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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter


(Page 71)

January 1949

Our New Year company was Eddie Lee Payne (Col) 1949, good luck for a man.

Grandville's family spent Sunday with Harry's family January 2, ate dinner with Harry and after dinner went to Irby's for supper Sunday night 1949.

Mr. and Mrs. Traughber Hall and son and Mr. and Mrs. Nealy Mayes came to see us Jan. 1, 1949.

Sunday Jan 2, rained all day the 1st Sunday.
Tuesday January 4 rained all day and night 1949. Waters high.

Wednesday Jan. 5, 1949, Fred Miles truck fell through the Bridge at Aunt Dora Johnson, was a heavy loss for Fred.

Charlie Johnson made his 1st trip with Elks truck Jan. 3, 1949.
Mrs. Alice Bowling came to see us Jan. 9, 1949 and she went home Jan. 15.
Mr. Allison Searcy died Jan. 1949.
Walter Oldmond (Col) died Jan. 13,1949.
Claude Bowling's body buried Jan. 15, 1949.
Hallie and Ercy Roney came to see us Jan. 23, 1949.

(Page 72)

January 1949

Irby's family came to see us January 23, 1949.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Suttle, Jr. on January 24, 1949, at Fountain Head, Tenn. Sanitarium, Twin daughters named Kathy and Betty Lynn. *(The second twin was named Patsy, they are the same age as my daughter and went school and graduated together, very pretty girls.)mj

The first snow fell January 29, 1949, pretty Cold.
Dot Link came to see us Jan. 30, 1949.
Bert Wallace died Jan. 31, 1949, William Herbert "Bert" chief of Police of Gallatin , Tenn. for 37 years.

(Page 72)

February 1949

The ground hog saw his shadow Feb. 2, 1949.
John T. Griffin died Feb. 3, 1949, age 63, Chief of Police, Nashville, Tenn.
Dot Link went home Feb. 6, 1949.
Fred McCreary and his wife spent Sunday with us Feb. 6, 1949.
Ercey Wilkinson Nellinston married the second time Feb. 18, 1949, she married Mr. Lanson.
Cres. Hill Cemetery White House, Tennessee
Arthur Warren and Geneva W. spent the day with us Feb. 20, 1949.

(Page 73)

February 1949

Bud Walker died Feb. 29, 1949.
Edd Link married some time in Feb. 1949 and his wife left him in March.

(Page 73)

March 1949

I went to see T. W. and Lizzie Briley March 9 and came home March 12, 1949.

(Page 73)

March 1949

I went to see Charlie Johnson's family March 20, 1949.
Ava Link and Hix married March 1949.
A notice from Mr. Barber March 1949.
Leona Wise Druinwright came to see us, March 11, 1949.
Bernard Spurlock's birthday March 17, 1949

(Page 73)

April 1949

Mr. Bub Barber died April 7, 1949 Jake Barber's father, Undertaker.

Sgt. Cordell Meadow's body bought home April 7, 1949, was killed in action in France Sept.12, 1944, age 24.

Mrs. Alice Bowling and Louise came to see us April 14, and went home the 15, 1949.
Harry's family came to see us April 17, 1949.
Easter Sunday Dot spent the week with us.

(Page 74)

April 1949

Annie Lee Shaw and her daughter Lottie came to see us April 17, 1949, Easter Sunday in the afternoon, glad to see them.

Carl Scott had a wreck Saturday night April 16, on 31 W run in lumber truck.
James and Bobby Hester had the mumps in April, 1949.
We had a killing frost April 18, 1949.
Joe and Zoe Briley came to see us April 10, 1949.
Margaret Armstrong and Jimmie Sheucraft Married April 17, 1949.
Mrs. Alice B., Nola, Elizabeth Johnson and 2 little girls came to see us April 21, 1949.
Albert Miller died April 1949.
Dot Link went home April 24, 1949.
Russell Mayes and wife came to see us April 24, 1949.
I went to Aunt Cora Howell's a little while Sunday January April 24, 1949.
Ernest and Beulah Bowling came a while Sunday night April 26, 1949.
Fred McCreary went to Red Boiling Spring, April 15, 1949.
Dock Benton Jones died April 27, 1949 age 51.

(Page 75)

May 1949

Irby and family spent Sunday with us, May 1, 1949.
Willie Gray Scott and Dean came by May 1, 1949.
It rained Sunday May 1, 1949.
Our family went to see Ernest Bowling's family Sunday night May 2, 1949 had a nice time.
Mrs. Lillie Durham died May 3, 1949, age 77, wife of T. T. Durham of Gallatin, Tenn.
Bluford Searcy died May 8, 1949, a son of Dick Searcy.
Sam Poole's stock barn burned down may 9, 1949. Jabie Summers lost his horse in the fire.
Alice Bowling came to see us May 8, 1949.
Velma Armstrong got hurt in a motor cycle accident May 9, 1949.
Lee Summers went to the Springfield, Tenn. May 1949.

(Page 75)

May 1949

Ben Carter died May 27, 1949 age 65 years, Annie Baldridge husband.
Eddie Payne got his new car May 28, 1949. (Col)
I went to Harry's May 12, 1949.
I went to Irby's May 15, 1949.

(Page 76)

May 1949

George Lawrence Cole died of shotgun wounds May 16, 1949 age 24.
I came from Harry's to Irby's May 4, 1949 and came home Sunday 22, 1949.
I went to Aunt Dora Johnson, May 29, 1949 and came home the 31, 1949.

(Page 76)

June 1949

Carneal Whitley and Gean Reed married June 28, 1949.
Cleaned the Jake Link grave yard June 4, 1949.
A notice from Jake Barbers June 1, 1949.
Irene and myself went to see Frances Strain June the 5, 1949.
Lee and Myrtle Smith came to see us June 5, 1949.
I went to see Ernest Bowling 's family June 23, 1949.

I went to see Tommie Hester's family June 22, 1949, back to Tommies then went to see Joe and Zoe Briley's family June 25, 1949.

Then I went to see William E. Hester's grave at the White House, come home the 25th.

(Page 77)

July 1949

Dr. Henley came to see me July 11, 1949. I had high blood pressure, Kidney trouble and throat trouble to, so the Dr. told me to stay in bed 19 days and I did. I got lots of pretty flowers and 15 cards and lots of company.

Henry Summers died July 15, 1949, he was a brother to Jake Summers.
Nellie Scott married July 16, 1949.
Aunt Cora Howell and Nellie Thompson came to see us, July 20, 1949.
Irene had a sick July 20, 1949.
Richard "Dick" Brinkley died July 19, 1949.
Frances Strain stayed with me while Irene went to Portland to see a Dr. 1949.
Dr. Henley came to see me July 28, 1949.

Jimmie Whitley died July 30, 1949, age 17 years, died at Vanderbilt Hospital, buried at Portland, Tenn. Maple Hill Cemetery.

Our family went up to Mrs. Whitley Sunday Morning.

(Page 78)

August 1949

Charlie Summers died Aug. 13, 1949, Jake Summers' brother.
Henry Rogers went to the Madison Hospital Aug. 11, 1949.
Mary Lee Lane's little baby went to the Vanderbilt Hospital Aug. 12, 1949.
Loys Crittenden and Kirkpatrick married Aug. 14, 1949.
I spent the day with Aunt Cora Howell and her brother and sister, Aug. 18. 1949.
Nadine Meadow died Aug. 19, 1949.
Alvin Cole's daughter buried at Portland, Tennessee.

(Page 78)

August 1949

Howard West's wife died Aug. 22, 1949, Stella Pitts brother's wife.
Mrs. Alice Bowling went home Aug. 31, 1949.

Aunt Cora Howell had a sick spell Aug. 23, 1949. I spent 2 days and nights with her, then later I went back up there and spent 3 days and 2 nights with Cora Aug. 29, 30, and 31, 1949.

Aunt Cora Durrett came to see us Aug. 6, 1949. *(my mother and she didn't live too far away.)mj

Our family went and spent the day with Mrs. Alice Bowling's family Aug. 7, 1949, we had a good time.

Ercy Wilkerson Lawson came up to see us all Sunday Aug. 7, 1949. She lives in Gainesboro, Tenn. First time she had been in here in 9 years. Lawson is her second man and Nelliston the first man.

Alice Bowling and me sent the day with Aunt Dora Johnson Aug. 1949.

(Page 79)

September 1949

No rain the 1st day of Sept. 1949.
Mr. Tom Lynch died Sept. 8, 1949 age 68, Lula Armstrong's father.

Aunt Dora Johnson and my self spent Saturday night and Sunday with her Sister Bettie Matherson, Sept 11, 1949.

Dr. Henley came to see Aunt Cora Howell Wed. 14, 1949.
Henry Rogers came home from the Madison Hospital Sept. 16, 1949.
Irby's family spent Sunday with us Sept 18, 1949.

Mary, Irene and Ellen Hall went to see Henry Rogers, Tom Briley, Ann Durrett. *(my brothers wife)mj and Cora Howell Sept 20, 1949.

Louise, Verna, Irene and myself went to Franklin, Ky. Monday Sept.26, 1949.
Verna had 7 teeth pulled, Kelly did the work.

(Page 80)

October 1949

Mrs. Gill Scott spent Thursday with us Oct. 1st, 1949.
Mrs. Lillie Crossley and her daughter Mary Grace and 2 grand children came to see us .

Oct. 1st, 1949

Mr. Wingerburg and his nephew spent the night with us Oct. 1, 1949 , went to their home Sunday morning, lived in Detroit, Mich.

Sunday morning Oct 2, 1949, Arthur and Geneva Warren spent the day with us.
Sunday night Ernest and Beulah and Alice Bowling came , Alice stayed until Thursday Oct. 6, 1949.
Alice Bowling spent Tuesday with Cora Howell.
Norman Wilkinson and Merie Hunter married Aug. 1, 1949.
Lillie Crossley went to Mae Wilkinson's Sat. eve Oct. 8, 1949.

Homer Glenn Pitt died Oct. 4, 1949, son of Jim M. and Lovie Hagan Pitt, Buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, Tenn.

I went to see Joe and Zoe Briley Oct. 13, 1949.
I went to see Ernest Bowling's family Oct. 14, 1949.
I went to Tommie Hester Oct. 15, 1949 and we went to the White House, Tenn.

(Page 81)

October 1949

I came home Sunday morning Oct. 16, 1949 and in the eve. I went to see Aunt Dora Johnson in the afternoon and her sister was there Bettie Matherson.

Irby's family ate supper with us Sunday night and Irene went home with them.
Big Walt Wilkerson's wife died Oct 16, 1949, buried at the White House, Lula.
I spent the day with Aunt Cora Howell Oct. 18, 1949.
Louise McGlothlin and Bennie Griffin married Oct. 22, 1949.
Roger and Emma Hester came to see us Oct 23, 1949, they went to Sarah's Tuesday 25, 1949.
Roger and Emma , Irene and myself spent the day with Irby's family Oct 24, 1949.
Henry Rogers died Oct. 24, 1949 age 69.

(Page 82)

November 1949

Roger and Emma spent Wed. night with us Nov. 2, 1949.

Louise and Bennie Griffin, Tommie and Verna Hester ate supper with us Wed. night 1949, Roger and Emma too.

Roger and Emma left home in Detroit, Nov. 4, 1949.
Irby and his family ate supper with us Wed. night and stayed until bedtime Nov. 2, 1949.
Mr. Bill Goodman died Nov. 2, 1949. Buried at the Jake Link grave yard.
Annie Mae Baldridge died Nov. 5, 1949.
Granville and Irene spent the day with Harry's family Nov. 6, 1949.
I came to Harry's Nov. 6, 1949.
I went to see Lorena Cruthers Nov. 9, 1949.

The Undertaker at Portland died. Walter G. Wilkerson died Nov. 9, 1949 age 73. *(Part owner in Wilkerson and Wiseman Funeral Home.)mj

I left Harry's and went to Irby's Sunday night Nov. 13, 1949. Harry gave me a dinner Nov. 12.

I had a dinner at Irby's Nov. 18, 1949, I was 77 years old. Belle and Dot came to see us that day in the eve.

Clarence Griffin and Mabe Greenarck married Dec. 31, 1949.
I came home from Portland Nov 19, 1949.
Granville gave a birthday dinner too.

(Page 83)

November 1949

I went to see Sallie Covington Monday eve Nov. 14, 1949.
I went to see Mr. and Mrs. Whitley's family No. 15, 1949.
Sue Broadrick and Grover Dittinghan married Nov. 4, 1949.
Traughber Hall killed his hogs Nov. 22, 1949.

Mrs. Cassleton S. Hadley and Vice president Alben N. Bartley were married Nov. 18, 1949, her age 38 and the presidents 72, his birthday Thanksgiving Day.

It rained all day on Thanksgiving Day 1949.
Esq. Tom Briley
*(T. W.)mj died Nov. 29, 1949 age 76. He was County Survey.
Clay spent Sunday with us Nov. 27, 1949.
Jake Barber another dun Nov. 29, 1949.

(Page 83)

November 1949

I went to see Charlie Johnson's family Nov. 31, 1949.

(Page 84)

December 1949

We went to see Doris Jean Hester and Bevi a while Dec. 18, 1949.
Our family went Christmas Shopping at Portland Dec. 21,1949. Clay Link carried us.
Christmas Day, Irby's, Harry's and Tommie and Bennie's family ate dinner with us.

Martha Elizabeth Jones came that night 1949, Dec. 25, 1949.
Clay spent the day with us Dec. 26, 1949.

Monday , my brother Virgil Johnson and his family came and stayed 3 or 4 hours with us, Dec. 26, 1949.

Clarence Griffin and Mabre Greenarck married Dec. 31.
Monday we all went to Tommie Hester's for a supper and a Christmas Tree Dec. 26, 1949.

We went to Irby's Friday Morning but they did not take Doris tonsils out. Dec. 30. We ate dinner at Ernest Bowling, Jack and Irene and Hugh went to Gallatin and on our way home we stopped to see Aunt Dora Johnson.

Hugh went to Ill. Dec. 27, 1949.
He got back home 29, had a good time.
Blonnie and Nannie Linson spent the day with us Dec.31, 1949.
Hugh had his car fixed up Dec. 30, 31 Nelson did it.
Mrs. Summers, Laura Goodman hurt Dec. 1949.
Mr. Will Staggs died Dec. 1949, mail carrier age 57 at Portland , Tenn.


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