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Obituaries October, 1905

Typed and Contributed by Linda Carpenter



Gallatin Sumner County News (Miscellaneous)  
Microfilm Roll #501 - Date: 1906 - 1911 (1905 was on this roll.)

(Saturday, October 7, 1905)

Mrs. Betty Echols.

Mrs. Betty Echols, who had been an invalid for years, died near Anglea Thursday morning. She was 80 years old and had been a consistent member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for many years. Her remains were laid to rest in the churchyard at Mt. Vernon Friday.

(Saturday, October 7, 1905)

Funeral Services Over The Remains of Thos. B. Green at Residence Judge B. D. Bell.

The remains of Thos. Bell Green reached Gallatin Saturday morning from El Paso, Tex., and were taken to the residence of Judge B. D. Bell, uncle of the deceased, where funeral services were conducted by Revs. Stowe and C. E. Hawkins. The interment took place at the Gallatin Cemetery in the presence of a large number of friends of the young man.  *(Long article.)

(Saturday, October 7, 1905)


Rev. John McQueen was called here from Scottsville Thursday to preach Miss Mary Stone's funeral.

(Saturday, October 7, 1905)

Died of Diphtheria.

A 13-months-old child of Matt. Slayton, who resides, at Westmoreland, died Thursday night of last week of diphtheria, having been sick but a few days. County Health Officer Peyton went to Westmoreland and quarantined all parties who had been exposed, and it is hoped by this means to prevent this dreadful disease from becoming epidemic in that section.

(Saturday, October 14, 1905)

Mrs. Betty Miller.

A Good Woman Passes From Time to Eternity.

Mrs. Betty Miller, widow of the late Joseph Miller, died Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Miller had been an invalid for several years, but not until about a week prior to her death had she been confined to her bed. Her death resulted from a complication of diseases. The deceased was a sister of Messrs. W. A. and W. J. Douglass of this county and came from a pioneer family. She was 56 years of age and had resided in this county all of her life. For many years she had been a consistent member of the Methodist Church, in which she was recognized and esteemed as a most faithful Christian woman. She had many friends, and all who knew her spoke of her only with praise and admiration of her excellent life and character. Mrs. Miller is survived by three children, two daughters and one son, and they have the sympathy of their friends in the loss they have sustained. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. J. Stowe. The interment took place at Gallatin Cemetery.

(Saturday, October 14, 1905)

Just Boiled Down

Stray Bits of County News And Gossip Caught On The Fly And Nailed Down For "News" Readers.

Mrs. W. A. Hutton, who was called to Nashville by the illness and death of her mother, Mrs. Julia Lasley, has returned home.

 (Saturday, October 14, 1905)

Fountain Head.

Mr. and Mrs. William Bell, of Portland, were here Sunday to attend the burial of Miss Pearl McGlothlin.

John McGlothlin and family, who were called here Saturday by the death of Mr. McGlothlin's daughter, have returned to their home in Franklin, Tenn.

Miss Pearl McGlothlin, second daughter of John McGlothlin, of Franklin, Tenn., died here Saturday morning of consumption at the home of her uncle Jesse Suttle, aged 20 years. She came here two weeks ago from her home in Franklin, thinking a change would prove beneficial. However, she grew rapidly worse until the end came. The interment was in Fountain Head Cemetery Sunday afternoon, services being conducted by Rev. R. E. Travis, of Goodlettsville.

News has been received here by friends of the death of Mrs. Minnie Barr, which occurred in Chicago Sept. 20. While asleep in her room Mrs. Barr was overcome by escaping gas, which was the cause of her untimely death. Mrs. Barr formerly resided here and was the only daughter of John Adams, who was found dead in his home near here two years ago.

(Saturday, October 21, 1905)

Martin Barth Dead.

Veteran Railroad Man and Respected Citizen Passes From Earth.

Mr. Barth was born March 31, 1834, at Bedford Springs, Pa. During the Civil War Mr. Barth was located at Bowling Green, Louisville and Glasgow, Ky., and came to Gallatin in January, 1865, to accept the position of agent and operator with the L. & N. For twenty-three years he remained as agent at the Gallatin Depot, and after leaving the post he went to Westmoreland to hold a like position with the C. & N. A couple of years since he removed to Gallatin to remain here to spend his remaining days. Mr. Barth is survived by his second wife, his first wife and the children of his first marriage all being dead. Funeral services will be held at the Presbyterian Church this morning at 10 o'clock, after which the interment will be in the Gallatin Cemetery.

(Saturday, October 21, 1905)

A. B. Dinning Dead.

Well Known Member Of The County Court Dies At His Home In The Thirteenth Civil District. *(That's all there was to it.)

(Saturday, October 21, 1905)

A Good Woman Answers to the Last and Final Summon After Long Illness.

Mrs. Johnetta Smith, wife of G. K. Smith, passed away at 10:25 o'clock Wednesday night after having been an invalid for a long time. Funeral services were conducted at the residence on North Water Street Thursday morning by Rev. J. J. Stowe, after which the interment was in Gallatin Cemetery. Mrs. Smith was 52 years old and a native of Sumner County, she being a daughter of the late Thos. Crenshaw and having been born at Bethpage. She was twice married, her first husband being the late Ben C. Brown, who passed away some twenty-five years ago. Of the children by her first marriage Miss Eunice Brown and Tom Brown, of Gallatin and Mrs. W. N. Anderson, of Bethpage, survive her. After the death of her first husband the deceased married G. K. Smith, who, with two children, Oscar Smith and Miss Johnny Smith, survive her. Mesdames Lou Perkins, Reuben D. Brown and Betty Martin are sisters of the deceased. Mrs. Smith was a most estimable Christian woman and since a child of ten years had been a consistent member of the Methodist Church. She was dearly beloved by those who knew her, and her death is an occasion of deep sorrow in the circle in which she moved.

(Saturday, October 21, 1905)


Mathew Slayton and wife have the sympathy of all this community in the loss of their little one, who succumbed to diphtheria some two weeks ago.

Mrs. R. Y. Weatherford, who has been critically ill of typhoid fever, is slowly recovering after two months confinement to her bed. Her many friends rejoice to know that she is now able to sit up a little, and will also sympathize deeply with her and her husband in the loss of their little son Herman, which occurred last week.

(Saturday, October 28, 1905)

Death at Witham.

Mrs. Jasper Perry, age about thirty years and a woman well known and greatly liked in the Witham community, died Wednesday. She is survived by her husband and two small children.

(Saturday, October 28, 1905)

Miss Maud Bentley.

Excellent Young Woman of Belote Community Dead.

Miss Maud Bentley, daughter of Robert Bentley of the Belote section, died of typhoid fever in Nashville Friday of last week. Her remains were taken to the family burying ground near Belote and interred Saturday. Miss Bentley was 29 years old. *(Long article.)

(Saturday, October 28, 1905)

Mrs. Nora Gant Dead.

Mrs. Nora Gant, wife of Bates Gant, died Sunday night from pneumonia, from which she had been sick only a few weeks. The previous Monday night Mrs. Gant was taken sick with a chill while at church, pneumonia developing the next day. The deceased, who was a daughter of John Gant, was about 23 years of age and is survived by her husband and two small children. Her remains were interred at Cedar Grove Burying Ground, five miles east of Fountain Head, Tuesday.

(Saturday, October 28, 1905)

Mrs. W. T. Bell Dead.

Mrs. W. T. Bell, a good woman of the Chipman community, passed away on the 20th and was buried the following day at the Byrns family burying ground. Mrs. Bell was 67 years old and is survived by her husband, W. T. Bell, Sr., and five sons, all grown. Funeral services were conducted at the residence by Rev. Clendenning, of Hartsville.

(Saturday, October 28, 1905)

Old Citizen Passes Away.

Jno. J. Wright, one of the oldest citizens of the Fountain Head community, died Monday night. The deceased was 81 years old and his death resulted from infirmities of old age. He is survived by his wife and three children, the children all being grown and married. The burial took place at Old Fountain Head Church.

(Saturday, October 28, 1905)

Ellis Kirkham.

Ellis Kirkham, a well known resident of the Rock Bridge section, died Monday from an abscess of the liver. The deceased was about forty years old and a clever, industrious and energetic man well liked by the people who knew him. He is survived by his wife and several children.

(Saturday, October 28, 1905)


The remains of M. L. Moore, of Nashville, were interred at the Moore Burying Ground here Saturday afternoon. The deceased was 86 years of age, and thought born and reared here, he had been many years a resident of Nashville, where he was honored and esteemed by all who knew him. He was a brother of the late Dr. W. P. Moore, Sr., of this place.


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