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George Brizendine Memorium, 1925  

Typed and Contributed by Linda Carpenter

Sumner County Cemetery Book, by Snider & Yorgason has: Maple Hill Cemetery - Brizendine, George Barnes - 1867 - 1925.

In Memorium

In memory of my dear husband who died June 17, 1925.

Just two years ago tonight,


Since your spirit took its flight,

From your pain racked body of mortal clay

To (torn) me where all is light.

Now and long the nights,


When you are so far away,

But still I feel that you are near

When I kneel by my bed to pray.

And ask God to guard and keep you

Within His loving arm.

And the ones that's left on earth below,

Be sheltered from all harm.

To-day as I stand by your grave,


And thought of by gone years,

Of all your loving tender care

Brought fond memories with my tears,

I covered your grave with flowers, dear,

Hoping that you might know,

Tho' clouds be dark' or skies be clear

We were thinking of you here below.

Your place is vacant in our home, dear,

We miss you every here,

At night with your dear old Bible,

But if we heed his word, and have no fear

We shall meet beyond the skies.

No matter where ever I may roam,

Or what troubles to me may befall,

You will always be missed around the old home,

Not only by me, but us all.

And tho' the clouds be dark and drear,

And our hearts be heavy with sorrow,

It is Jesus' love that calms our fears

And brings us light on the morrow.

We bow in submission to His will, dear,

For we feel that He knows best.

And some day we will lay our burdens down

And he will call us home to rest.

Tonight I am dreaming of you, dear,

No one else can take your place,

But I know at best, it won't be long

'Till I meet you face to face

There are other loved ones there too, dear,

Our dear boy of long ago,

Dear fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers

And a host made white as snow.

We know not what will befall us here,

God hangs a mist over your eyes,

Sitting in your old arm chair.

Reading of the precious promise Of a land so bright and fair,

And we hope the day is not far away

When we can be together up there.

So in His blessed keeping,

Within the gates so fair,

With all the loved ones gone before,

You will be waiting for us there.

Mrs. George Brizendine.

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