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Obituaries from the
Nashville Daily American
March, 1888

Compiled by Jan Barnes

March 2, 1888

MURRAY -- Nashville.  Mrs Mary Murray, wife of Peter Murray, and mother of Mrs. J. Fred Appell, at family residence, 1181 West Broad street, at 5 o'clock yesterday morning in the 67th year of her age.  Notice of funeral hereafter.

JONES -- Pulaski, March 1
The town was shocked this morning to hear of the death of Mrs. John R. Jones, formerly of this county, at her home in San Diego. Cal.  She was Mamie Wilson, and was married here only last October.  Her husband, John R. Jones, Esq. was formerly of this bar, but several months since moved to Southern California in search of health.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Jones had numberless friends here.  He is in miserable health himself.  Dr. W. E. Wilson, Mrs. Jones' brother, left last Sunday for California, in obedience to a telegram telling him of her alarming condition.  Everybody is depressed about it.

HENDERSON -- Murfreesboro, March 1
Rev. G. T. Henderson died at 2:45 a. m., this morning after a lingering illness.  He was born Sept. 28 1803, and in 1825 he joined the Methodist Conference with the late Dr. J. B. McFerrin.  In 1855 he was the editor of the Murfreesboro News.  Of late years he has not preached regularly on account of his feeble health.  In 1878, he and his son, Reese Henderson, founded the Free Press, one of the best known of country newspapers.  His funeral takes place to-morrow at 10 o'clock a. m., at the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  Services by Rev. J. D. Barbee, D. D., and Rev. J. A. Orman, D. D.

CECIL -- Columbia, March 1
Porter Cecil died Feb. 29 at Cross Bridges, aged 18 years.  He was a son of Mr. Lloyd Cecil.  He was a bright, promising youth, popular, and the pride of a loving father and mother.  He was buried Thursday in the church graveyard at Cross Bridges.

SINGLETON -- The remains of William Singleton, who died in the hospital of congestive chill yesterday morning, are held at M. S. Combs & Co's undertaking establishment for advice from relatives in Kentucky.

March 3, 1888

JONES -- Pulaski, March 2
This community was profoundly shocked this morning on receipt of a telegram from San Diego, Cal., announcing the death there of John R. Jones, Esq., late of this bar, but more recently of the San Diego bar.  Only in this morning a Pulaski correspondence in THE AMERICAN was his wife's recent death announced, and the conjunction of the two makes the occasion doubly calamitous.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones were married in this county last October.  She was Miss Mamie Wilson, universally beloved as an exemplification of the highest type of elevated, cultured Christian womanhood.  Mr. Jones came to the bar here in 1877, but failing health forced him to emigrate to Southern California some years since.  There he had made money, reputation, and friends.  Here where he was best known he was best beloved.

JAMES -- Knoxville, March 2
W. W. James, Jr., one of the leading merchants of Bristol, Tenn., and one of the prominent business men of East Tennessee, committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol.  He had become very much addicted to strong drink quite recently and ended a protracted spree with a pistol.  He leaves a large fortune and family.

March 4, 1888

Dr. Charles Mitchell, Health Officer and City Registrar, reports the following deaths in the city for the week ending at noon, March 3, 1888:
R. L. Finnessy, Age 0, Male, White, Bronchitis
Chas. E. Kimball, Age 25, Male, White, Pistol Shot w'nd.
Inf't Wm. H. Baker, Age 0, Male, White, Pneumonia
Willie E. Perry, Age 1, Female, White, Con. br'n, pneum.
Mary A. Weaver, Age 67, Female, White, Pneumonia.
Mary Murray, Age 67, Female, White, Pneumonia
Mattie May Cooper, Age 0, Female, White, Convulsions.
Mary M. Abel, Age 43, Female, White, Marasmus.
Hanable Lee, Age 56, Male, Colored, Paralysis.
Delia Sykes, Age 36, Female, Colored, Pneumonia
Clara Compton, Age 1, Female, Colored, Dropsy.
Frank Gilliam, Age 5, Male, Colored, Colitis.
Annie Montgomery, Age 19, Female, Colored, Amenorrboea
Katie Thomas, Age 75, Female, Colored, Old age
Rebecca Anderson, Age 15, Female, Colored, Consumption.
Wm. Gunn, Age 1, Male, Colored, Dentition
Robt. Covington, Age 4, Male, Colored, Pneumonia
Lucinda Hannah, Age 45, Female, Colored, Inflam'n bowels
Ada WArd, Age 0, Female, Colored, Spasms
Mary E. Goodwin, Age 6, Female, Colored, Burns

March 5, 1888

RICHMOND -- Memphis.
Memphis papers announce the death of Mr. Ben Richmond who was well known there.  He had friends and relatives in Nashville.  He was brother to the stepmother of Maj. Henry Heiss and a cousin of Mr. A. W. Southworth.  A part of his early life was spent in Nashville.  The APPEAL says:  The remains will be taken to Clarksville, Tenn., for interment.  Mr. Richmond was born at Clarksville about sixty years ago, and came to Memphis before the war.  He was first a steamboat clerk, then entered a bank, and afterward went into real estate business, in which he was prominent up to the time of his death.

JORDAN -- Nashville.
Early yesterday morning Mr. William Jordan died of blood poisoning, the result of injuries received several days ago in the Sutherland planing mill.  His arm was amputated last Friday but all efforts to control blood poisoning, which had set in, were futile.

March 6, 1888

WATSON -- Nashville.
Mrs. William Watson of the Sixth District, died of pneumonia last week.  She was a woman of more than ordinary intelligence and beloved by all her neighbors.

March 7, 1888 

CUNDIFF -- Memphis, March 6.
William Cundiff killed himself early this morning by taking 50 cents worth of morphine.  Last week his wife drowned herself in a basin of water.  Cundiff was formerly a prosperous merchant doing business at Cairo, ILL, but recently he has been addicted to drinking, and the result is give above.

GRISHAM -- Nashville.
Last night about 7 o'clock Dr. A. H. Grisham died at his residence, corner Marks and North Second streets. He had been a resident of this city for several years, but had retired from practice.  The funeral occurs this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the residence.  The deceased was 72 years old.  Mr. A. N. Grisham, the attorney, was a son.

March 9, 1888

HARDING -- Nashville.
Henry Harding, a well known colored man, died at his residence, 1,804 West Church street, at 5 o'clock yesterday evening.  He was at one time connected with the Freedmen's Bank, and had always been a leader of his people.  At the time of his death he was a real estate dealer among his people and was proprietor of one of our largest second-hand furniture stores.  His will was unsigned owing to his sudden illness.

March 10, 1888

GILMORE -- Knoxville, March 9.
Sam'l Gilmore, a colored man, aged 97 years, died at the residence of his son, Geo. Gilmore, this afternoon. The death of the aged man is surrounded by peculiar circumstances.  Some time ago George Gilmore, a well-to-do colored man of this city, decided that he was able to care of his aged parents for the rest of their lives.  He accordingly went back to the old home in Lynchburg, Va., which he had not visited since the war, after his old folks.  His old mother returned to this city with him, but the father refused to come.  He had never been on a train, and didn't care to get on one.  He said at the time, however, that he might walk over to Knoxville some day in the near future.  Later on, however, the son persuaded the old man to come on the cars.  He came but the shock of the novel experience was too much for him, and he slowly gave way under the breaking up of his nervous system until death arrived this afternoon.

March 11, 1888

THOMAS --  Chattanooga.  March 10.
Will Thomas, who was lynched at Tunnell Hill, Ga., last night for committing a criminal assault on Mrs. Anderson, a widow, was found hanging to a tree near the village this morning.  His body was cut down and inquest held this afternoon.  The verdict was that the deceased had come to his death at the hands of persons unknown to the jury.  Thomas confessed the crime before he was lynched.

McCORMACK -- Memphis.  December 10, 1887.  of marmasmus.
Josephine, aged 5 years and 4 months, the youngest daughter of James M. and Kate McCormack.  The remains will arrive here this Sunday morning, March 11 from Memphis and the funeral will take place from the residence of M. McCormack, Sr., 450 North Cherry street, this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.  Friends of the family are invited to attend.

MORAN -- Nashville.  Burial notice.
The remains of Mrs. Hannah Moran, wife of John Moran, will be removed from the vault and interred in Mt. Calvary Cemetery this (Sunday) evening.  Carriages will leave Combs' at 2:30 p. m.  Friends of the family invited.

ANDERSON -- Nashville.
At 12:30 this morning Lizzie Anderson, an inmate of Emma Hedges' bagnio on North College street died suddenly.  Up to the time of her death she had been in perfect health.  Deputy Coroner M. S. Combs, Jr., held an inquest over the remains.  Emma Hedges was examined; she said she had known the deceased for fifteen years; and that she was a hard drinker, but for the past few days had stopped altogether.  She retired a few minutes before 12 apparently in good health.  Fifteen minutes later witness heard her call and seeing she was sick witness had her brought into her room, but before she could be placed in bed she was dead.  Other witnesses were examined, but their evidence was substantially the same.  Dr. Cook, after examination, stated that death was caused by paralysis of the brain, and the jury so retured their verdict.

Dr. Charles Mitchell, Health Officer and City Registrar, reports the following deaths in the city for the week ending at noon, March 10, 1888:
Inf't W. A. Dickens, Age 0, Male, White, Cause of Death - Spasms
John W. Knight, Age 10, Male, White, Meningitis.
J. B. Jordan, Age 53, Male, White, Pyaemia.
A. H. Grisham, Age 71, Male, White, Senile Debility.
Maggie T. Smith, Age 25, Female, White, Puerperal Fever.
Lucy J. Graves, Age 52, Female, White, Cancer
S. J. Myers, Age 58, Female, White, Rheumatism.
Giovanniana Ragio, Age 84, Female, White, Heart Disease
Harvey F. Johnson, Age 0, Male, White, Teething & w. c.
Chas. T. K. Doremus, Age 8, Male, White, Catarrhal Pneu.'a
James Neffin, Age 40, Male, Colored, Pulmonary Hern.
Henry Harding, Age 63, Male, Colored, Erysipelas.
Lizzie Lytle, Age 30, Female, Colored, Consumption
Josie Davis, Age 0, Female, Colored, Spasms.
Josephine Higgins, Age 0, Female, Colored, Cholera Infant'm

March 13, 1888

DANLY -- Sam Danly, colored, who was injured in an accident on Chattanooga Road, several days ago, died at the City Hospital about 2:30 o'clock this morning.  His right leg had been amputated above the knee and his left leg was badly broken a few inches below the nee.  The remains were removed to Mr. Combs' undertaking establishment and will be shipped this morning to the home of the deceased in Tullahoma.

March 14, 1888

HELM -- Columbia.  March 13.
An old negro named Bill Helm was found late this afternoon dead at the mouth of White Spring Branch emptying into Duck River.  The verdict of the jury was that he came to his death by falling from the bluff.  His leg was fastened under the root of a tree and it took ten men to pull the body up.

MORGAN -- Nashville.  Funeral notice.
The funeral of Mrs. Mattie J. Wife of John H. Morgan will occur at the residence 829 Gleaves street this (Wednesday) morning at 10 o'clock.  Services by Rev. C. H. Strickland.  Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.

BARRYMORE -- Nashville
George D. Barrymore, a well known importer and dealer in hops, at No. 3 Water street, was found frozen stiff in a snow bank in Seventh avenue.  Barrymore lived with his wife and family in Osborn flats, Fifty-first street and Broadway.  He started for his office down town yesterday, and it is supposed he became exhausted and dropped by the way unnoticed.

FISHER -- Nashville
The body of Annie Halpin Fisher, aged about 30, was found last night frozen stiff in a hallway in West Thirty-ninth street, where she lived.  She was once well known in the social world, but had fallen into bad habits.

SMITH -- Tullahoma, March 13.
Mention was made in to-day's American Tullahoma news of the sudden death of one of the coopers employed by the Yost Manufacturing Company.  The theory of suicide was advanced, but the facts point to an entirely different conclusion.  There were no evidences nor symptoms indicating poison.  The man was almost an entire stranger here, and his name is John J. Smith, and his home at Cincinnati, O., where he said he had one son and a daughter.  In his effects a certificate of membership in a Cincinnati Knights of Labor lodge was found.  As he left nothing behind to indicte the address of his famly in Cincinnati, it was impossible to notify them.  He was 45 years of age, and foreman of the shops.  He stated to Mr. Yost, proprietor of the concern, that he was known in Nashville, having worked there for some time.  He was buried in Tullahoma Cemetery last evening.  His friends here are anxious to notify his family of his death if they can learn their proper address.

JOHNSON -- Franklin
At 1 o'clock this afternoon, before Justice Mackenzie, Mrs. Dr. Forrest, a negress who claims to be a regular physician, will come up.  She was arrested yesterday on a warrant sworn out by Charles Johnson, colored, of Franklin.  The woman attended the wife of Johnson, charging $50 for her services, and claiming that she was an experienced doctor.  The patient died, but the physician had gotten half the fee.  False pretense is the charge. (March 15 article) The trial of the colored woman named Dr. Forrest, who was physician to the wife of Charles Johnson, colored, who died under treatment, which was due for 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon before Justice MacKenzie, was postponed to allow an examination of the medicine administered to be made.  It is said that the rabbit foot, goat and horse hair and polk root of the voodoo doctor figured extensively in the affair.

March 15, 1888

WALSH -- Nashville
Daisy, daughter of W. J. and Lottie Walsh, aged 10 years 6 months.  Funeral this (Thursday) afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, from the residence.  Fairmont street.  Services by the Rev. J. B. Erwin.  Friends and acquaintances are invited.

CHEEK -- Huntingdon, Tenn., March 14.
M. C. Cheek, a prominent citizen of this county, and engaged in the manufacture of woolen goods at the Shilo Mills, nine miles north of this plae, dropped dead in our streets this morning.  He was an old, highly respected, enterprising and useful citizen.

March 16, 1888

ALLEN -- Nashville
Donald Allen, the 10-year old son of J. H. Allen, of the Clifton Coal Company, died suddenly yesterday afternoon about 6 o'clock on the bridge on West End avenue near the residence of H. W. Forde.  Dr. W. G. Ewing was quickly summoned and found that death resulted from heart disease.  Only a few days ago the little fellow returned from a visit to Kentucky and yesterday evening was going toward home with Tommie Forde for the purpose of securing permission to spend the night together when suddenly he fell dead.  He was a manly little fellow and loved for his many noble traits.  He had long been subject to attacks of heart disease.  The family have the sincere sympathy of the community.

March 17, 1888

CARTER -- at 10 a. m., Nashville.
Lizzie Lay, the infant daughter of W. H. and Lizzie Carter.  Funeral services today at 2 p. m., from the residence of R. E. Cole, by Elder R. Lin CAve.  The remains will be taken to Lebanon for interment.

March 18, 1888

Dr. Charles Mitchell, Health Officer and City Registrar, reports the following deaths and births in the city for the week ending at noon, March 17, 1888:
Harry F. Johnson, Age 0, Male, White, Teething
C. T. K. Doremus, Age 8, Male, White, Catarrahal pneu'a.
C. D. Tombs, Age 41, Male, White, Cancer rectum
Inft. S. H. Allen, Age 0, Male, White, Trismus nasc'm.
Wm Donald Allen, Age 10, Male, White, Heart disease
Inft. Fannie Millner, Age 0, Female, White, Heart disease
Lizzie Anderson, Aged 38, Female, White, Paralysis brain
Jennetta Rucks, Aged 26, Female, White, Puerp'l sept'mia.
M. J. Morgan, Age 41, Female, White, Emballsm.
Annie Foster, Age 66, Female, White, Consumption
Lizzie Lay Carter, Age 0, Female, White, Pul. Congestion
Lorenze Fipps, Age 23, male, Colored, Consumption
Mitchell Ryde, Age 15, Male, Colored , Congest'n brain
J. Haynes, Age 0, Male, Colored, Pneumonia
Jean Haynes, Age 0, Male, Colored, Pneumonia
Felicia Scott, Age 0, Female, Colored, Heart disease
Josephine Higgins, Age 0, Female, Colored, Cholera Infant'm.
E. M. Knowles, Age 1, Female, Colored, Pneumonia

LOAVE -- Nashville
The Italian, John Loave, who was run over in Summit Tunnel Wednesday, died yesterday morning in the City Hospital.  The remains were taken to M. S. Comb's undertaking establishment and buried last evening in Mt. Calvary.

March 19, 1888

ALLEN -- Nashville
John Walter, infant son of J. W. and Flora Allen, at 1 o'clock this morning, aged 8 months and 18 days.  Funeral notice hereafter.

KINSEY -- Nashville
W. J. Kinsey, aged 47 years, died Sunday morning at 4 o'clock, at his residence six miles from the city on Murfreesboro pike.  Funeral will take place at the residence today at 9:30 a. m.

POLSTON -- Nashville.
Mrs. Martha Luram Polston died yesterday morning at ten minutes past one o'clock in her 52d year, at the residence of Mr. A. K. Hill, her son-in-law, 98 Lafayette street.  The funeral will be held from the residence of Mr. Hill at 3 o'clock this afternoon.  Carriages will be provided by Undertaker Combs at the residence.  Friends of the family are invited to be present.  Mrs. Polston was the mother of three children.  Mrs. A. K. Hill, John P. Polston, and W. Q. Polston.  She was a lady of rare Christian virtues and had endeared herself to a large circle, who sincerely mourn her death.

ALLEN -- Nashville.
The funeral of little Donald Allen, son of Jos. H. and Mrs. Kate M. Allen, will take place from the residence of Mr. L. A. Hayes, 1502 Broad street, Monday, the 19th, at 10 a. m.  Services by Rev. Walker Lewis.  Friends respectfully invited.

March 20, 1888

DECKER -- Nashville
Freddie A., son of John and Louise Decker, at the residence, 13 North Market street on yesterday. (Monday) March 19, 1888, aged 2 years, 7 months, and 7 days.  Services at the German Methodist Church this (Tuesday) afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Services by Rev. A. Graessle.

March 22, 1888

MILLER -- Nashville.
Mr. David H. Miller, who died yesterday morning at 11 o'clock, at his house, 1,612 West Church street, was an old and highly respected resident of this city.  A few months ago he met with a severe fall, which dislocated his hip, and being in his 79th year, he never recovered from the accident, but suffered untold misery until death brought eternal relief.  Mr. Miller was born in Pennsylvania and came to Tennessee when quite a young man. He is the father of Messrs. James R., W. S., and W. R. Miller, prominent business men of this community.  The funeral will take place this afternoon from the family residence.  The services will be conducted by Revs. J. M. Hubbard and DeWitt.

BRYAN -- Nashville.
At 12 o'clock, Wednesday, March 21, James H. Bryan aged 46 years.  Funeral from residence of G. G. O'Bryan, corner Vauxhall and McGavock streets at 3 o'clock p. m. today, 22d.  Carriages leave Lytton & Pulliam's at 2 o'clock.  Burial at Mt. Olivet.

WHITE -- Nashville
At her residence, No. 312 Main street.  East Nashville at 11:30 p. m., March 20, Mrs. Ophelia White, the mother of W. W. White, aged 58 years.  Funeral services at Christian Church, East Nashville, at 10 a. m. Thursday, March 22, by the pastor, R. M. Giddens.  Friends and acquaintance respectfully invited to attend.

WALSH -- Nashville
Wednesday morning, at the residence of George S. Kinney, No. 306 South spruce street, Mrs. Mary Walsh, aged 87 years.  Funeral services and requiem high mass at the Cathedral this (Thursday) morning at 9:30.  Carriages from Pulliam & Dougherty's undertakers, 247 North Summer street.

CUNNINGHAM -- Henderson,  March 21.
Now received here today of the death yesterday of J. M. Cunningham, post-master at Henderson, Chester County.

March 25, 1888

Dr. Charles Mitchell, Health Officer and City Registrar, reports the following deaths in the city for the week ending at noon, March 24, 1888:
Jno. W. Allen, Age 0, Male, White, Whooping cough
J. L. Davis, Age 40, Male, White, Diarrhoea
Fred A. Decker, Age 2, Male, White, Congest'n lungs
David H. Miller, Age 79, Male, White, Paralysis
James Bryan, Age 46, Male, White, Exophth'e goltre
Nannie L. Fain, Age 33, Female, White, Septicaemia
Martha L. Polston, Age 52, Female, White, Congest'n lungs
Ophelia T. White, Age 58, Female, Cancer
Mary Walsh, Age 87, Female, White, Gen'l debility
Calvin Overall, Age 35, Male, Colored, Jaundice
Harvey Blythe, Age 65, Male, Colored, Pneumonia
Henry Hart, Age 43, Male, Colored, Pneumonia
Lucinda Woods, Age 46, Female, Colored, Coma
Winnie Miller, Age 48, Female, Colored, Pneumonia
Romie Jones, Age 3, Female, Colored, Convulsions.

WILSON -- Nashville
Died, March 24, 1888, at 8:30 a. m., Kitty Carnow, daughter of J. H. and Mrs. Virginia Z. Wilson, aged four years and seven months.  Funeral services from residence, 1708 Hayes street, this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Services by the Rev. M. Cabel Martin.  Friends of the family are invited to attend.

March 27, 1888

McCARVER -- Nashville.
The funeral of J. S. McCarver, brother of the Mayor, occurred yesterday afternoon at Tulip-street Methodist Church.  The attendance was large, nearly all the city and county officials being present.  Rev. T. F. Martin read the Episcopal burial service, and Dr. J. B. West delivered an impressive sermon.  The remains were accompanied by a large cortege to Mt. Olivet.

CARR -- Hartsville, March 26.
Andy Carr, a citizen of Macon County, near the Trousdale line, died last week of heart disease, from which has has suffered much for several years.

March 28, 1888

SMITH -- Chattanooga, March 27.
The body of R. A. Smith, who was murdered at Dayton, Tenn., last evening, was recovered from the stream of water into which it had been thrown by De Rassett, the murderer.  The remains were taken to Rockwood for burial.

McALISTER -- Nashville.
The funeral of Wiley Blount McAlister will occur today at 3 o'clock p. m., from the residence of his parents, corner High and McGavock streets.  Services by Elder R. L. Cave.

March 29, 1888

WILLIAMSON -- Gallatin.
The remains of Estell Williamson, who died in Pennsylvania on the 26th of typhoid fever, were brought to Gallatin today for interment.  Mr. Williamson was for a long time salesman for the old firm of Ryan & Ryan, Nashville, and a young man universally liked.  He was a native of Sumner County, and married Miss Katie Sheyer, of this city, daughter of H. C. Sheyer, one of our most successful breeders of live stock.

March 30, 1888

MAXWELL -- Jackson, March 29, 1888
Dr. Wm. Maxwell, ex-master State grange and prominent in Masonic circles.

HOWARD -- Jackson, March 29, 1888
Esq. B. F. Howard, an old citizen and member of the County Court reported dying here tonight.

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