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Early Sumner County Marriage Records Through 1850
Grooms - Y

Compiled by Linda Carpenter
© 1998 - 2006

Source: Transcribed from copies of the original Sumner County marriage bonds & licenses.

Groom Bride Date Bondsmen
Yancy, Joel Davis, Celia 10 January 1837  
Yandel, William Sneed, Polly 2 December 1822 Ward, William
Yandell, William Heffington, Milley 23 January 1818 Trible, Abraham
Yandle, James P. Meador, Locky 25 September 1828   McGlothlin, William
Yandle, John Pitts, Judith 13 March 1809 Yandle, Wilson
Yarborough, William     King, Margaret 7 April 1825 Mayberry, Alexander
Young, Abraham Cavett, Peggy 9 January 1808 Roney, James Jr.
Young, Alphonso Roberson, Nancy 21 February 1829 Roberson, John
Young, Andrew Harris, Jane 29 December 1840 Morris, Walter B.
Young, Benjamin H. Took, Milly 9 June 1827 McKendrie, John A.
Young, Beverly Wright, Martha 6 February 1812 Bandy, Jamison & Fausk, Ordan
Young, Henry Humphreys, Sally T. 11 September 1817 Lauderdale, John W.
Young, Henry F. Riden, Mary T. 10 July 1841 Horsly, James M.
Young, John J. Childress, Martha Ann   28 August 1850 Phelps, William H.
Young, Joseph Hale, Elizabeth 6 March 1809 Moore, Robert
Young, Randolph G. Christa, Charlotta M. 6 September 1843 Trail, William B.
Young, Samuel George, Betsey 24 August 1813 Douglass, John
Young, William Patterson, Nancy 24 April 1813 Young, Samuel
Young, William Jourdan, Sarah 10 January 1845 Walker, William W.
Young, William D. Russell, Nancy 20 December 1839 Taylor, David
Yount, Peter Ailor, Ann Eliza 1 January 1836 Sadler, John
Youree, Francis M. Jones, Mary Ann 8 September 1834  
Youree, James R. Belote, Mary Ann 2 November 1833  
Yourie, Francis M. Hall, Mildred P. 25 February 1850 Hart, D.
Yourie, John N. Yourie, Emily A. 30 June 1842 Shaver, J. M.
Yourie, William B. Wilks, Delia 9 September 1848 Scott, F. S.

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