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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



(Page 85)

January 1950

Mr. Robert Wildmone was our first visitor, Good Luck for a man to come on New Years Day, Jan. 1, 1950.

January 1, it rained all day.
We had a good sermon preached by Brother Gregory.
Bob Wright died Jan. 4, 1950, age 71, Mail Carrier at Portland, Tenn.
Douglas Briley died January 3, 1950 age 84.
William F. Staggs died January 1950, age 57, he carried the mail at Portland, Tenn.
Rained the first day of January and rained off and on the whole month. 1950.
Dorris Jean Hester had her tonsils taken out January 6, 1950.
Dick Whitley's baby died January 5, age 10 months.
I went to see Dr. Henley January 18, 1950. I went with Louise and Verna Hester.
Hugh Link had his wisdom teeth pulled out January 21, 1950. Dr. Kelly did the work.
I spent the day with Aunt Cora Howell January 26, 1950.

(Page 86)

February 1950

Charlie Johnson and Aunt Dora came to see us Feb. 11, 1950.
I went to see Dr. Simonton Feb. 3, 1950.
John L. Lewis Birthday Feb. 12, age 70.
Uncle Pink White died Feb. 5, 1950 age 83.

I went to see Dr. Simonton Feb. 17, 1950, went on Friday and came home on home Sunday went to Irby's.

A notice from Jake Barber Feb. 28, 1950.
Johnnie Summers house burned down Feb. 26, 1950.

(Page 86)

March 1950

Nell Fleming and Maurice Link married March 3, 1950.
Aunt Dora Johnson went to the hospital March 25, 1950.
I spent the day with Aunt Cora Howell Monday, March 20, 1950.
Son Thompson
*(James O. Thompson, Jr.)mj and Loree Cole married March 21, 1950.

(Page 87)

April 1950

We went to see Aunt Dora Johnson, April 2nd, 1950, at Fountain Head Sanatorium *(hospital) mj Sunday Morning.

We went to see Irby and Harry's family April 2, 1950.
Thomas Arthur Covington died April 5, 1950 age 72.
Carrie Kelly Harrison died April 6, 1950.
Mrs. Nealy Mayes went to Fountain Head hospital April 16, and came back home April 24, 1950.

Verna Hester went to St. Thomas Hospital April 27, 1950.
Mr. Clyde Broadrick died April 5, 1950. Buried at the White House, Tenn.
Brought Aunt Dora Johnson home from Fountain Head hospital April 26, 1950.
I went to see Aunt Cora Howell April 30, 1950, Sunday.

(Page 88)

May 1950

Billie Elks and Evelyn From married May 5, 1950.
Verna Hester came home from St. Thomas Hospital, May 7, 1950 Sunday.
Hugh went to work at the Crating Factory May 3, 1950.
I went to see Dr. Simonton May 3, 1950.
Mrs. Broadrick and 2 of her Boys and their wives and baby came to see us Sunday.

May 7, 1950

June Wilkerson and his family came to see us May 7, 1950.
I went to see Harry and Irby's family May 11, 1970, came home the 14.
Jake Crittenden died May 11, 1950, age 61.
Hugh, Jack, Irene, Louise and myself all went to Gallatin, May 15, 1950.
Miss Coy the pension woman was here May 16, 1950.
Teachers at Clearview School are William G. Harris (Pa) and Julian Ann Boren.

(Page 89)

May 1950

I spent the day with Aunt Cora Howell and her sister and brother and Mr. Moss and his family, May 21, 1950.

Elmo Broadrick got hurt in a car wreck May 25, or 26, 1950.
Mr. Dudley Boyd died May 26, 1950, age 81.

Dr. Carl Caulcherfield died May 26, 1950 , age 58. One of my doctors while I was in St. Thomas Hospital.

I spent Sunday eve with Aunt Dora, Charlie and Greta , May 28, 1950
I went to see Dr. Simonton June 1, 1950.
It did not rain June 13th, 1950

(Page 89)

June 1950

Irene gave me a new bedspread June 1st, 1950, color Old Gold.
A notice from Jake Barber June 1, 1950.
Irby's family came by to see us June 4, 1950, Sunday.
Wilbur Starks made his 1st trip by here Tuesday morning June 6, 1950 with his truck.
June it rained some the 9 and 10 it rained a good rain.

(Page 90)

June 1950

Aunt Dora Johnson died June 18, 1950, age 91 years and 6 months. She was buried at her old Home place in Robertson County, Wilkerson and Wiseman buried her.

I went to see Harry's family and Irby's family June 22, 1950.
I went to see Dr. Simonton June 24, 1950.

(Page 90)

July 1950

Our Company Sunday July 1, 1950 was Charlie, Jannie and Bertha Stout, Russell Wilkerson and his wife Eunice, also Traughber Hall and his family.

Aunt Cora Howell and myself spent the day with Greta Johnson, July 7, 1950 and in the afternoon Mrs. Gill Scott and Shirley came to see Greta.

Aunt Cora Howell went to Red Boiling Springs July 10, 1950.
Henry Thomas Elk's died July 14, 1950 found dead in a field.

(Page 90)

July 1950

July 9, 1950, Hugh hurt his ankle Sunday.

(Page 91)

July 1950

Irby's family spent the day with us July 16, 1950, Sunday.
Hugh laid off from his work July 14, 1950. Out of lumber.
Mrs. Gill Scott and Shirley spent the day with us July 19, 1950. Shirley was 6 years old.

Harry, Belle and Dot Link spent Sunday with us July 23, 1950, Ike Baty brought them down here. *(Mr. Baty had a cab service at one time in Portland.)mj

Hugh went to work at Nashville, Tenn. July 25, 1950 on a Tuesday.
Ellen Hall and family went to Ohio July 28, 1950, they came home July 31.
They had Aunt Dora Johnson's sale July 29, 1950 Saturday evening.
I spent the day with Aunt Cora Howell July 31, 1950, and it rained hard.

(Page 92)

August 1950

I went to Portland Aug. 5, 1950, had a spell with my right eye.
Winford Lamberth's son preached at Pleasant Valley Church Aug. 6, 1950.

Roger and Emma Hester and 2 children and Sarah Arterburn came to see us Aug. 14. They came in from Detroit, Mich. Sunday Eve. the 13.

Roger and Emma and 2 children came to see us Thursday night and left Friday, went at 4 o'clock Aug. 17, 1950.

Alice Bowling and myself spent the day with Charlie and Greta Johnson, Aug. 22, 1950.
Me and Alice Bowling spent the day with Aunt Cora Howell Aug. 24, 1950.
I went to see Irby 's family Aug. 19, 1950.
Herman and Victor Link and their wives came to see us Aug. 16, 1950 and Clay came too.
Walter E. Hester died Aug. 16, 1950.

(Page 93)

September 1950

I went to see Harry's family Sept 1, 1950, came home Sept. 5.

Dr. Simonton died at 3 am Tuesday at Nashville General Hospital, where he was taken after suffering a heart attack, Friday, died Tuesday Sept 5, 1950 age 57.

Bertha Johnson Alley and her family came to see us Sept 13, 1950, from Nashville, Tenn.
Irby Hester and family came to see us Sunday night and ate supper with us. Elizabeth's Birthday, Sept 17, 1950.

Lovie Hester had a Birthday Sept. 17, 1950.
Mrs. Ezma Cold Lambert died Sept 17, 1950.
I went to see Zoe Briley, Alice Bowling and Verna Hester, Sept 18, 1950.
Mr. John Hicks died Sept 21, 1950, age 78. He was one armed.

I went to see Arthur and Geneva Warren, Sept 24, 1950 and I went to see Charlie and May Wilkinson Monday Eve., Sept 25, 1950

Henry Ford's widow died Sept 28, 1950, the car man.
A notice from Jake Barber Sept 1950.

(Page 94)

September 1950

Mr. James W. Hester died Sept 29, 1926, he has been dead 24 years today Sept 29, 1950.

(Page 94)

October 1950

Mack and Bessie Patton came to see us Oct. 1 ,1950 on Sunday Eve.
Mr. Gill Scott and his granddaughter Shirley came Sunday eve Oct. 1, 1950.

Tommie Hester and Verna spent Sunday with us Oct. 8, 1950 and in the afternoon Bennie and Louise Griffin came.

Bill Brinkley came to see us Oct 14, 1950.
Mrs. Clyde Broadrick Birthday Oct. 15,1950.

Mr. Sam Alex Schoat (Choate) died Oct 16, 1950 age*(Illegible, mj) Daisy Link's father died in Nashville.

Lee and Myrtle Smith came Sunday 15, 1950.
Mrs. Laura Sanders fell and broke her hip Oct. 22, 1950 on Sunday Morning.
Irby and his family ate supper with us Sunday night Oct. 22, 1950.
Charlie and Greta Johnson came a while Oct. 22, 1950.

(Page 95)

Oct. 1950

Jim T. Johnson died Oct 23, 1950 age 77. He was buried at Mount Olive Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.

I went to see Dr. Roy Hendley Oct 23, 1950, when I got home I got word my brother was dead, then I went to Nashville, Oct. 23, 1950.

Granville, Irene, Hugh, Harry and Irby came the next day to the Funeral at Marshall's Funeral Home.

Aunt Cora Howell and her Brother Wiseman spent the day with us Oct. 27, 1950.
Irene and myself spent the day with Verna Hester Oct. 26, 1950.
Bertha and her family came up Oct 26, 1950.
Lillie Crossley, her daughter and the daughter's mother in law spent the day with us Oct. 31, 1950.

Mr. Wildmone ate dinner with us Oct 29, 1950.
Blonnie and Nannie Linson , Woodrow and his family came Oct 29, 1950.
Gave Billie and Evelyn Elks a shower Oct. 1950.
Elmo Cole died Oct 1950, buried at the White House.
Virgil Johnson's telephone no is Shelby Ave. 5-8665, Nashville, Tenn.

(Page 96)

November 1950

We had a little snow Nov. 4, 1950 and rain.
A killing frost Nov 4 night, sure got the elephant ears.

Horace Covington died Nov. 5, 1950, Jabe Summers son in law. *(This is Melvin Covington's father and his wife's name was Mamie Ruth Summers Covington)mj

Watt Hardison's wife die Nov. 1950, lived in Portland.
Oren Wilkerson and Nell Groves married Nov 14, 1950.
Mrs. Alice Bowling came to see us Nov. 6, 1950 and went home Nov. 9, 1950.
Effie Payne's baby boy born Nov. 16, 1950. (Col)
We all spent the day with Irby's family Nov. 12, 1950 and in the evening went to see Harry's family.

We all went to Ernest Bowling's Thursday night for an Oyster supper Nov. 16,1950.

(Page 96)

November 1950

Tommie, Verna Hester, Bennie and Louise Griffin ate supper with us Nov. 18, 1950, a fish fry and my Birthday age 78.

Sunday the 19 of Nov. 1950, Irby and his 3 children and Harry and his family ate dinner with us another Birthday Dinner.

(Page 97)

November 1950

Traughber Hall killed his hogs Nov. 23, 1950, Thanksgiving Day that night turned cold. And that night froze everything.

Mr. Doris killed his hogs Nov. 23, 1950.
Sallie Harden Hunter died Nov. 28, 1950 age 53.
Tom Harper died Nov. 28, 1950.
A notice from Mr. Barber Nov. 30, 1950.

(Page 97)

December 1950

Russell went to camp Dec. 4, 1950.
Granville killed his hogs Dec. 9, 1950 killed five.
Mrs. Nannie Boyd died Dec. 10, 1950, Dudley Boyd's wife.
We all went to Portland the first time Dec. 13, 1950.
Hugh's notice came the 13, 1950 to be examined Dec. 19, 1950.
Mrs. Delia Empson died Dec. 20, 1950.

(Page 98)

December 1950

Mr. James Edgar Denning died Dec. 1950 age 73.
We all went to Portland Dec. 22 1950. "second time"
Tarp Wilkerson died Dec. 26, 1950, buried at the White House, Tenn. age 78.

We had a Christmas dinner Dec. 25, 1950, all of my boys and their family were at home, Tommie, Verna Hester , Louise and Bennie Griffin and Alice Bowling was here.

Hugh got his pass Dec 27 for camp 1950.
Preacher Davis came to see us Dec. 28, 1950.
Russell came home from camp for Christmas, went back Christmas Night Dec. 25, 1950.
Ellis Lee Brooks died Dec. 27, 1950 age 82, a brother to Charlie and Cullen Brooks.
Russell Briley came in home December 30, 1950, the second time from camp.

Our family , Harry's family, Bennie and Louise Griffin and Lovie Hester went to Irby's Sunday for dinner Dec. 31. 1950

Clay Link spent the day with us Dec. 26, 1950.


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