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Obituaries June - July, 1911

Typed and Contributed by Linda Carpenter

(Thursday, June 29, 1911)

Mrs. Susan Nolen

Mrs. Susan Nolen, formerly of this county, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ida Nitz, at Selma, Ala., last Friday. Her remains were sent here, and buried at the Gallatin Cemetery Sunday afternoon, after funeral services had been conducted at the residence of Mr. E. B. Buck by Rev. W. B. Lowry. Mrs. Nolen was born in this county 73 years ago. Before her marriage she was Miss Susan Hughes. She was the widow of Daniel Nolen, who died about two years ? She was a member of the Baptist Church. She leaves a brother, George Hughes of Gallatin, and two sisters, Mrs. Emma Pendleton of Cotton Town and Mrs. Ida Nitz of Selma, Ala.

(Thursday, June 29, 1911)

Mr. John Bright

Mr. John Bright, of Nashville, died at the home of his son-in-law, Will Puryear, near Petona last Saturday. The burial took place at the Gallatin Cemetery Sunday afternoon. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. B. Lowry. Mr. Bright was about 57 years old, and was a native of Sumner County, where he lived nearly all of his life. His wife, who was a Miss Guild, of Fayetteville, Tenn., has been dead a number of years. The deceased was a nephew of Mr. John Branham of the Hartsville Pike. Besides a large circle of friends, he leaves three grown children, Mrs. Will Puryear, of this county, and Robt. And Chas. Bright, of Nashville.

(Thursday, June 29, 1911)

Died from Wound

Bird Wims, who accidentally shot himself at his home near Portland June 19, and account in last week's issue of the News, died Tuesday and was buried yesterday.

(Thursday, June 29, 1911)

Died Near Portland

Mrs. Jas. Johns died at her home a few miles west of Portland Tuesday. Mrs. Johns was about 60 years old, and leaves a husband and several grown children.

(Thursday, June 29, 1911)

Jumps To His Death

Former Sumner Countian's Despondent Act- Illness is Cause

Following an operation for appendicitis, his action being due to temporary mental aberration superinduced by ill health and business worries, S. P. Rippy, formerly of Sumner County, jumped to the pavement below from the third story window at Fort's Infirmary, at Nashville, at 3:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon, and was instantly killed. The man had been operated on for appendicitis earlier in the day, and was apparently resting easily. His nurse stepped out of the room for a few moments, and while she was absent her patient became suddenly and unexpectedly insane, and hurling his body through the wire netting, crashed through and fell heavily to the pavement below. The body was quickly picked up, a hasty examination showing that life was extinct. The man had struck on his head, fracturing his skull and inflicting internal injuries. The remains were prepared for burial and were shipped to Portland, his old home, for interment. The dead man was a city salesman for the Southwestern Jewelry Company of Nashville. His poor health had been a financial handicap to him, and it is supposed that this also preyed on his mind. He was about 35 years old and is survived by a wife and three children. Two brothers reside at Portland.

(Thursday, June 29, 1911)

Commits Suicide

Hartsville, Tenn., June 22. James B. Horsley, aged about 60, a farmer of the Friendship neighborhood of this county, hanged himself about 10 o'clock this morning in his barn. He had been in bad health for several months and it is supposed it was on account of his condition that he killed himself. He is survived by his wife and two sons, Will and Walter.

(Thursday, July 6, 1911)

Died in Nashville

Charles P. Lucus

Charles P. Lucus, son of Mr. J. C. Lucus, of Nashville, died at that place Tuesday. The burial occurred at Gallatin Cemetery yesterday.

(Thursday, July 6, 1911)

Mrs. E. W. Black

Mrs. Pollie M. Black, wife of Esq. E. W. Black, a prominent citizen of the 12th district, died at their home near Fairfield on June 18th. She was 64 years of age and had been married 42 years. She is survived by her husband and five children-two sons and three daughters. She is survived also by five grandchildren-two boys and three girls. Mrs. Black was a good woman, greatly beloved by the people of her community. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Afred Graves and granddaughter of the late Esq. George Troutt. The burial took place at Fairfield Church Monday, June 19th, with funeral service by Rev. J. T. Rippy.

(Thursday, July 6, 1911)

Succumbs To Long Illness

Mrs. Sallie Rutledge Died at Her Home in Gallatin Friday

Mrs. Sallie E. Rutledge died at her home on East Main Street Friday afternoon at four o'clock. Mrs. Rutledge was in her 73rd year. She was born in this county and lived in Gallatin most of her life. For a number of years she had been afflicted with goitre and heart trouble. She was critically ill about two months last winter, but had recovered sufficiently to be up and able to attend to her household duties until Tuesday night of last week, when she was stricken with paralysis which rendered her blind and unconscious, in which state she remained until she died. Funeral services were conducted at the residence Saturday afternoon by Rev. W. B. Lowry, and the burial followed at the Gallatin Cemetery. Mrs. Rutledge enjoyed the acquaintance and friendship of an unusually large number of friends, and was regarded by all who knew her as a good Christian woman, one of her many virtues being her ability, under all conditions and at all times, to look on the sunny side of life. She is survived by one son, Ed Rutledge, of this place.

(Thursday, July 6, 1911)

Mrs. Charlotte Creutz

Mrs. Charlotte Creutz, mother of Mrs. Robt. Guthrie, died here Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Guthrie, with whom she was making her home. Mrs. Creutz was born in Germany 84 years ago. While quite young she moved to the Untied States, where she remained until her death. Her remains were interred at Cincinnati Tuesday after services had been held at her former home, Newport, Ky., She was a believer in the Catholic faith, and enjoyed the esteem of a large circle of friends. She is survived by the following children: Mrs. Robert Guthrie and Miss Josephene Creutz of Gallatin, Mrs. Tom Mulligan of Nashville, Mrs. Lou Cromer of Newport, Ky., Geo. Creutz of Chicago, and another son Eugene, living in California.

(Thursday, July 6, 1911)

Mrs. M. M. Gillespie

On June 30, 1911, at the home of her niece, Mrs. Nathan Harsh near Castalian Springs, Mrs. Martha M. Gillespie entered into rest. She was born in Gallatin in 1834, had she lived 22 days longer she would have reached her 77th birthday. She was the last of twelve children, and a sister of the late Joe D. Martin. For the past few years she made her home with Mrs. J. D. Martin, who loved and adored her. She was twice married, first to Dr. James Hibbett of Sumner County and Mr. Randle Gillespie of Franklin, Tenn. There were two sons of the first marriage. They reached the years of maturity there were called Home. The only one of the second marriage was just entering manhood when death took him. For many years she was a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church. Her death was very triumphant. The burial occurred at Franklin, Tennessee.

(Thursday, July 6, 1911)

South Tunnel

James Payne, an aged and highly respected colored man, fell dead of dropsy at his home near here on June 3rd. "Uncle Jim," as he was familiarly known by everyone, was an honest and upright Negro, and well liked by both white and blacks.

(Thursday, July 6, 1911)

Yields To Paralysis

Mrs. Florence Guild Dodd Dies in Nashville Friday

Mrs. Florence Guild Dodd, aged 71, a member of one of Tennessee's oldest and most prominent families, died Friday morning at 9 o'clock at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville from a stroke of paralysis which she suffered three days before. For thirty-five years Mrs. Dodd was a prominent figure in Nashville life and endeared herself to all who knew her either intimately or slightly. During her entire residence in that city she always sought to alleviate the slightest suffering of those around her, and she was never so happy as doing something for others. She was the daughter of Judge Joe C. Guild, of Sumner County, one of the old-time judges of this state and a man who was known throughout its confines. She married Capt. Thomas L. Dodd half a century ago at the outbreak of the Civil War. He has been dead for twenty-three years. Since his death she has lived with her children. At the time of her death she was living with her son, Mr. Hayden Dodd, 1012 Seymour Avenue, Nashville. Mrs. Dodd was a faithful and devoted member of the Presbyterian Church all her life, and was always energetic in the work of the church and its kindred organizations. She is survived by three children, Miss Katie M. Dodd and Mr. Hayden Dodd, of Nashville, and Mr. Thos. Dodd, of New York, City.

(Thursday, July 13, 1911)

Mrs. Bettie Foster Blue

Dies at Her Home in Gallatin Last Week After a Long Illness

Mrs. Bettie Foster Blue, wife of the late Mr. W. C. Blue, died at the residence of her brother, Chas. Foster, last Wednesday afternoon, July 5, at 6 o'clock. She had been in ill health for some time, and her death was due to the infirmities of age. Mrs. Blue was a daughter of John B. Foster, a former Mayor and prominent citizen of Gallatin. She was the second wife of Mr. Blue to whom she was married about twenty-five years ago. Since the death of her husband, which occurred in December, 1888, she has resided with her brother and sister on South Water Street. Mrs. Blue was a devoted Christian of lovable character and had been since childhood a faithful member of the Gallatin Methodist Church. The burial occurred at the Gallatin Cemetery Thursday afternoon with funeral services at the family residence at 4 o'clock by Rev. W. B. Dowry.

(Thursday, July 20, 1911)

Died in Oklahoma

Died July 10, 1911, at the Border Hospital, Mangum, Okla., John W. Reddick, formerly of Rock Bridge, this county. Mr. Reddick was 54 years of age, son of James Reddick, deceased, known throughout our county as one of our best citizens, noted for his honesty and integrity. John W. Reddick, like his father, was an honest and upright man in all his dealings, and the world is better by his having lived in it. He moved from here to Frederick, Okla., some three years ago. His many friends will be pained to hear of his death. His mother still lives near Rock Bridge. He leaves a widow and two daughters, Mrs. William Ray and Mrs. Robt. Wright, all of whom now live in Frederick, Okla.; also several brothers and a sister, to all of whom his multitude of friends extend their deepest sympathies, Peace to his ashes. He was buried at Frederick, Okla.

(Thursday, July 20, 1911)

Jas. A. Whiteside

The death of Jas. A. Whiteside, a prominent citizen of Fountain Head, occurred suddenly at his home near that place Monday morning at 1 o'clock. He had been ill for several weeks but his death was unexpected. He awoke about 1 o'clock and complained of feeling ill and in a few moments expired. Mr. Whiteside was 65 years old and was a native of this county. He was a splendid citizen and was highly respected and esteemed by the people of his community. He had been for a number of years a member of the Methodist Church at Fountain Head Station. He is survived by his wife and two sons, J. B. Whiteside of Fountian Head and Jenkins Whiteside of California. The burial took place Tuesday morning at Old Fountain Head with funeral services by Rev. R. M. Chenault.

(Thursday, July 20, 1911)

South Tunnel

The remains of Mrs. Laura Baskerville who died near Portland last Saturday, were brought here for burial, and were laid to rest in the family burying ground. Mrs. Baskerville leaves a husband and several small children to mourn her loss.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Thompkins and children left Friday for St. Louis, Mo., the having been called there by the death of Mrs. Thompkin's sister.

(Thursday, July 27, 1911)

Dry Fork

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Tyree died Thursday and was buried the following day at Dry Fork.


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