 79 cuts wood quite feeble
Clara Patterson age 33 very little mind stout and healthy

Left during the year
William Pole March 21st
James McHenry and five children Feby 12th

Died during the year 1880
Daskus Bennett Sept 6 spinal disease
Isaac Boddie March 16th From effects of being frosted
Dick Guen April 10 old age
Emeline Mathews June 6th Dyspepsia
Polly Tabb Oct 10th old age
Dick McGee Oct 18th Fits and being frosted

Property on hand 1st January 1881
One hundred barrels of corn, three thousand pounds of Hay four hundred binds of oats, five hundred binds of Fodder, forty bushels of wheat, ninteen hundred pounds of Bacon 50 gal Lard 30 bushels of potatoes, 30 bushels of turnips, 1 cooking stove and vessels. 8 Beds and bedding 1 wagon and harness 15 head of cattle 7 hogs 20 sheep 1 mare 12 years old sufficient tools to carry on the farm 40 acres sown in wheat 40 bushels of wheat deposited at flour mill. 35 acres sown in clover. farm in good condition. We have secured the services of James Shaw for this year 1881. he is to be paid $200.00, $50.00 at each quarterly term of the Court. he is to keep on the place 1 cow and calf 1 sow and pigs six sheep 3 head of horses. One is to be used by the county, the other two are to be fed at Shaws expense unless sided by the county. he is to perform all the duties of Superintendant and make a hand on the farm.
All of which we respectfully submit for your consideration.
R.G. Gillespie
C.E. Douglas
O.P. Butler

April Term 1881, page 367

Ordered by the Court all the Justices named in the caption upon the call of the ayes and noes voting for the same. That the following named appropriations be paid to wit:
George Rogers pauper to 1st January 1882 $15.00
Rufus Kent pauper to 1st January 1882 $30.00
Lucy Gillespie pauper to 1st January 1882 $10.00
Moses Shaw pauper to 1st January 1882 20.00
R Hood and Wife Keeping a pauper child 8.00
C.G. Brown pauper coffin for Geo Blythe Col'd dec d $3.00
J.G. Armstrong pauper coffin for Lucy Gillespie Col'd, Mother $3.00
F.A. Taylor pauper coffin for Albert Frazer Col'd $3.00
J. H. Spradlin pauper coffin for Peter Johnson Col'd $3.00
James F. Dumes pauper coffin for Pres Koonce $3.00
Thos Gregory pauper coffin for Jerry Bullocks child Col'd.

July Term 1881, page 399

Ordered by the Court the following appropriations be made to wit
Mrs. Nancy Graves for keeping Kitty Key a pauper to date $20.00
Minerva Hunter Pauper resident of 14th District to Jany 1st 1882 $15.00
Betsey Morris Pauper resident of 12th District to Jany 1st 1882 $15.00

October Term 1881, page 427

The report of the commissioners of the Poor was read and ordered to be spread on the minutes which is as follows:
Report of the commissioners of the Poor of Sumner County with the expenses that have accrued from Jany 1881 up to first October 1881 which amounts to
Number of Paupers on hand seventeen white and four colored.
Ages and condition of white Paupers viz:
Ben Thomas age 81 works little feeble health
John McAdams age 81 very feeble
Susy Ellis age 77very feeble
Mary Luton age 73 very feeble
H. Malone age 79 blind health bad
Amanda Malone age 35 does cooking and washing
Larry Malone age 14 works on farm, ought to be bound out
Lizzy Malone age 7 sprightly
Two small children 4 and 2 years old
H. Bolls age 53 makes half hand on farm
Rachel Bolls age 61 and not in good health
Billy Flink age 78 very feeble cuts wood
Jerry Harden age 77 blind good health
Sally Harden age 76 very good health

Colored Inmates
Thos Averett age 81 years almost blind health bad
Clara Patterson age 41 cooks for colored paupers
Robert Stanfield age 50 Idiot health good
Sally White age 2 years
Left during this year Sally Sloan and four children
James Spears Patsy Walton and daughter, Caroline Harris & Mal Horton

Died during the year, Harriet White and child June 27, child died on the way to Poor House, the Mother in a few days
R.. Gillespie, C.E. Douglas. O.P. Butler commis.

October Term 1881, page 428

Ordered by the Court that Justices Rogan, Anderson, and Douglass be appointed a committee who will investigate and report to the next term of this court as to the advisibility of selling the Poor House and farm and letting out the paupers of the County to the lowest bidder.

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