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Sumner County, Tennessee Poor House Records
1866 - 1867

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes

TSL&A County Clerk Minutes Roll #52
Vol 11 Apr 1866-Jan 1876, pages 199-201

April Term, 1867, pages 200-201
(This was found below the commissioners report of the poor house)

Ordered by the Court that the following list of claims be allowed:
Stanfield Hamilton for 2 pauper coffins $20.00
W.W. Holder Burial expenses of Elias Buck $12.70
C.B. King for pauper coffins as follows:
One for T. Fergundas $5.00
One for the son of Geo. Crump $5.00
Wife and son of Geo. Crump $10.00
Margaret Gaines; child burial expenses $8.00
John Crump for child burial expenses $8.00
One for Israel Mann $5.00
One for Amariah Satterfield $5.00
One for Negro man name not known $5.00
One for Wm Pollard $5.00
One for child found dead $3.00
One for Abraham Odom $5.00
One for Mrs. Montgomery $5.00
One for Edward Carman $5.00
R.F. Warner for keeping and waiting on Cornelius Frakes pauper for nine and one half weeks $30.00
F.A. Taylor pauper coffin for Jas. Colter $5.00
G.W. Strother for Poor House purposes $224.81
Poor House Commissioners:
C.E. Boddie $10.00
C.E. Douglas $10.00
R.G. Gillespie $6.00
Ordered by the Court that persons having claims against the County be required to file the same properly authenticated in the office of the County Court Clerk twenty days previous to the 1st Monday in every Quarterly term and that D.L. Johnson and J.N. Guthrie in connection with the Judge examine the same before presenting them to the court for allowance. It is further ordered that the Clerk have this order published in the Gallatin Examiner and Hartsville Vidette for four consecutive weeks and present their bills at the next Quarterly term of this Court.

County Court, April Term, 1867, pages 199-200

To the worshipful County Court of Sumner County Tenn:
We the Commissioners of the Poor House would make the following report for the first quarter of the year 1867 from the 1st January to the 1st April.
There are now twelve inmates on the place:
Brice Austin age 51 years
Darcas Carman age 50 years, deformed
Sally Easley age 62, sprightly
Green Barnes 23, Idiotic
Nancy Phillips age 19 years, deformed
Abraham Woodson age 72 years, very feeble
Betsy Odom age 56 years
Betsy Odom age 28 years
Four children aged respectively 10, 6, 4, 2 years.

Martha Barnes has died with consumption.

We have rented about 35 acres for oats for which we are to receive one third for rent. We have one sow and five pigs, five beds and clothing, 9 chairs and tableware, cooking utensils sufficient. We have also 13 acres in wheat looking well and the place in fine repair. All of which is respectfully submitted April 1st 1867.
C.E. Douglas
C.E. Boddie
Graham Gillespie

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