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Early Sumner County Marriage Records Through 1850
Grooms - I

Compiled by Linda Carpenter
© 1998 - 2006

Source: Transcribed from copies of the original Sumner County marriage bonds & licenses.

Groom Bride Date Bondsmen
Imes, John B. Little, Judy 12 April 1817 Vaughan, Richard & Clarkson, Joshua
Ing, Alfred Milton, Nancy 29 September 1830 Crabb, Knight
Ing, Alfred Barns, Selude 6 April 1844  
Ing, Joseph Armfield, Violet 6 November 1821 Barrott, David
Ing, Mathew Summers, Sarah 29 January 1827 Jackson, William
Ing, Matthew Pickering, Susannah   18 December 1812 Crump, Adam
Ingram, David Johnson, Polly 7 February 1825 Ward, William
Ingram, Marmaduke   McConnell, Peggy 24 July 1805 McConnell, Montgomery
Ingram, Timothy Dorris, Nancy 4 August 1828 Ingram, David
Inman, John Turpin, Eveline 21 December 1835  
Isaacks, James McAdams, Mima 17 May 1816 McAdam, William
Isham, Arthur Goodall, Eleanor D. 4 October 1831  
Israel, Benjamin Jacobs, Edy 26 June 1827 Ingram, David
Itson, James Higgason, Cecilia 27 February 1811 Crenshaw, Nathan
Ivy, Benjamin W. Bethany, Jane 23 September 1846   Austin, M. D.

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