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Pond's Country Store

Submitted by Ray M. (Bo) Short

This country store was once owned by Virgil Lamberth and known as the Lamberth Store, located on the Portland/White House road (Walnut Grove).   Virg's daughter, Flaudie, married Pitts Pond in 1908 and the store was known as the Pond Store until its closing.  As a child I spent a couple of weeks at Mammy's (Sarah Arterburns) farm during summer vacation and one of my chores was to go to the store to fill her grocery list.  A normal list consisted of can of Garetts snuff, lard, flour, sugar etc.  Since there was no cash availble except during tobbaco selling time, I would gather enough eggs from the henhouse to take to the store for payment. Mammy always knew the exact number of eggs to make payment.  She always added 1 egg for me to buy a 12 oz Pop Cola (dig the cork from the cap and if it revealed a 7 or 11, the pop cola was free.)  From her house to the store was about 1 mile.  Passing Aunt Stella (Arterburn) Guill's house was a stretch of woods about 500 yards that I was deathly afraid of based on ghost stories told by the family (floating lights etc).  I broke many speed records navigating those 500 yds (both ways). The floating lights were identified in later years as southbound on old Hwy 41 Chicago to Florida and especially after a rain.  Vehicle lights at a certain point near White House, Tennessee would reflect on the raindrops in these woods giving the illusion of floating ghosts.

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