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Early Sumner County Marriages
1850 - 1859
Brides - N

Compiled by Linda Carpenter and Jan Barnes
© 2006

Source:  TSLA Microfilm, Sumner County Clerk Marriages:  No. 302 & 303

Bride Groom Marriage Date Bondsman Comments
 Narva, Flora  Lewis, G. J. 2 Feb 1856  Narva, M.  
 Neal, Emely R.  Hatler, Calvin W. No date  Heath, Richmond R.  
 Neal, Mary Jane  Moore, William C. 13 Apr 1854    
 Neal, Susan  Montgomery, M. P. 2 Jul 1855    
 Neel, Martha Ann  Perdue, Thomas L. S. 2 Oct 1850  Dorris, Frances L.  
 Neeley, Catharine P.  Blakemore, Wesley 9 Nov 1852    
 Neely, Martha A.  Bennett, R. A. 20 Dec 1851  Duffey, P.  
 Neighbors, Mary  Morgan, Johnathan 9 Sep 1854  Moore, A. J.  
 Newman, Elizabeth  Brazier, Isaac 29 July 1851  Bruce, John  
 Night, Mary A.  Smart, John N. 25 Aug 1859  Hobdy, Lycurgus  
 Nimmo, Lucy J.  Colley, Seth 26 Dec 1859  Bugg, H. W.  
 Nimmo, Phebie Jane  Caudill, Bennett 1 Jan 1851  Chism, James W.  
 No Name Given*  Calgy, Daniel 13 Mar 1856    See Link
 No Name Listed  Shane, John (Jr.) No Date  Haggard, W. D. & Dunn, M.  
 Nolen, Parthenia E.  Wells, W. T. 29 Dec 1856  Baskerville, J. A.  
 Northam, Charlotte  Bowles, Zachariah 9 Sep 1856  Lovell, Wm. A.  
 Northam, Phebe J.  Johnson, Benjamin 7 Oct 1855    
 Nortin, Martha A.  Satterfield, Samuel T. 25 Nov 1856  Pitway, William T.  
 Norton, Mary  Jackson, David 23 Dec 1853  Jackson, Isham  
 Nowlen, Eliza  Pearson, James 8 Nov 1855    
 Nowlin, Rosanah J.  McGready, Dorrell D. 3 Nov 1859  Wells, W. T.  

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