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James Virgil Chapman Home

Submitted by Steve Broadway

Home of J. V. Chapman

J.V. Chapman was principal of Middleton High School in 1894.  From 1895-1900, he was principal of Scottsville High School.  From 1900-1907, he was principal at the Portland Seminary. J.V. Chapman wrote books for the Department of Education for the state of Ky.  His son, Virgil Munday Chapman, was a senator for the State of Ky.  James and Virgil Chapman are listed in the book  A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians.  He owned the above home from 1905 - 1907.   It is located at 109 High Street in Portland.

The lot was once owned by: Lizzie Butt, L.E. Butt & wife Johnnie Butt, V.R. Butt & wife Florence Butt.  Known as Lot #3, it was sold in May 26, 1904 to H.A. Earhart & Ada B. Earhart for $100.
It was bought by R. D. Moore and wife Sudie and sold in 1905 to J. V. and Lily Chapman.  They lived there until 1907 when it was sold to R. H.  and Alice Dye Cummings.  The Cummings sold the house to Mary and Martha Martin in 1909.  Oct. 16, 1918: Mary Martin sold Lot #3 to J.R. Jernigan & wife Nannie E. (Meguiar) Jernigan.  Nannie was the sister of Mayor Eldon Meguiar. Eldon lived at 107 High Street (Lot #2). Home of Eldon Meguiar.  In 1919,  J.R. Jernigan & wife Nannie E. Jernigan sold Lot #3 to Walter B. Butt & wife Mittie (Denning) Butt.  In 1920, the Butts sold Lot #3 to Harold Thomas Hester & wife Eula (Absher) Hester. H.T.Hester was the on of Al Hester. On July 2,1914 around 9:45am, Virgil Butt shot and killed Al Hester on High Street. Al died on the sidewalk in front of the J.E. Kerley home.   (See the State vs. Virgil Butt)  In 1922, H.T. Hester & wife Eula Hester sold Lot #3 to James Zebulon (J.Z.) (Zeb) Duval & wife Willie Morgan (Durham) (Pond) Duval.  Zeb was the son of Dr. O. H. P Duval. His sister Mollie, married Dr. W.P. Moore Sr. His uncle was Dr. James Clay Duval of the Duval Groves House. Zeb's wife, Willie, was the daughter of Dr. Ezekeil Durham. Willie's 1st husband, Stephen Pond, died from a gunshot wound in 1905. In the 1930 Census, Willie's great nephew, Howard Dye, lived with her at 109 High Street.  Willie Duval sold lot #3 to H. K. Shannon & wife Mary Ellen Lanier in 1944. H. K. became Portland's Mayor in 1951.

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