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Early Sumner County Marriages
1870 - 1880
Brides - Y

Compiled by Linda Carpenter
© 2006

Source:  TSLA Microfilm, Sumner County Clerk Marriages:  Roll # 72

Bride Race Groom Race Date Solemnized By
 Yarger, Sue T. w  Bates, S. B. w 11 Aug 1870  Not Legible
 Yates, Catharine w  Tribble, Abram H. w 3 Feb 1870  Hodges, M., MG
 Yates, E. J.    Henson, J. W.   19 Feb 1880  Denning, A. B., JP
 Yates, Mary    Carroll, C. H.   12 Apr 1879  
 Yates, Mary E.    Nokes, G. H.   26 Dec 1880  Head, Lee, JP
 York, Lucy R.    Mitchell, J. W.   16 Sep 1880  Jackson, J. B., MG
 Young, Callie w  Foster, James C. w 14 Dec 1876  Dorris, W. G., MG
 Young, Cornelia    Allread, George   20 Jun 1878  Hall, J., MG
 Young, Dilcy c  Halcum, Arter c 16 Apr 1880  Payne, W. S., JP
 Young, Dolly c  Anderson, Jas. c 3 Feb 1879  
 Young, Isabella w  Briley, S. H. w 14 May 1871  Worley, J. L., MG
 Young, Louisa c  Goodall, Stephen c 10 Dec 1873  Vertrees, Peter, MG
 Young, Maggie F.    Singleton, H. H.   29 Dec 1880  Harsh, P. W., MG
 Young, Martha Ann    Clendenning, Wm.   4 Dec 1879  Hackney, Calvin M., MG
 Young, Martha Ann    Wheirs, Charles   16 Sep 1880  Martin, P., MG
 Young, Mary c  Williams, Anderson c 28 Feb 1870  Brown, H., MG
 Young, Mollie G.    Jones, Henry T.   28 May 1879  Allison, A. A., MG
 Young, Patience c  Terry, Dave c 6 Jul 1876  
 Young, Tabitha c  Harrison, Geo. c 24 Jun 1875  Thompson, J. G., MG
 Youree, Annie S. w  Patterson, James Henderson w 30 Mar 1871  Boude, H. B., MG
 Youree, Celia c  Bridgewaters, Richard c 29 Mar 1879  
 Youree, Sallie    Hackett, Ben   21 Nov 1878  Merrett, E., MG (issued 28 Dec 1876)
 Yourie, Annie c  Howard, Gabriel c 29 Dec 1871  Not Legible
 Yourie, Emily    White, William   22 Dec 1871  Bryant, Wm., MG
 Yourie, F. H. w  Haynes, W. C. w 22 Sep 1871  Griffin, Geo. W., MG
 Yourie, Mary c  Smith, Samuel c 23 Oct 1875  Cowan, Alex, MG
 Yourie, Susan c  Young, Samuel c 6 Aug 1871  Peyton, Caleb, MG

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