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Obituaries January, 1912

Typed and Contributed by Linda Carpenter


Gallatin Sumner County News  
Microfilm Roll #502 - Date: 1912 - 1916

(Thursday, January 4, 1912)

Mrs. D. N. Johnson

Mrs. Alice Johnson, wife of D. N. Johnson, died suddenly at her home near Rogana at an early hour Wednesday Morning, Dec 27. Her death was due to heart failure. She had been seemingly in the best of health the night before and had retired at the usual hour. Mrs. Johnson was 63 years of age and a native of Jackson County. She is survived by her husband and four children. The burial was at the Bethpage Cemetery with funeral services by Elder Lewis Sanford.

(Thursday, January 4, 1912)

Death of F. A. Rippy

F. A. Rippy, age 64, died suddenly at his home here at 11:35 o'clock Monday Night. He had lived in Gallatin for the past thirty years. He was a shoemaker by trade and had worked at the bench for forty one years. He was twice married, his first wife being a Miss Mary Phillips, to which union six children were born, two of whom survive him, W. G. Rippy of Nashville and W. C. Rippy of Gallatin. His second marriage was to Miss Irene Keen. Three children of the union survive him, A. A. Rippy of Huston, Texas, and Louis and Nellie Rippy of Gallatin. Mr. Rippy was a member of the Methodist Church and a Mason. His death was due to heart trouble. The burial was at the Gallatin Cemetery yesterday at 10 o'clock a. m., with funeral services at the residence by Rev. T. A. Kerley. Mr. Rippy was well known and highly esteemed by a large circle of friends.

(Thursday, January 4, 1912)

Died at Shackle Island.

Miss Cora Clendening age 33 years died of tuberculosis at the house of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Clendening near Shackle Island Monday at 7:30 p.m. Deceased was a consistent member of Beech C. P. Church. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Rev. C. K. Carlock, burial at 3 p.m. Tuesday in King Burying Ground. Undertakers Jackson and Henley of Gallatin, in charge.

(Thursday, January 4, 1912)

In Memorial

On Dec. 11th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Edward Moore, Gallatin , Tenn., Mrs. Lucy E. Stringer entered into the abundant life. For almost three months tender hands with anxious hearts ministered unto her hoping if it be God's will she would be restored to health again to be a benediction to her friends and homes of her loved ones. *(Long article. lc) Mamie Moore.

(Thursday, January 11, 1912)

Well Known Citizen Dead

Hardy Caldwell Passes to His Reward at His Home Last Monday.

The death of Hardy Caldwell, and aged and prominent citizen of this county, occurred at his home near Westmoreland last Monday night at 8 o'clock. He was 76 years of age and a native of Sumner County where he spent his long and useful life, wielding at all times a wide influence for good. He was a Christian gentleman, having been for many years a faithful and consistent member of the Methodist Church. He was a confederate soldier, being a member of Battle's Regiment, Nimmo's Company, 20th Tennessee. As such he made a fine record for gallantry, participating in the battles of Fishing Creek, Shiloh, where he was wounded. Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge and Chickamauga. At the latter place he was captured and carried to Rock Island Prison. There during his confinement he cheered the lonely soldier boys with his singing, comforted the sick and helped sinners to repentance. His earnest work in this Federal Prison remains a lasting monument to his worth as a good and useful man, Mr. Caldwell was a life long Democrat, and to the day of his death it was a matter of pride with him that he had never scratched a ticket of his party. He is survived by five sons: Robert W., Circuit Court Clerk of Sumner County, Joe H., Sidney and Allen of Westmoreland and Chas. W., now of Hopkinsville, Ky. The burial was at Pleasant Grove Tuesday with funeral services by Rev. J. D. Hewgley.

(Thursday, January 11, 1912)

Miss Bettie Crutcher

Miss Bettie Crutcher died at the home of her brother-in-law, James Suddarth, on the Coles Ferry Pike last Thursday, Jan. 4. The burial was at the Suddarth Burying Ground the day following with funeral services by Rev. R. M. DuBose. The deceased was 50 years of age and a faithful member of the Baptist Church. She lived at Castalian Springs, but was visiting at the home of Mr. Suddarth when she was stricken with pneumonia from which her death resulted. She was a true Christian woman whose death is a distinct loss to her community.

(Thursday, January 11, 1912)

Mrs. Mollie Suddarth

Mrs. Mollie Suddarth, wife of the late James Suddarth, died at the home of her son, James A. Suddarth, on the Coles Ferry Pike last Monday morning at 5 o'clock. She was 69 years of age and her death resulted from a complication of diseases. She was a consistent member of the Methodist Church and had for a number of years held her membership at Cairo. She had spent many years of her long and useful life in this county. Mrs. Suddarth is survived by three children: James A. Suddarth, Hood Suddarth and Mrs. Ida Johnson, all of this county. The burial was at the Suddarth Burying Ground Tuesday morning.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Murdered At Saundersville

Negro Woman Cut to Death, Her Body Showing Ten Knife Wounds.

Saundersville was the scene of a brutal murder some time late Sunday night when Mary Patton, colored, was horribly slashed with a knife. Circumstances point to John Henry Brown, colored, as the perpetrator of the crime. *(Long article, no genealogical value. lc)

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Fatally Burned

Berndica, the little four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Heflin of Nashville, was fatally burned at their home in Nashville Monday at 11:30 o'clock. The child was alone in the room and by some unknown means her clothing caught fire burning her body almost to a crisp. Her little brother ran in and attempted to extinguish the flames and was himself badly burned on the hands and arms. The little girl died at 1 o'clock Monday night. Her remains were buried at Clarksville yesterday. Mrs. Heflin was formerly Miss Gena Langford, sister of Miss Pearl Langford of Gallatin.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Death Claims Her

Mrs. Mary Harris, a well known and highly respected colored woman of Gallatin, died at her home at 8:30 o'clock Monday night. Her death was very sudden and resulted from heart disease. She was 78 years of age. She was the mother of six living children, three of whom reside in Gallatin. Her remains were laid to rest yesterday in Gallatin Cemetery.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Mrs. Susan Fitts

Mrs. Susan Talbot Fitts died at her home near Enon College last Thursday, Jan. 11. She was born April 2, 1840, and when very young professed religion and joined the Presbyterian Church of which she had been a faithful member.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Uncle John Harris

The death of Uncle John Harris, formerly a well known citizen of Gallatin, occurred at a hospital in Nashville last Sunday. He was 70 years of age and for a number of years was in business in Gallatin. Later he spent some time in Oklahoma and other Western states, but returned her three years ago. Since his return he has resided at the Trousdale Hotel until two weeks ago, when because of his infirmities he was carried to Nashville for treatment. He was born and reared at Hartsville and is survived by one brother, Mr. E. H. Harris of that place. The burial was at Hartsville Monday, with funeral services by Rev. J. T. Oakley.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Burns Cause Her Death

Miss Mary Smith Meets a Horrible Fate Last Friday Noon.

A deplorable accident was that which occurred here last Friday when Miss Mary Smith, aged 79 years, sustained burns at her home on West Main Street that resulted in her death. She was alone in the house and while putting coal on the fire about noon her dress caught fire and she was soon enveloped in flames. Her cries brought aid but not until she was fatally burned. Her death occurred that night at 9:30 o'clock. Miss Smith was born in Gallatin in a house located on the same lot as that in which she died. Earlier in life she lived in Nashville, and was at one time matron of Ward's Seminary and superintendent of the Florence Crittenden Home. During the last fifteen years she had resided in Gallatin. She had been since early childhood a member of the Methodist Church. Until a few months ago her membership was at McKendrie in Nashville, but recently had been removed to Gallatin. Miss Smith was a woman of splendid Christian character and enjoyed the highest esteem of the people of this community. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. George L. Beale at the Gallatin Methodist Church Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The burial followed at the local cemetery.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Buck Holt Dead.

William Holt, an aged citizen of this community, and familiarly known as "Buck" Holt, died at his home on the Long Hollow Road several days ago. His remains were buried at the Gallatin Cemetery. He had long worked here as a day laborer and was well known.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

Joseph B. Hobdy

Portland, Tenn., Jan. 12. - Joseph B. Hobdy, aged 87, who lived on Drake's Creek, three miles northeast of Portland, died yesterday evening from the effects of la grippe and old age. Three sons, five daughters and a number of grandchildren survive him. He was an old pioneer highly connected family and was a man of great energy and industry. He was elected Sheriff of Sumner County just after the close of the Civil War and was a member of the County Court of Sumner County for some years. His remains were laid to rest in the Old Fountain Head Cemetery this afternoon.

(Thursday, January 18, 1912)

In Memoriam.

Mrs. Temperance Pilkinton, aged 86 years, died Nov. 25, 1911, at her home in Goodletsville, from infirmities of age. Funeral at the Baptist Church by Rev, A. P. Walker; burial at the Goodletsville Cemetery. *(This is an extremely long and beautiful article, but I have chosen to type the genealogical information only. lc) She was Tempy Cole, whose grandfather Cole, was a sailor thought to have perished among the Turks, from whence he wrote his last time using his own blood for ink. She was bereft of parents at the age of five years, when taken by her grandmother, Shivers, to again be bereft by death to battle with the world, an orphan with a meager education. She professed religion and joined the Baptist Church at Old Center, now New Bethel, 70 years ago, then being as choir singer, possessing a voice of rare beauty. She married Wm. Norman, deceased in 1844. To this union two daughters were born, Mrs. G. J. Groves who died at Mitchelville and an infant, Mary Ann, deceased. She married William Pilkinton, Dec. 3, 1852 (deceased). To this union eight children were born, six of whom survive her, and were present in her last hours, James A.. of Gallatin, Tenn., Mattie A., Pilmore C., and Mrs. Allie Bridges of Nashville, Tenn., and J. B. and W. S. of Goodletsville, Tenn., and two deceased sons, Wesley and Jesse. She lived through three wars, Mexican, Civil and Spanish-American, whence the clouds of strife rained blood over our fair land.  Dedicated to her memory by her children. J. A. Pilkinton.

(Thursday, January 25, 1912)

*(None that I could find. lc)


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