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Early Sumner County Marriage Records Through 1850
Brides - Y

Compiled by Linda Carpenter
© 1998 - 2006

Source: Transcribed from copies of the original Sumner County marriage bonds & licenses.

Yagers, Sarah West, John 14 September 1839   West, Jesse
Yancey, Mary Franklin, John W. 17 October 1828
Yancy, Elizabeth G. Thompson, David 24 October 1833  
Yancy, Mary Thompson, Nicholas 4 January 1831  
Yandle, Polly Ward, William 6 February 1817 Yandle, Samuel
Yarborough, Cinthy Mays, Jackson 30 December 1834  
Yarborough, Mary Hunter, William 10 December 1827 Hunter, John
Yarbrough, Patsey Weathers, James 30 January 1827 Taylor, Jacob
Yarbrough, Rebecca   Byrns, Martin 30 November 1821 Mayberry, William
Yates, Nelly Freeman, Richard 10 March 1794 King, Richard
Yearnest, Pelina Wright, John M. 9 January 1845 Dinning, James H.
Yeates, Mary E. A. Revean, William 3 December 1846 Revean, Daniel
Yost, Sarah C. Roberts, B. R. 3 February 1841 Campbell, Samuel
Young, Betsey Underwood, Joseph 25 July 1806 Gowen, Amos
Young, Eliza Carr, Alanson G. 18 February 1834
Young, Elizabeth Trousdale, Jonathan 8 February 1818 Draper, Joshua
Young, Elizabeth Wilson, Montetion W.   11 November 1829 Young, A. F.
Young, Jinny Smith, James 27 January 1811 Fillingin, John, Mock, Mathias &
Shaver, Michael
Young, Margaret Neely, Robert 18 January 1805 Richardson, James
Young, Mary Baker, John 4 December 1812 Blythe, S.K.
Young, Mary Hale, Richard 12 March 1818 Humphrey, Charles L.
Young, Mary Thompson, John 30 August 1805 Caldwell, William
Young, Melissa Cage, Edward 27 December 1831 Cantrell, George G.
Young, Patsey Watts, James 11 April 1812 Smith, James
Young, Polly Ann Penner, M. J. 8 November 1857 Bratcher, William
Young, Susan A. White, Houston C. 1 July 1858 Maxey, C. J.
Youree, Mary Jones, Burnice B. 29 October 1834
Youree, Nancy Bentley, William 3 January 1825 Blakemore, Reuben M.
Youree, Susannah Hutchings, John 13 January 1806 Youree, Patrick
Yourie, Emily A. King, William P. 12 February 1848 King, N. H.
Yourie, Emily A. Yourie, John N. 30 June 1842 Shaver, J. M.
Yourie, Malinda Forister, Robert 13 October 1847 Jordan, Thomas J.

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