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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



(Page 65)

January 1943

I went to Irby's New Years Day and I came home Jan. 10, 1943.
Leon Broadrick came home Jan. 4, left out for camp the 10, 1943.
Miles A Hall died Jan. 11, 1943. Suicide, buried at Halltown Wed. at 2 o'clock.
Tommie Lynch married Jan. 1943.
Preston Eidson and Juldine Rogers married January 30, 1943.
Floyd White died Jan. 21. 1943, buried at Tom Link grave yard.
Mrs. Dora Belle Callaway died Jan. 29, 1943, mother of Tim Callaway.
Irby and family came to see us Jan. 23, 1943 and it was James Harold's first trip away from home, and the next day he went to see his Grandma, Mrs.
*(Illegible, mj) Broadrick Jan. 24, 1943.

(Page 66)

February 1943

Odie Monroe Lamberth and Christine Eden married Feb. 3, 1943.
Aunt Fannie Olds died Feb. 3, 1943.
I went to see Aunt Dora Johnson, Sunday Eve. and came home Wed. morning Feb. 10, 1943.
Dick Whitley came home Feb. 4, 1943.
J. T. Link came to see us Monday Feb. 8, 1943.
Babe Ruth's Birthday Feb. 10, 1943 age 48. (Base Ball Player)
Walter Strain died Feb. 13, 1943, buried on St. Valentine's Day.
Harvey Brandon Lane died Feb. 15, 1943, age 77, buried in Portland Maple Hill Cemetery.
Uncle John Turner's Birthday Feb. 15, 1943 age 81. (Col)
Bud Sheucraft died Feb. 20, 1943, buried at Old Halltown graveyard.
Dr. Roy Hendley's mother died Feb. 23, 1943 age 62.
Louise and Ewell McGlothlin spent Sat. night with us Feb. 20, 1943.
Ruby Wilkerson went to Springfield Feb. 25, 1943.

Irby and family, Mrs. Alice and Beulah Bowling and Fred McCreary, Louise and Ewell spent Sunday with us, Feb. 21,1943.

Hugh went to see Tommie Hester family Feb. 27, 1943 spent the night.
Notice from Mr. J. Barber, Feb. 27,1943.

(Page 67)

February 1943

Feb 11 is Earcy Wilkerson Netherton Birthday, she is 49, 1943.

(Page 67)

March 1943

Mr. Carl Redford Whitley died Thursday March 4, 1943, age 58. (suicide) He shot his wife, but she did not die. Mr. Whitley was buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park. Nashville, Tennessee.

I went to see Aunt Dora Johnson Saturday on March 6, 1943, came home the 10, a long stay.
Irby and family spent Friday night with us, March 12, 1943.

Irby moved from Lizzie Atchison March 8, 1943, left Bealer Dyes March 27, 1943, moved to Earnest Bowling's place March 27, I don't no (know) mj how long he will stay ha ha 1943.

Tollie Wendt and a Georgia girl married March 1943.

I went to Harry's and Irby's March 28, 1943 and came home April 5, 1943, I spent a day and night with J. T. Link and family.

Mr. Lem Howell's wife died March 23, 1943, she lived in Bowling Green, Ky.
Woodrow Linson and Elmarie McCreary married March 17, 1943.

(Page 68)

April 1943

Arthur Biggs died April 8, 1943.
Willimarth Turner (Col) died April 8, 1943, Uncle John Turner's brother.

Paul Brooks and Myrtle Kelly married April 4, 1943. * (Paul Brooks was Post Master of the Portland Post Office for a number of years. mj)

I went to see Louise and Ewell Sat. night April 3rd, 1943.
Mrs. Etta Hardaway died April 9, 1943, age 69, Step Mother of Bertha Link.

Lawrence Bradley and Mary Ralph married April 18, 1943, Sunday. *(Lawrence is a son of Mr. John E. Bradley and brother to Lola Mae Bradley Empson and Wayne Bradley and a teacher at Portland High School and later taught at Belmont College in Nashville.)mj

Charles Stewart Glover died April 4, 1943, somewhere in the Pacific, Age 22. He lived in Fountain Head Tenn.

Irby's family had the measles April 10, 1943.

Gale Johnson died April 16, 1943, Mamie Links, husband burial at the Tom Link grave yard, Sunday 18.

Our family went to John Armstrong's store Sat. Eve. April 17, 1943, got our blankets.
Columbus Link's baby born April 18 and died April 20, 1943.
Cavate Louton died April 1943.

(Page 69)

April 1943

Uncle Paris Hester died April 25, 1943, age 86.

(Page 69)

May 1943

Luceal Pond died May 6, 1943.
Dick Whitley came home from Camp May 6, 1943.
Louise Hester McGlothlin went to Springfield, Tenn. Hospital May 9, came home May 14, 1943.
Irby Hester's family came to see us May 16, 1943 and we all went to the grave yard.
Irby and his family ate supper with us, his Birthday May 20, 1943, he was 26 years old.
Mrs. Mary York died May 21, 1943, Alvin York's Mother.
Edsel Bryant Ford died Jay 26, 1943, Henry Ford's son.
Mr. Bud Green visited our neighborhood May 27,1943.
A notice from J. C. Barber May 31, 1943.

(Page 70)

June 1943

Dr. Dayfore died June 1943, the five little Quintriplets girls Dr. ,Yvonne, Marie, Cecile, Annett and Emily.

I spent the day with Mrs. Cora Howell June 3, 1943 had a good time.
Mrs. Laura Adamson died June 6, 1942, Bob Adamson's sister.
Mr. Bill Culbreath died June 9, 1943.
Aunt Cora Howell sold her farm to Aron Jernigan, June 12, 1943.
Irene and Aunt Cora
*(Illegible, mj) to B. G. June 25, 1943.
Vernon and Lillian Link spent Sunday with us June 13, 1943.
Mr. Wade Cannon died June 12, 1943, Mr. Cannon was a good man.

We moved the Old Home Comfort Cooking Stove out June 19, 1943. The last meal that was cooked on it was Breakfast.

I went home with Irby's family June 21 and came home July 11, 1943, I stayed at Harry's half of the time Harry and *(Illegible, mj) to July 11, 1943

(Page 73)

July 1943

Miss Nellie Biggs died July 22, 1943, wife of Andy Biggs.
Buster Greer came home from camp, July 21, 1943.
Clay Victor Link and his wife came to see us July 24, 1943, Saturday Eve.
We papered our Kitchen and rooms in July 1943.
Henry Ford's Birthday July 30, 1943.
Henry Thomas Elks went to the State Pen for 3 years July 1943.

(Page 73)

August 1943

We had a good rain Aug. 1, Aug. 10, Aug. 12, 1943.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Whitley went to Red Boiling Springs July 28, 1943 and they came home Aug. 7, 1943.

Mr. Howard Roberson died Aug. 4, 1943, Wed. at noon killed by a mule. And was buried Friday at Pleasant Grove, Robertson County, funeral at Clear View Church.

Walter Guill died Aug. 8, 1943, Joe Guill's father.
Mr. Archie Broadrick died Aug. 15, 1943, age 70, Father of Clyde Broadrick, lived in Tullahoma, Tenn.

(Page 74)

August 1943

Aunt Cora Howell spent the day with me Aug. 22, 1943 and in the eve. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hudson came.

Granville, Irene and Hugh spent the day with Harry's family Aug. 22, 1943.

Mr. Tom Brinkley died Aug. 22, 1943, a brother to Esq. George Brinkley at the White House, Tennessee.

J. G. Legge and Virginia Groves Married Aug. 1943, Johnnie Legge's son. * (his mother was Vallie Legge, a teacher at Portland Elementary School for a number of years) mj

Olean Hale and Jessie Scruggs married Aug. 18, 1943 and a son born Sept 3, 1943.
Nola Johnson and Myrtle B. Smith spent the day with us Aug. 25, 1943.
Notice from J. C. Barber Aug. 30, 1943.
I went to see Irby's and Harry's family Aug. 25, 1943, came home Aug. 28, 1943.
Mrs. Alice Bowling came to see us Aug. 29, 1943 and went home Sept 5, 1943.

(Page 74)

September 1943

Harry Link moved to Blonnie Pitts. Sept 1, 1943.
Mr. Whitleys birthday Sept 26, 1943.
Mrs. Whitleys birthday Oct. 3, 1943.

(Page 75)

September 1943

Rained Sept 1, 2, 3, 4, and all day the 5th and night.
Monday Labor Day Sept 6, 1943 rained in the afternoon, no mail.
Rev. Lewis died Sept 7, 1943, General Baptist preacher.
Granville, Irene and Harry and Belle and Dorothy Link spent Sunday with Irbay Hester, Sept. 12, 1943.

Mrs. Whitley, Father and Brother Charlie Thacker and little Leroy Whitley came to see her Sept. 13, 1943.

Uncle Wiseman Whitley came to see Mr. L. B. Whitley, Sept 18, 1943.
Rained today Sunday Sept. 1943.
Irby Hester moved from E. L. Bowling's Sept 18, 1943 to Portland at Mrs. Kate Sultz.

(Page 76)

October 1943

Mrs. Maggie Link died Oct. 7, 1943, wife of Tom Link.
1st Frost Oct. 5, 1943, killed the sweet tater tops.
J. T. Link spent Wed. with us Oct. 6, 1943.

Louise, Ewell McGlothlin, Harry and his family, Irby and his family Jack and Nannie Briley came to see us Oct 10, 1943, in the eve. Nannie Belle and Ruth and Mary Lee Linson came.

Mr. Whitley and brother Wiseman went to Red Boiling Springs Oct. 2, 1943.
Dr. Peyton died Oct. 6, 1943, he lived at the White House, Tennessee.
Mr. Billie Moore's baby died Oct. 8, 1943, born and died.
Irene and Aunt Cora Howell went to Rob Summers Store Oct. 12, 1943.
Christopher Columbus Link died Oct. 12, 1943 age 70, a brother of Hols Link.
Oct 17, a heavy frost 1943.
Mr. Bud Green came to see Aunt Cora Howell Oct 16, 1943.
Ethelene W. and girls came to see us Oct. 20, 1943.

(Page 77)

October 1943

Verna Hester, Emma and Cleola Griffin came to see us Oct. 21, 1943.
Mrs. Alice Bowling came to see us Oct. 14, 1943.
I went to see Irby and family Oct. 24, and came home Oct. 31. 1943.
Doris Jean Hester has the Whooping Cough Oct. 24, 1943.
Irene went to see Irby's family Oct. 6, 1943.
Granville went to Portland Oct. 6, 1943.
I went to see Lizzie Atchison Oct. 29, 1943.

(Page 77)

November 1943

John Logan Summers died Nov. 9, 1943.
John Deaux missing Nov. 1, 1943.

(Page 77)

November 1943

Charles C. Alexander died Nov. 13, 1943. died at the Vanderbilt Hospital, Sat. Eve at 8:15 o'clock. He was the undertaker at Gallatin, Tenn.

Harry's family and Ewell and Louise McG. Spent Sunday with us Nov. 21, 1943.
Irby had a sick spell Nov. 20, 1943.
Irby killed hogs Nov. 26. 1943.

(Page 78)

November 1943

Irene went home with Irby to help in the hog killing 1943.
James H. Hester has the Whooping Cough Nov. 22, 1943.

(Page 78)

December 1943

A notice from Barber Dec. 1, 1943.
Mr. Frank Briley died Dec. 10, 1943.
I spent the night with Aunt Dora Johnson Dec. 11, 1943, she was 85 years old.
Mrs. Julia Warren died Dec. 21, 1943 age 63, wife of Tom Warren.
Christmas Day raining freezing and cold. Dec. 25, 1943.
Mrs. Minnie Hall died Dec. 15, 1943, wife of Uncle Tom Hall.
Rained all day Xmas Day and night Dec. 25, 1943.
Irene had the flu Dec. 26, 1943 in bed a week.
Vernon and Lillian and James Link spent the day with us Dec. 29, 1943, Wed.
Harry spent the day with us Dec. 30, 1943 Friday .
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