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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A Microfilm Rolls #52 and 53
County Court Clerk Minutes Vol 12, pages 151, 159-160

January Term 1877, page 151

Ordered by the Court that the County Judge is directed to issue an order to Sheriff directing him to bring before him Isa Smart, John Smart, and (blank space) Smart, pauper children and that the Judge bind them in a waiver that will be to the interest of said children. The boy to be bound to a trade if possible.

January Term, 1877, page 151
J.B. Hanna       Medical attention to pauper, order Parker Comis.     $27.00
Gregory boys paupers continued same as heretofore      $31.00
E. Hodges & wife Paupers continued as heretofore      $31.00
Killbucks Paupers to 1st day 1878      $100.00
Ordered by the court a majority of the Justices voting for same that the Commissioners of the Poor be and are hereby directed to make such provisions as they may deem best for the Poor who are not provided for and that they draw an order on the County Judge for the amount who shall issue warrant for same.

Ordered by the court that the Commissioners of the Poor be and are hereby directed to make such dispostion of Thos. Tuttle and William Baker, paupers as they may in their judgement think best.

On motion C.E. Douglass, R.G. Gillespie and R.C. Parker are continued as commissioners of the Poor.

January Term 1877, pages 159-160

Poor House Commissoners this day presented their report in relation to the Poor, which is received by the court and ordered to be recorded and which is as follows to wit:
Annual Report of Commissioners of the poor their condition and the expenses that have occurred from 1st January 1876 up to January 1877 which amounts to about 750. The number of inmates at present on hand 20 the average price 35 dollars.
Ages & conditions of white inmates
Wiley Dickinson age 65 almost blind in feeble health
Ben Thomas age 75 In good health sane mind
Jno Malone age 73 very nearly blind
Moses Shaw age 74 in very feeble health
Jno Malone age 8 sprightly boy
Harry Malone age 4 very sprightly boy
John McAdams age 65 In good health
Susy Ellis 86 Very feeble
Betsy Pollard age 72 In bad health very little mind
Nancy Phillips age 36 badly deformed has fits
Darcas Barnett Age 57 In poor health
Amelia Malone age 30 Does cooking and washing for white paupers
Louisa Malone       age 2 sprightly

Colored inmates on hand
Steve Crenshaw age 26 badly deformed
Dick McGee age 24 both hands burnt off
Sucky Bender age 24 has spinal affection
Becky Cage age 25 idiot and deformed
Matilda Gray age 26 nearly blind and badly burnt
Clara Patterson age 29 unsound mind
May Gray age 4 years ought to be bound out

Inmates that have died this year five
Caroline Beason age 108 years
Betsy Parker age 51 died with apoplexy
Peter Patterson age 40 died with consumption
Sarah Wright age 21 died with consumption
Porter Hart age 23 died with consumption<

Amount of property on hand 100 bbls corn, 1000 binds oats 2000 lbs pork 17 stock hogs 9 head cattle 26 sheep 1 mare 1 wagon and horses 9 beds and clothing 1 cookin stove and vessels, the buildings in good repair and inmates comfortable
C.E. Douglass

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