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Early Sumner County Marriages
1870 - 1880
Grooms - V

Compiled by Linda Carpenter
© 2006

Source:  TSLA Microfilm, Sumner County Clerk Marriages:  Roll # 72

Groom Race Bride Race Date Solemnized By
 Vanarsdall, Chas. W.    Fresk, Mary   13 Feb 1879  Payne, W. S., JP
 Vance, B. F. w  Green, Malvina w 5 May 1875  Heermans, S., JP
 Vance, Rufus c  Saunders, Ellen c 24 Mar 1873  Vertrees, Peter, MG
 Vance, W. F.    Goff, Ann Eliza   8 May 1879  Head, Lee, JP
 Vanders, James c  Franklin, Lucy c 4 Jul 1871  
 Vardel, W. A. w  Sanders, Zerelda w 22 Nov 1874  Ellis, J. B., Rev.
 Vass, William c  Smith, Harriett c 20 May 1871  Bowers, G. K., MG
 Vaughan, George c  Bender, Fannie c 21 Jun 1871  Key, H. W., MG
 Vaughan, H. L.    Trigg, Lily   11 May 1880  Fitzgerald, O. H., MG
 Vaughan, James G. w  Harris, Jennie w 2 Jun 1870  Green, W. M., MG
 Vaughan, Lucelius c  Garrett, Sallie c 29 Jan 1876  Howell, H. S., MG
 Vaughan, Squire c  Gee, Fanny c 18 Jun 1870  Peyton, Caleb, MG
 Vaughan, William A. c  Wilson, Mary E. c 8 Feb 1876  Ferrell, B. F., MG
 Vaughan, Winford    English, Emma   20 Aug 1877  Bloodworth, H., MG
 Ventress, William T.    White, Sallie M.   5 Dec 1877  
 Vertrees, Peter c  Donnell, Mandia c 4 Jul 1872  
 Vertrees, Peter c  Head, Sarah c 5 Dec 1880  Hackney, Calvin M., MG
 Vertress, John    Brazzell, Addie Louisa   23 Sep 1880  Ashford, J. P., MG
 Vick, Henry G. w  Cooley, Julia w 24 Dec 1872  Green, W. M., MG
 Viles, John T. w  Wadkins, Lucy A. w 18 Aug 1874  Cummings, M., JP
 Vinson, Thomas S. w  Baker, Jennie E. w 24 Aug 1871  Boude, H. B., MG

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