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Sumner County Newspaper Tidbits 1899 - 1901

Microfilm Roll #1, Gallatin (Misc.), Date 1819 - 1901

Compiled by Linda Carpenter


Semi-Weekly News, published Wednesday and Saturday, Gallatin, Tennessee.

Farmers are busy sowing wheat.

Mr. Otis HENDRIX, of Ohio, is visiting relatives here.

Miss Berdie BEAN, who was visiting here last week, surprised her many friends by going to Gallatin last Saturday and getting married to Mr. Will GALLOWAY, of Bowling Green, Ky.

Prof. HOBDY and wife have returned to their home in Texas. Mrs. HOBDY has been spending the summer here with her parents. Mr. HOBDY has been attending lectures in Knoxville.

Born to Mr. And Mrs. Howard SUTTLE, a girl.

Mrs. Bates DYE is on the sick list.

Dwelling houses are in great demand out here.

Dr. BUSH and John C. WOODSON were visitors here Monday.

We will have a store and Butcher shop put in here this week.

We will be connected with Gallatin by rail on or before October 20.

The young people had a musical at Mr. Jack BLACKMORE's Saturday night.

The Misses DOBBINS returned Saturday from Willard accompanied by Mrs. CARR.

Manager D. B. ANDERSON is this week working fifty hands in the phosphate mines.

We will have a Post Office here. The office, which will be known as Phosphate, will be opened next week.

The Sumner Phosphate Co. now have in course of erection a drying shed 150x25 feet and a commisary office and store 40x32 feet.


Semi-Weekly News, published Wednesday and Saturday, Gallatin, Tennessee.
Note: The communities were listed were often listed on the main page.

Wiley CANTRELL and family were summoned to Sangtown Tuesday by the death of Mr. GOSSETT, father of Mrs. CANTRELL.

The little daughter of Lige MARTIN is dangerously sick.

William AUSBROOKS and Miss Bettie CROWDER were united in marriage Sunday morning by Squire J. W. SIMPSON.

While passing PARMER'S saw mill one night last week Sid DORRIS discovered that it was on fire and succeeded in extinguishing the flames before any damage was done.

A large crowd from this place attended church at Station Camp Sunday.

Easter COLE and J. D. PARMER were up from Nashville last week.

Mrs. M. M. COCREHAM, of Bethpage, is visiting in Nashville.

Mrs. C. F. BAKER has been quite sick this week at her home on the Red River pike.

The Primitive Baptist foot washing at Sulphura last Sunday was largely attended.

Rev. P. D. GARDNER will preach on "Baptism" the third Sunday at Castalian Springs.

CLARK Chapter will meet in called meeting at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Business of Importance.

F. N. ANDERSON of Bethpage, this week shipped to W. B. WOOD, Harmony, Ga., the Jumbo jack "Dunk Tempest".

Dr. Thos. B. BROWN has rented the front office from the Commercial Club and will have his office over the People's National Bank.

Edgar READ, who has been in the steamboat business on the lower Cumberland for several months, returned home Saturday night to stay.

HOLDER & BROWN have fitted up nice office quarters in the hardware and implement house of T. D. HOLDER & Co. and have moved back to that place.

Bill BRACKEN, a colored section hand at South Tunnel, had his leg broken and the bone shattered Monday by a rock while in a fight with another negro.

Mrs. Ben REED, who has been visiting relatives at Number One, has returned to her home at Carthage. She was accompanied home by Miss Fannie THOMPSON.

While returning from the foot washing at Sulphura last Sunday E. BLACKMORE's buggy colited with another vehicle. The buggy was considerably damaged and the occupants shaken up but not injured.

Elder WHITE's meeting at Bush's Chapel is progressing nicely, there having been seven conversions this week. He will preach at his church here tomorrow morning and return to Bush's Chapel to preach tomorrow afternoon and night.

Dr. LANIER was in Gallatin Wednesday.

Dr. J. M. HOLLIS went to Gallatin Thursday.

R. D. MOORE was in Nashville yesterday on business.

Miss Temple LANE, of Luton, is visiting her sister at Dale, Ind.

Miss Mary DAVIS, of near New Roe, Ky., is visiting friends at Portland.

The merchants on this side report business a little dull this week.

Miss Maude PHELPS, of Stowers, Ky. is visiting G. D. FREEMAN and family at Luton.

The Parham and Luton sections are reported to have had a good rain Thursday night.

Miss Mallie LINK, of Parham, has gone to Dyer, West Tennessee, to spend several months.

Mrs. James RONEY, of near Fountain Head, who has been quite sick, is now reported much better.

Mrs. Mary LANE and Mrs. Lulu HARRIS, of Springfield, have been guests of relatives in the 15th district.

Mrs. Pearl ARTERBURN, of Springfield, is spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. WEBB, at Luton.

J. H. FULLER, who recently moved from the Luton community to Nashville, was in that section this week on business.

Spring chickens are coming to this market. Many of them weigh not over a half pound, but they bring good prices.

Miss Alma WRIGHT, teacher at Progress, is suffering from mumps and her school has had to suspend until her recovery.

The country about two miles west of Portland was visited by a good rain Thursday and in some portions a heavy hail fell.

Work has been resumed on the telephone line coming down the railroad and the workers have crossed the state line.

Rev. J. R. JONES, of Fountain Head, and W. T. McGLOTHLIN, of Portland, are attending the Methodist conference at Douglass Chapel.

The farmers are now about through planting their corn for the second time. There was more corn replanted this spring than ever before.

J. K. P.McGLOTHLIN, while spraying his fruit trees one day this week, had the misfortune to fall out of his wagon and break his collar bone.

Portland and our other railroad towns have been crowded this week with the "knights of the grip," no less than a half dozen stopping with us each day.

Tobacco planting will soon be the "order of the day" among the tobacco men, the plants growing rapidly in the beds and almost large enough to set out.

A large crowd will leave Portland this morning for Station Camp creek on a fishing trip. They will be joined by Prof. GILBERT's school of young ladies from Franklin.

An old grudge between G. J. DENNING and Jeff BORDERS culminated this week in a hand to hand fight between them at Nubia. DENNING was badly bruised in the melee.

A Mr. HOPKINS, an old and respected citizen of near Portland was attacked Thursday with hernia and is very sick. Dr. DOUGLASS has been sent for and will perform an operation.

While returning from Kentucky Saturday night to his home at Nubia Sam CLINE was held up by two robbers near Mt. Olive Church. Refusing to hold up his hands and deliver his money, he was fired on by the robbers, one bullet grazing his ear. CLINE drew his pistol and fired, putting the highway men to flight in one direction while he made hurried steps in another.

Mrs. Rodney DURHAM, of Bethpage, died at DOUGLASS infirmary in Nashville at 3 o'clock Thursday morning, her death resulting from a surgical operation for the removal of two tumors. The deceased was about 45 years old, and leaves a husband and four children, two boys and two girls. Her remains were interred yesterday at the West family burying ground, near Bethpage.

Dr. HOBDY and wife were in our town today. The doctor reports all sickness about under control.While here he vaccinated Barey BLACK so that she can at once enter the infirmary at Nashville.

Calvin GROVES made a business trip to Franklin Monday.

J. M. GRIFFIN was in Nashville Monday and Tuesday buying goods.

J. D. DENNING is all smiles over the arrival of a fine big boy Thursday.

A. G. SARVER was here Tuesday on business.

O. W. ANGLEA has just closed a large contract with Mr. EUBANKS to hall logs to his mill at Franklin, Ky.

Bro. HILL will preach here next Sunday.

Drs. BRENTLINGER and ST. CLAIR, of Vanderbilt University, are here to spend the summer.

Miss Lucy WHERRY of Hendersonville, has been visiting Misses MURRAY.

Misses Nellie and Maggie FRY spent a few days of last week with Misses Dora and Addie MITCHELL.

Mrs. John TERRY and Miss Bessie JONES have just returned after visiting friends at Castalian Springs.

Miss Mattie PENN, of St. Blaise, being at home for a short vacation, visited Miss Bessie JONES this week.

Our Club met at the home of Mr. Andrew DICKERSON on the evening of May 2nd. The attendance was very good and all present spent a very pleasant evening. Our Club will meet at the residence of Mr. William FRAZIER May 16. All are invited to attend.

Thomas CHENAULT and Miss Juanita MITCHENER will visit friends here next week.

The Shackle Island Lamb Club met here Saturday and decided to have wool day May 22.

Montgomery DUGGER was down from Bethpage this week.

Capt. CUNNINGHAM and Tom RALPH of Goodletsville, were here this week on business.

Mrs. L. ELIZER, of Copsy's Gap, was here Tuesday.

Dan DORRIS, of Mims, has gone to New Orleans.

Johnny MOON, of this place, was in Gallatin Tuesday.

In Chancery at Gallatin State of Tennessee, Office Clerk and Master Court Sumner County, April 30th, 1901. A. A. DeLONG, Complainant vs. A. W. GARRISON, et al Defendants. It appearing from affidavit filed in this cause that the defendant Arthur GARRISON is a non-resident of the State of Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served on him. It is therefore ordered that said Defendant enter his appearance herein before or within the first three dates of the next term of said court to be held on the first Monday in June next (1901) and plead answer, or demur to complainant's bill or the same will be taken for confessed as to him and set for hearing exparte, and that a copy of this order be published for four consecutive weeks in the Semi-Weekly News. Geo. W. BODDIE Clerk & Master. PARDUE & ALBRIGHT Sol's for complainant.

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