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Obituaries April, 1905

Typed and Contributed by Linda Carpenter



Gallatin Sumner County News (MISC.)
Microfilm Roll #501 - Date: 1905 - 1911

(Saturday April 1, 1905)

Josiah Carter Dead.

"Uncle Josiah" Carter, one of the best known citizens of the Bransford community, passed away Saturday after a long illness. The deceased was born in this county in 1824 and had lived in Sumner County all of his long life. In 1853 he was married to Miss Malvina Mason, who with four children survives him. Mr. Carter was a member of the Methodist Church at Bethpage and was a man of the highest integrity and his whole life was that of the deeply religious man. He was an excellent citizen and no man in his community stood higher. He was a Confederate soldier and his comrades in war honored him as a brave soldier.

(Saturday April 1, 1905)

The remains of a small child of John Coltharpe, formerly of this place but now residing at Guthrie, Ky., were brought here Thursday for interment.

(Saturday April 1, 1905)


Mrs. Butt, of Franklin, Ky., mother of Eugene Butt, died this week at her home, and her remains were interred in Portland Cemetery Wednesday.

(Saturday April 8, 1905)

* Not an April obit, but I thought it was interesting.

The Wise Family.

Phenomenal Longevity of Children of J. H. Wise - Nine Children Aged 630 Years.

In the year 1813, ninety-two years ago, J. H. Wise, then nineteen years of age, came from his birthplace in South Carolina to Sumner County, residing here until his death in 1866 at the age of seventy-two years. In his residence of over a half a century he reared a family that in one respect was truly remarkable. We believe the figures and facts we shall submit below are without parallel in the State--and, for that matter, may not be equaled any where. J. H. Wise was the father of fifteen children. Two of them died in infancy, but thirteen grew to manhood. The first of them to past away was Jack Wise, who was killed in the battle of Cedar Run, Virginia. Four years ago there were eleven of the fifteen children alive and the present time are nine, as follows:

(Name, residence, & age)

Spencer Wise - Sumner Co. - 82
M. A. Wise - Hartsville - 79
J. A. Wise - Lidonia, Tex. - 77
Harvey Wise - Bonham, Tex. - 75
R. M. Wise - Sumner Co. - 65

H. A. Wise - Union City - 59
Mrs. Sarah Hughes - Nashville - 73
Mrs. Margaret Holloway - Obion Co. - 57
Miss Mary Wise - Sumner Co. - 63

(It might also be mentioned here that W. H. Wise, who passed away a few years since, had turned into his eightieth year, and that another brother, J. H. Wise, died a couple of years since on the day he was 78 years and eight months old.)

(Saturday April 8, 1905)

Mrs. C. Levy.

Well Known and Highly Esteemed Woman Passed Away.

After an illness of only a few days, Mrs. Sophia Levy, wife of C. Levy, passed away Wednesday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Her remains were taken to Louisville Thursday for interment. Mrs. Levy was a native of Bavaria. Her maiden name was Frankel, and in 1863 she resided in Louisville. In May of that year she was married to Mr. C. Levy. They came to Gallatin the following fall and resided here continuously thereafter. Mrs. Levy was probably the best known woman in the country. Soon after her marriage and residence in Gallatin she and her husband established a millinery store and up to the time she retired from that business some twelve years ago it was the leading house in that line in the city, and women folk from every nook and corner in the county were her patrons. Through business she became widely known. Mrs. Levy was known for her generosity, kindness of heart and charity. She delighted in relieving the distressed and in helping the needy. In this she had the encouragement and sympathy of her husband, and many are the persons who gratefully acknowledge having received kindness at their hands. Mrs. Levy was "Aunt Sophia" to all who knew her and during her last illness her condition and approaching end caused the greatest sadness among all her friends, In her long residence here everybody had grown to love and esteem her, and when the end had come everyone who had enjoyed her friendship gave expression to sorrow and the tenderest sympathy for the bereaved family. Mr. Levy, also the relatives of Mrs. Levy, have the tenderest sympathy of their friends in their sorrow, which is shared by all their acquaintances. The entire community feels that one of it's best and most lovable women has passed away, and so long as those who knew "Aunt Sophia" live to remember that long will her memory be held affectionately in their hearts.

(Saturday April 8, 1905)

John C. Cox, a citizen of Dixon Springs and a member of the Gallatin Lodge Knights of Honor, died this week and was buried Thursday.

(Saturday April 15, 1905)

House of Sorrow

Death Robs the Levy Family of Another Beloved Member - Miss Barbara Leon.

Hardly had the Levy family recovered from the shock caused by the death, on Wednesday of last week, of Mrs. Sophia Levy and where they had become fully reconciled to their loss, when the Grim Reaper withdrew another beloved member from the household in the person of Miss Barbara Leon, a cousin of Messrs. Sam and Coleman Levy. Miss Leon was ill only five days, and her death was caused by pneumonia. The deceased was a native of Alsace, Germany, and came to Gallatin in 1873 with Mr. and Mrs. C. Levy, with whom she resided until her death on last Monday afternoon. Miss Leon made many warm friends during her residence here, all of whom sincerely lament her death. The remains were carried to Louisville Tuesday morning for interment, being followed to the Gallatin depot by a large number of our citizens.

(Saturday April 22, 1905)

Death of Aged Lady

Mrs. Susan Carr passed away Saturday night at the home of S. P. Thurmon, her son-in-law, in the Chipman community. She was eighty years old and a member of the Methodist Church for half a century. Her remains were taken to Macon County for interment.

(Saturday April 22, 1905)

Death of a Child.

The News last week failed to chronicle the death of Aleen Ruth Dorris, the 7 year old daughter of Bishop Dorris of the Cage's Bend community, which occurred on the 9th. Funeral services were conducted at the residence, after which the remains were taken to Nashville for interment at Mt. Olivet.

(Saturday April 22, 1905)

Interred at Shiloh.

The remains of Mrs. Lilly White who died at Madison Station last Saturday, were taken to Shiloh and interred at the burying ground. The deceased was the sister of Mrs. W. C. Carter and S. A. Franklin of the Side View community and the widow of W. H. White.

(Saturday April 22, 1905)

Death of Johnathan Durham.

Johnathan Durham, highly respected and one of the oldest citizens of the Bethpage section of the county, died Wednesday night at the residence of his son, J. Morgan Durham, after a short illness. Mr. Durham had been sick with lagrippe, but on Saturday pneumonia developed and he sank rapidly. The deceased was born in this county in 1822, and was 83 years old at the time of his death. He was married in 1845 to Elizabeth Senter, of which union three children survive, they being J. Morgan Durham and Mrs. J. W. Morgan of Bethpage, and J. T. Durham of New Roe, Ky. The deceased had been a member of the Methodist Church for fifty years, his membership being with the church at Bethpage. The interment was at Bethpage Thursday.

(Saturday April 29, 1905)

Death of a Child.

The little ten month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Will Frakes, of the Dry Fork community, died Tuesday morning after an illness of several weeks. The interment took place at Dry Fork Church.

(Saturday April 29, 1905)

Mrs. F. B. Turpin Dead.

Relatives here have received the sad news of the death at Oakland, California, last week of Mrs. F. B. Turpin, formerly Miss Jennie Shafer. It is known that Mrs. Turpin has been an invalid some months, but the particulars of her last illness and death have not been received here. Mrs. Turpin was about thirty two years old and until about three years ago her home was here. She was married in 1897 to Mr. Turpin, who with two small children, survive her. Her mother, Mrs. H. C. Shafer, and sister, Miss Hermie Shafer, were with her at the time of her death.

(Saturday April 29, 1905)

Mrs. Martha J. Simpson.

Mrs. Martha J. Simpson, widow of Enoch Simpson and mother of Joseph Simpson, of the Dry Fork community, passed away Wednesday, her death taking place at the home of her son, with whom he resided. The deceased was past eighty years of age, and had been a resident of this county all her life. She was for many years a member of the Methodist Church and was a woman well loved by all who knew her. Four children survive her, they being Joseph Simpson, Thos. Simpson, Miss Lena Simpson and Mrs. Robert Wright.

(Saturday April 29, 1905)

Mrs. A. L. Beuttner

A Good Christian Woman Passes Over the River.

Mrs. Mattie B. Beuttner, wife of A. L. Beuttner and a woman greatly loved by a large circle of friends and relatives, passed away Tuesday at a Nashville infirmary, where she had been taken a few days prior to her death. Her remains were brought back to Gallatin and interred in Gallatin Cemetery from the Beuttner home Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Beuttner, who was before her marriage Miss Mattie Whiteside, was about 47 years of age. She had been ill for some time, she suffering from a complication of troubles. A few days before her death it was concluded that her life could be saved only by a surgical operation and she was removed to Nashville, but it was later decided not to perform the operation. Mrs. Beuttner was a loveable Christian woman. She was a member of the Methodist Church for many years, and as the president of the Children's Mission Band was loved and honored by it's membership. She was active in church work, and ever ready to do any service for her Master. For some days before her death she realized that the end was almost at hand, and she met death with true Christian fortitude and courage. Mrs. Beuttner is survived by her husband, who has the tender sympathy of all in the great sorrow that has come upon him. J. D. Whiteside is a surviving brother of the deceased, being the last of the children of James M. Whiteside.

(Saturday April 29, 1905)

Mrs. Mollie McClain.

Mrs. Mollie Abston McClain, wife of Harry McClain, died in Nashville yesterday morning. Her remains will reach Gallatin on the 8:45 o'clock train this morning and will be interred in the Gallatin Cemetery. Mrs. McClain was born in this county August 31, 1847, and was a daughter of Merry and Mary Douglass Abston. She is survived by her husband and three children, they being Rufus Douglass McClain of near Gallatin and John Anderson McClain and Miss Sallie Abston McClain of Nashville.

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