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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A Microfilm Roll #52
County Court Clerk Minutes Vol 11, pages 568-569

January Term 1876, page 568

Report of the Poor House Commissioners this day produced and read in open court which is received by the court and which is as follows to wit:

Annual report of Poor House Commissioners with the expenses that have occurred from the 1st Jan. 1875 up to the 1st Jan. 1876 the whole amounts to about $500.  The average number of paupers 16 the average price $31.00, the No. of white paupers 8, their names and ages and conditions:

Sally Ellis -  age 85 years, not able to work any
Betsey Pollard - age 71, almost helpless
Nancy Phillips  -  age 35, idiot and badly deformed
Dawes Branch -  age 50, in very poor health
Wiley Dickerson - age 60, in feeble health and almost blind
Elizabeth Owen  -  age 37, sound mind in good health has three children one 14 yrs old, one three and an infant

Colored Paupers
Caroline Beason - age 108, entirely blind and helpless
Steve Crenshaw - age 26, sound mind, badly deformed
Clara Patterson  - age 28, idiot able to work little
Betsey Parker - age 55, does cooking for black paupers
(page 569)
Sucky Bender - age 23, idiot, has fits
Becky Cage  -  age 25, idiot
Matilda Gray - age 26, in very bad condition has fits has a child about 3 years old.

Left during this year:
William Kirk and John McAdens, there has been 1 death this year, Green Barnes died with consumption.

Amount of property on hand 200 bbls corn, a few oats, 1 two horse wagon, and harness, farming implements sufficient to cultivate the farm, 1 gray mare, 6 head cattle, 19 sheep, 9 stock hogs, 10 fatted hogs for killing which will make some 1900 lbs bacon sufficient amount beds & clothing 1 cooking stove & vessels.  We have sown on the farm 26 acres of wheat. We have for this year procured the services of James Shaw as Superintendent for which we have agreed to give him $200.00, he is to make a hand on the farm and perform the duties as Superintendent, he is to be paid extra for such clothing as may be needed at the price we have heretofore been paying.

All of which we respectfully submit for you consideration.

R. G. Gillespie  Comis.
R. C. Parker    Comis.
C. E. Douglass  Comis.


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