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Melvin G. Williams Obituary, 1920  

Typed and Contributed by Linda Carpenter

Melvin G. Williams

Reflections on the death of brother Melvin G. Williams who passed from death unto life June 24, 1920, by a Brother Mason:

We die and disappear-

Of myriads passed within the veil....but one

Has e'er returned the mystery to clear;

He, God's incarnate Son;

Then was the dark obscure made light,

O'er death and grave the victory was won

And life immortal brought to light.

"Died yesterday" - Everyday is written this little sentence - "Died yesterday, So and so.''

Every day a flower is plucked from some sunny home, a bread is made in some happy circle, a jewel stolen from some treasury of love. Each day from the summer fields of life some harvester disappears, yea, every hour some sentinel falls from his post, and is thrown from the ramparts of time into the surging waters of eternity. Even as we write, the funeral of "one died.. yesterday" winds like a winter shadow along the street Who died? One whose soul panted after communion with the great and good, and reached forth with earnest struggle for the guerdon in the distance. But that heart of his is still now loved he "died  yesterday."

He fell asleep with the kiss of God on his lips.

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