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Thomas A. Edison

Submitted by Ken and Lenora Durrett
Typed by Marie Durrett Johnson

This newspaper obituary was in a scrapbook presented to Kenny and Lenora Durrett from her grandmother, Mrs. Tommie (Lizzie) Briley. Lizzie was born 20 Dec 1883 and died on 11 Jul 1966.  These obituary clippings do not have the dates; Death dates will be supplied from the Sumner County Cemetery Book by Margaret Snider and Joan Yorgason when possible.


American Loses Greatest Inventor---Honored in Fields of Science

West Orange, N. J. Oct., 18

Thomas A. Edison died at his home at 3:24 a.m. today. He was 84 years old. His wife, six children, his personal physician and two nurses were at the bedside when the end came.

The end came after a day and night during which Mr. Edison sank deeper and deeper into a state of coma while his heart, which during weeks of illness had stood up wonderfully, began to falter.

Family at bedside until the End.

Bulletins issued by his physician last night and shortly before death indicated the rapidly approaching end. The pulse became weaker and more rapid and respiration more and more shallow.

Members of the household remained up throughout the night and Dr. Howe was in the sickroom constantly since night before last.

The pronouncement of death was made by Dr. Hubert S. Howe, Mr. Edison's personal physician, at 3:24 a.m. and transmitted by Arthur Walsh at 3:37 a.m.

With Mr. Edison when he died were his wife, Mrs. Mina Miller Edison; his six children, Dr. Howe and two nurses.


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