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Old Portland Theatres

Submitted by Steve Broadway

The following article was published in the Portland Leader, August 16, 1995.  There are some mistakes in this article.  From Johnnie Freedle:  The big fire that wiped out the theater on Russell Street (Morris Glass) was in 1936 but was back in business by 37; and, it was there until the late 50s (possibly 57 instead of 47 as the article states). Joe remembers going when he was in high school.

Portland Theatres

Interior of the Temple Theatre, ca 1938

Portland Theatres

Portland Theatres

Portland Theatres

Site of the Old Strand Theatre

Capital Theater

Capitol Theatre - August 31 through September 12, 1936. Capitol Theatre was destroyed by fire on November 28, 1936.  On May 10, 1937 Temple Theatre opened in the same location.

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