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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



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January 1944

Jimmie Whitley was over, 1st guest on New Years Day, Jan.1, 1944. Good Luck for a man to come.

Rained all day Sunday and Monday, rained Tues and Wed. Jan. 1944.
Donald Groves buried at Jake Link grave yard Jan. 5th, 1944.
Aunt Julia Hester died Jan. 7, 1944.
John Greer moved to Aaron Jernigan's place Jan. 6, 1944.
Montris Fisher in on the corner Jan. 6, 1944.
The Robertson children moved from Aaron Jernigan's house Jan. 4, 1944.
Tommie Hester, Verna and W. E. Hester spent the day with us Jan. 7, 1944.
Henry Rogers spent Sunday eve with us Jan. 7, 1944.
Lillie Brinkley died Jan. 8, 1944, Bud Brinkley's wife.
Eliott Greer got hurt at Portland Crate Factory Jan. 11, 1944.
Irby Hester and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with us, Ice and Snow on the ground Jan. 15, 1944.

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January 1944

Louise and Ewell McGlothlin spent the day with us Jan. 16, 1944.
Irby hung his meat Jan. 15, 1944.
Charlie Hester died Jan. 16, 1944, buried at Hall Town.
William Edward Hester left for camp January 13, 1944.
Charlie Johnson came in to see his mother Dora Johnson Jan. 1944.
Frank Wilkerson died Jan. 25, 1944, age 76. (suicide)

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February 1944

Richard Whitley left for camp. He thinks he has to go across Feb. 5, 1944.
Elmo Broadrick left for camp Feb. 5, 1944.
I went to see Harry's family Feb. 6, 1944.
Leona Link died Feb. 8, 1944, buried at White House. Tenn.
Stark Searcy died Feb. 13, 1944.
Irby's family spent Saturday and Sunday with us, Feb. 20, 1944.

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February 1944

Vernon Link and Lillian spent Sunday with us Feb. 20, 1944.
Mrs. Alice Bowling and Beulah B. spent the day with us Feb. 20, 1944. Irene's birthday.
Walter McCormack was killed by a train at Portland, Tenn. Feb. 20, 1944, age 74, and his dog got killed, two old Buggars.

Sam Bo Gregory's baby died Feb. 18, 1944.
Ben Gregory died Feb. 18, 1944, age 74.
Edd Brinkley's baby died Feb. 28, 1944.
Another Assement from J. C. Barber, Feb. 29, 1944.

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March 1944

Murry Griffin and Ida Belle Wallace married Saturday night March 4, 1944.

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March 1944

Anderson Cook died March 8, 1944.
Carl Stricklin got in trouble March 5, 1944.
Gerald Wilkerson passed for the army March 7, 1944.
Irby's family spent March the 12 1944 with us.

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March 1944

Robert Johnson and Family and Joan Hester spent Sunday eve with us March 12, 1944.
I spent the night with Aunt Dora Johnson March 11, 1944.
Vernon and Lillian Link spent the night with us, March 14, 1944.
Carried Granville's tobacco off March 15, 1944.

Nettie Johnson died March 21, 1944, She was R. A. Johnson's wife died in Columbia , SC brought her to Nashville and buried her at Spring Hill, Tenn.

Granville, Irene, Vernon and Lillian Link went to Nashville, March 20, 1944 and got Hugh and Janie Ruth a watch.

Our family spent the day with Harry's family March 26, 1944.
I went home with Irby's family March 26, 1944, came home April 2, 1944.
Mr. John Summers died March 27, 1944, age 80, 10 months and a few days.
I went to see Dr. Simonton March 30, 1944.
Lt. Laverine Link and Irene Groves married March 25, 1944, Hols Link's son.

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April 1944

Macy Link and Maude parted April 7, 1944.
All of Alice Bowling's children spent Easter Sunday with her April 9, 1944.
Hugh went to see Dr. Hirsh at the White House April 8, 1944.
Granville had the lights put in April 1, 1944.
Tommie Hester, Verna and Nola Johnson spent the day with us April 14, 1944.

Ethelene Wilkerson and girls spent Sat. night with us April 29, 1944, and Jessie Wilkerson, Andy and Betsy Moore spent Sunday with us April 30, 1944.

Irby Hester and his family ate supper with us April 29, 1944.
Macy Link and Maude remarried April 30, 1944.
Hugh got his Radio April 25, 1944.

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May 1944

The last rain we had was the 5 day of May 1944.
Earnest Bowling got hurt May 6, 1944 at Knoxville, Tenn. Friday night.
I went to see Jessie Wilkerson's family May 3, 1944.
Hal Armstrong and Elmer Lynch started their truck May 23, 1944 on Tuesday.
*(Peddle Truck) mj

Hugh made his first money hired out to Mrs. Aaron Jernigan, May 6, 1944.
Lou Vellan Shaw died May 10, 1944, age 70.
Buster Greer came in home from Camp May 16, 1944.
Erwin Briley came home Friday morning May 26, 1944.
Granville and Irene went to see Irby's family at Portland, Tenn. Sat. May 27,1944 came home Sunday.

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May 1944

Hugh went to Tommie Hester May 28, 1944.
Earnest Bowling's mule died May 20, 1944.
Willie Walker and Ola Jones married May 30, 1944.
Hugh G. Link taken the Whooping cough May 30, 1944.

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June 1944

Hugh went to Franklin, Ky. With Vernon Link June 2 ,1944.
Mrs. Walker the Case Worker came June 1, 1944.
The Invasion started June 6, 1944.
Rev. Warren W. Payne died June 2, 1944, age 75, a brother of Dick Payne.
Glenn Broadrick left for camp June 8, 1944.
J. W. Hale left for camp June 8, 1944.
Irene went to see Earnest and Fred June 8, 1944.
Charlie Harper preached over the Radio at Bowling Green, KY, June 9, 1944. He is one of Marshell Harpers Boys. He had ten boys.

Tommie Hester, Verna William and Lovie Hester, Louise and Ewell McGlothlin and Dorothy Fleming spent Sat. with us June 3, 1944, after dinner they went to clean off the Jake Link grave yard.

Irby spent the day with us June 10, 1944.

Hugh went to see William E. Hester Sat. June 10, 1944. W. E. left Monday back to camp go to stay home ten days.

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June 1944

Erwin Briley came home from over seas May 26, 1944.
Erwin Briley and Lucille Tate married June 10, 1944.
Erwin Briley left out for North Carolina June 15, 1944.
Erwin Briley came to Nashville June 23, 1944, working in Hayes Hospital.
Louise and Ewell spent Sunday June 11 with us.
William E. Hester left out for Camp June 12, 1944.
We had a light rain June 12, 1944.
Mrs. Laura Donoho died June 12, 1944 age 59, Dr. Donoho's wife.
Joel Greer went to Tullahoma Wed. Morning to be examined for the war June 14, 1944.
Ewell McGlothlin went to Tullahoma, Tenn. to take examination for the War. June 14, 1944.
Earl Summers and Sue Link married June 13, 1944, Delbert Link's girl.
Mattie Lamberth died June 13, 1944.
Sis Biggs died June 16, 1944, daughter of Mr. Wiley Biggs.

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June 1944

Guy Henderson died June 21, 1944 killed in Action in the War.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Whitley went to see Cora Duffer June 30, 1944, came home July 2, 1944.
Irene and Dorothy Whitley went to Franklin KY, June 21, 1944.
Esq. George Brinkley died June 19, 1944 age 82 He lived at White House, Tenn.

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June 1944

Beve Rodgers got hurt at Portland Ice Plant June 25, 1944.
Willie Martin died June 1944, a brother of Lela Culbreath.
J. T. Link moved to Macy Link's place June 28, 1944.

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July 1944

Tommie and Verna Hester spent the day with us and Hugh went home with them. July1, 1944.
Aunt Cora Howell and Irene went to Bowling Green July 8, came back the 9 1944.
Mr. Jim Kirby died July 8, 1944 age 83.
Clay Link came to see us July 9, 1944.
Emma Griffin and Jimmie Williams married July 13, 1944.
We had a good rain July 19, 1944.
Ewell McGlothlin got hurt, a horse ran away with him, hurt his knee, July 18, 1944.

Ernest Durrett and Ann Jernigan married July 22, 1944. *(Ernest is my brother and the son of Leslie and Cora Durrett and Ann is the daughter of Rube and Mittie Jernigan. mj)

Ewin Pitt died July 23, 1944.
A Sale at Harvey Cook's July 29, 1944, Irby and family came and went to the sale.
Charlie Johnson's family came in July 19, 1944.

Henry Clifton Simmons and Elizabeth Brown Thompson married July 24, 1944. *(Elizabeth was also a school mate of mine at Portland High School. mj)

Pvt. Harris Lee Short killed July 15, 1944, in France.

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August 1944

I went to see Harry's family Aug. 3, 1944.
I went to see J. T. Link Aug. 6, 1944.
Dot Link came home with me Aug. 6, 1944.
Mrs. Pearl Fulkes died Aug. 8, 1944 Age 71.

Dot went home Aug. 11, 1944, Dot and myself went to Brooks Link Aug. 10, 1944, we came by the Tom Link grave yard in the evening.

Doris Jean Hester had a sick spell Aug. 30, 1944.
I went to see Irby's family Aug. 24, 1944.
The Link reunion was Aug. 20, 1944.

Vernon Briley and Family and Mrs. Lizzie Briley. *(Mrs. T. W., mj) came to see us Aug. 20, 1944.
Aunt Cora Howell, Irene and myself went to J. E Armstrong store Ag. 21, 1944, Rained on us, ha.

Irby's family and Harry's family spent Sunday with us Aug. 27, 1944.
Tom Link and Ruth Meadows married Aug. 1944.
Ewell McGlothlin left for camp Aug. 2, 1944.
Joel E. Greer left for Camp Aug. 2, 1944.

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September 1944

Lyle Link died Sept 1944 age 40.

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September 1944

Aunt Cora Howell went to Red Boiling Springs Sat. Sept. 2, 1944. * (Red Boiling Springs was noted as a resort in Macon County, TN.  Many people went there to take advantage of the mineral springs.mj)

Leroy Whitley and Pauline Link married Sept 1, 1944 , Moore Link's girl.
Lois Link and Odie Thompson married Sept 2, 1944, Delbert Links girl.
Douglas Briley's wife died Sept 13, 1944.
Louise and Ethel McGlothlin went to see Ewell Sept. 14, 1944.
Granville and Irene went to the Grand Ole Opery Sept 16, 1944.
A notice from W. C. Barber Aug. 30, 1944.

Irby's family spent Sat. night with us and than they went and spent the day with Tommie Hester' family, Granville family went with them Sept. 24, 1944.

Ewen Luther Link died Sept 27, 1944.
Joe Greer came home from camp. Sept 29, 1944.
Cylas Briley moved to his old home Sept 30, 1944.
Emma Hester Birthday Sept 17, 1944.
Roger Hester Birthday March 18.1944.

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October 1944

Joe Greer went back to camp Oct. 11, 1944.
Windell L. Wilkie died Oct. 8, 1944.
Al Smith died Oct. 3, 1944.

Davis Johnson died Oct. 8, 1944. * (This is "Pa" Johnson to all of us, he is the grandfather of my husband and father of Luther Johnson, my husband was in the service at the time of his death. His wife was "Ma" Merica D. Short Johnson. mj)

Frank Griffin died Oct. 11, 1944, age 57.
I went to Harrys Oct. 4, 1944.
George Durham went to the Pen. 1944.
Thom. Carl Strickland went to the Pen Oct. 12, 1944.
Herman J. Moore and Jean Perkins married Oct. 6, 1944.

Belle went to see Hassie Oct. 4, 1944 and came home the 12, I stayed with Harry and Dot I came home the 13.

Doris Jean's birthday Oct. 13, 1944, we gave her a little dinner, Oct. 15, 1944.
Marvin and Ethel McGlothlin went to camp to see Ewell Oct. 15, 1944.
My brother Virgil Johnson's wife died Oct. 24, 1944, she was Lillian Humbritch.
Dee Hester died Oct. 24, 1944.

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October 1944

Bud Jackson's wife Alice died Oct. 1944.
Vernon Linson's baby died Oct. 28, 1944.

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November 1944

John Sherman and Pauline Kirby married Nov. 1944.
President Roosevelt elected for the 4 th term Nov. 7, 1944.
Charlie Johnson and family came to see Aunt Dora Johnson Nov. 9, 1944.
Mr. Wildmond building on his house Nov. 20, 1944.

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November 1944

Irene and myself went to Franklin, Ky. Nov 17, 1944.
Fred McCreary and Thelma Griffin Married Nov. 25, 1944.
Mrs. Alice Bowling came to see us Nov. 24, 1944.
Mr. Wiseman Whitley came to see his brother L. B. Whitley Nov. 16, 1944.
Hugh and Nelson From went to Nashville to see the Grand Old Opery WSM Nov. 11, 1944.
Mr. Whitley and his brother Wiseman went to Red Boiling Springs Nov. 21, 1944.
I got my new glasses Nov. 17, 1944 at Mallorys , Franklin, Ky.
John Pond died Nov. 22, 1944 lived in Robertson Co.

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December 1944

Dr. Charles Hayden Donoho died Dec. 2, 1944 age 71.
A notice from W. C. Barber Dec. 2, 1944.
Harry's family came to see us Dec. 9, 1944.
Blonnie Linson's family came to see us Dec. 10, 1944.
Lee and Myrtle B. Smith and Mrs. Cloie Pond came Dec. 10, 1944.
Jessie Wilkerson and Aunt Dora Johnson came Dec. 10, 1944.
Dr. Roy Hendley came to see me Dec. 7, 1944.
Irby and Doris came to see us Dec. 10, 1944.
The first snow fell Dec. 10, 1944.
Blonnie and Nannie came Dec. 11, 1944.
Roy Pitchford died Dec. 14, 1944, he was Mattie Links husband.
Louise McGlothlin came home from camp No. 27, 1944.
Sunday's guest Aunt Dora J. spent Sunday with us Dec. 1944.

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December 1944

Vernon Briley and family , T. W. and Lizzie came to see us Dec. 17, 1944.
Louise McG. came to see us Friday night and went home Sunday Dec. 17, 1944.
Rebecca Jernigan broke her arm Dec. 16, 1944.
James Kirby died Dec. 17, 1944.
Bill Cummings died Dec. 20, 1944.
Dick Payne died Dec. 21, 1944.
Marvin, Ethel, Ewell and Louise McGlothlin spent the day with us Dec. 24, 1944.
Rained all day Christmas Day Dec. 25, 1944.
Erby and family spent the night with us Christmas night, they went to see Mr. Broadrick's family.
Granville, Irene and Hugh went to see Earnest Bowling's family Dec. 26. 1944.

Rained all Day Christmas Day, Tuesday no rain, rained all day Wed., Thursday Eve it rained and snowed and sleeted, Earnest B. killed his hogs, rained Friday and Sat. Dec. 27, 28, 29 and 30, 1944, rained all night Sat. night and is still raining Sunday Dec. 31, 1944.

Ewell McGlothlin came home Dec. 22 and went back Dec. 30.
It rained all day Sunday and half of the night then snow.


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