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Frank William & Annie Louise Gregory Horton

Submitted by Linda Carpenter

Frank W. Horton

Frank W. Horton

Frank William Horton - Born: 12 December 1919 - Died: 15 January 1999 - Son of Jess and Mary Elizabeth McKnight Horton.


Annie Louise Gregory Horton

Annie Louise Gregory Horton - Born: 9 August 1924 - Died: 27 September 2006 - Daughter of Haywood Hughes Gregory and Ruth Ann Mason Gregory.


* Article written by grandson, Robert McWhirter, Gallatin, TN (1985)

Frank W. Horton was drafted into the Army on October 14, 1943. He had a wife and one child when he left. His basic training took place in Aveleen, Texas. He was trained in the medical core. After basic training he was sent over seas. They traveled by ship. It took them fifteen days and fourteen nights to reach Liverpoole England. The food on the ship was not that good. They ate salt water fish and sourer crout everyday. Some days they had candy or cookies. Once they reached England they traveled across the English Channel to France. He was stationed in Paris, France. In France he reached his highest rank, Private First Class in Motor Poole under General Patten. They slept in a two man tent or wherever they could find a place. The men ate out of tin cans which held bacon and eggs and other foods. The food was almost like baby food. He was sent on a special mission in Germany. Once he reached Germany the war was declared over. On his way back to Paris his truck ran over a mine planted in the road. The man in the truck with him was unharmed, but my Grandfather suffered a pretty bad injury. He was in a coma for five days. When he finnally came out of his coma he came home. He lost all of his possesions before he came back. He was sent to Kennedy General Hospital for recovery once back in the states. Private First Class Frank W. Horton received an Honorable Discharge at the hospital on October 24, 1945. He had spent two years and 11 days in the United States Army. He received several medals, but they were burnt in a fire. The only medal he really remembers was his Purple Heart.

This story was written by Robert McWhirter, grandson of Frank W. Horton. We later wrote to the Department of Records of the United States Army and was able to not only find out what medals Frank W. Horton received, but was able to have all medals issued to him once again.

* See Horton and McKnight Lineage.

* See Haywood Hughes Gregory Lineage.

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