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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter


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January 1951

Larry Wayne Hall was our first guest January 1, 1951, New Years Day, Good Luck for a  Man to come first on that day.

Traughber Hall moved Jan. 1, 1951 , moved to Tim Callaway's place.
Irby's family spent New Years eve with us Jan. 1 & 2nd 1951.
We had a good rain January 2 and night 1951.
*(blank, mj) moved in Wildmone house January 2, 1951.
We all went to Tommie Hesters for supper Wed. night January 3, 1951 and it was raining.
I went to see Aunt Cora Howell Jan. 5, 1951.
Irene and myself went to see Charlie and Greta Johnson January 6, 1951.

End of Diary

*What a legend to leave not only your family and loved ones but your neighbors and friends. My sister in law "Ann Jernigan Durrett" who lived close to Miss Mary contributed the following tribute to her friends and neighbors, the Links:

*I have had known Granville, Irene and Hugh Link all of my life.  Every thing you heard about them was good.  I never visited them until I married Ernest Durrett, son of Leslie and Cora Durrett, and moved near them at the age of seventeen, such joy to be at their house. They would meet you at the door with outstretched arms. From then on it was always "Aunt Mary, Rene and Jack."  Irene always called Aunt Mary "Miss A."  Miss A loved to piece quilts, so many tops she gave away.  She would sit close to a "potbelly" stove (in the winter time) in her little rocker without any arms. Her quilt pieces would be strewn all around her on the floor. I think her favorite one to piece was the old string quilt that you sewed on paper. There would be a catalog on the floor that she used to piece, and then when it was finished she had the floor covered around her with paper, you see the paper had to come off.

They lived in the "old house", as they called it, looking forward to building a new one. By this time I had a little boy (Milton) who loved to visit them and especially go in the front room.  They didn't use this room often, the front door was so heavy and thick with a big latch that kept it closed.  Some soldiers during the Civil War (so the story goes) stayed in that room. Granville would take Milton in that room and show him the door and tell him the story every time about the soldiers.  They lived near a "creek" and as the boys got a little older, who lived nearby, they would go swimming down at Granville's.  They named the swimming hole "Aunt Mary Hester's Swimming hole".  The kids all knew where it was.  At this time when you went someplace, you walked.  The nearest grocery store was about two or three miles away.  Sometimes they would walk to the store (Mr. John Armstrong's) out near 31 W Hwy.  Aunt Mary would make it to Mrs. Cora Howell's and there would wait for their return.  The only telephone was from Mr. Whitley's to Mrs. Howells (his sister).  Mrs. Howell lived there until she decided to move back to Red Boiling Springs in Jan. of 1952.  She lived on the farm that is now ours.  The old house is gone but on the same Corner where the house stood is "Bradley's Kountry Acres", owned by our daughter and son in law Mike and Cathy Bradley.

The Links did build their new house.  People who knew Irene knew that she was so tall that Granville had to  fix the stove (wood stove) upon bricks so she wouldn't have to bend so far. The best cook in the world!  Then after a few years Miss A was bed fast for several weeks and then for several more weeks she didn't know them or anything. I sat with her at times while she was so bad along with my two sister in laws and when she passed away they had the funeral in the front yard with Bro. Frank Jernigan.

They are all gone now, but the memory of Jack and Rene, Miss A and Hugh will always be with us.  I would wish that everyone could have had neighbors like me.


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