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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



(Page 23)

January 1940

Joe Greer died Jan. 7, 1940.
Louise Hester spent the day at Irby Hester Jan. 9, 1940.
I came home from Irby's Jan. 13, 1940.
Olie Howdyshell died Jan. 14, 1940 age 45.
Irby came to see us Jan. 25, 1940, he walked and the weather sure was cold.
Sold Clarence Wilkerson's home Jan. 20, 1940.
President F. D. Roosevelt's birthday Jan 30, 1940 age 58.

Dr. William David Haggard died Jan. 28, 1940 age 67 years. He died in Palm Beach, Fla. He died in his sleep, his birthday is Sept. 28, 1872.

(Page 24)

February 1940

The ground hog sure saw his shadow, Feb. 2, 40 more days bad weather. Sunday morning Feb. 4, 1940, sleeting and raining.

Mrs. Mary E. Johnson died Feb. 5, 1940, Age 80 , John Johnson's mother.
Paul Legge little baby died Feb. 1940.
President Abraham Lincoln birthday Feb. 12, 1940 age 131 years old.
Mr. Charlie Porter Sr. died Feb. 15, 1940 age 80 years old.
Mrs. Eliza Willmarth died Feb. 16, 1940 age 85 years.
Mr. John T. Roney's old mule named Jon died Feb. 15, 1940 age 33 years.

George Washington's Birthday Feb. 22, 1940. if he was living he would be 208 years old. He was born Feb. 22, 1732, died Dec. 14, 1799 and when he died he was 67 years old.

Rall Link went to the hospital Feb. 1940.

Paul Baskerville and Katherine Link married Feb. 1940. *(Paul and Katherine were friends of ours for a number of years)mj

Willie Kelly died Feb. 1940.

(Page 25)

March 1940

Third Assessment of Burial Association, March 8, 1940.
W. T. Morris
Mrs. Fred Thompson
Mrs. Ada Dorris
Mrs. Wesley Parks
John S. Jones
Miss Gertie Hayden (6)

Mr. Bob Griffin died March 9, 1940. * (Mr. Bob had three sons, Wade, Odell and Vernon and lived on Jackson Rd..)mj

Clay Link and Irby Hesters family spent Sunday with us March 17, 1940, in the afternoon.
Blonnie Linson family came to see us and Mr. John Greer.
A storm came on the 18 of March, 1940 and killed a cow and mule at Portland, Tenn.

A big snow fell March 24, 1940, Easter Sunday, the snow was about 10 inches deep. Granville family, Harry's family, we all had a good day, Irby went home.

Mrs. Mary Stewart Jones Died March 26, 1940, She was 72 years old, 6 mo, and 4 days old, (Dock Jones' mother)

(Page 25)

March 1940

Mr. Howard Robertson moved to Stanley Jones place March 25, 1940, and Mr. Jones moved at Portland, Tenn. March 25, 1940.

(Page 26)

April 1940

Rained and hailed April 3, 1940.
Louise Hester and Irby's family spent Monday with us, April, 1, 1940.
Aunt Dora Johnson spent Tuesday with us April 2, 1940.
Hugh Link went to Portland, Tenn. April 5, 1940, Field day , had a good time.
Aunt Dora Johnson got sick Wednesday morning April 10, 1940.
Mrs. Alice Bowling came to see us April 15, 1940.
Rained all day April 17 and 18, 1940.
Hugh got his calf, April 15, 1940.
Rained all night April 18, 1940.
Rained and snowed April 20, 1940, and cold Yes Sir.
Missie Matherston came to see Aunt Dora Johnson, April 19, 1940.
Doris Jean Hester had some pictures made in Gallatin time, April 1940.
* (Miss Mary's granddaughter)mj

(Page 27)

April 1940

April 7 first Sunday , it rained was cold and not a soul came to see us 1940.

Alonza Carlos Garrison died April 12, 1940, Burial in Jake Link grave yard, Age 67. *(Alonzo was the son of  Susan Johnson Garrison but there is no tombstone at the Jake Link graveyard for him.  Susan was my husband's grandfather's half sister.  She married Hampton Garrison and they had two sons. Alonzo and Stephen Garrison.)mj  

April 12, snowed and Cold 1940.
Vernon Hester and Thelma Griffin spent the day with us April 13, 1940.
George Wise Mitchell died April 29, 1940 age 66.

(Page 28)

May 1940

Jess Dweise died May 5, 1940.
Tommie Wright died May 11, 1940, Portland, Tenn.
Mr. Henry Strickland home burned down May 10, 1940.

Virgil Butt died May 1940. * (Virgil Butt killed Al Hester in 1914 and served time for it but was paroled in later years.)mj

We all met at the home of Granville Links Mothers Day, May 12, 1940. Earnest Bowling family, Harry Link family, Irby Hester family, Tommie Hester family, Jim Johnson family and Fred McCreary, we made pictures in the afternoon, All had a good time.  *Granville Link's nickname was "Jack" and most everyone called him that.  He married Irene Bowling.)mj

Harris Ray Broadrick and *(Illegible, mj) Grubbs married May 14, 1940.
Blonnie Linson family came to see us May 12, 1940.
Clarence Wilkerson moved May 4, 1940 and Earcy went to live with Sallie Covington May 4, 1940.

Zoe Briley brought Margrett Whitley to see Mrs. Whitley May 13, 1940.
Earnest Bowling hurt his hand May 1, 1940.

(Page 29)

May 1940

Irene and myself went to Victor Weise Friday May, 1940 to a Washing Machine Demonstration.
Locus Year May 1, 1940.
I spent the day with Ethlene Wilkerson May 28, 1940.
Cora Duffer came by to see us May 28, 1940.
Eliza White died May 22, 1940.
William M. Keen (Keene) died May 24, 1940. (suicide)

(Page 30)

June 1940

Brother Sandie Thompson died June 1, 1940, Oren Thompson's father.
4 th Assessement of Barber Burial June 1940.
Ruth Link and Edwin T. Harley married June 21, 1940, Hollis Link's girl.
We had a good rain June 8, 1940 at night.

Charlie Jackson died June 24, 1940 age 68, he went to the Vanderbilt Hospital died there stayed 11 days buried at Portland, Tenn. at Maple Hill.

Belle Link sick Sunday June 24, 1940.
Doris Jean Hester sick June 25, 1940.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Whitley went to Louisville, Ky. June 23, 1940.
Annie Louis Moonhan
*(Mooneyhan, mj) and Wallis Mathews married 1940.

(Page 31)

July 1940

Brother Virgil F. Johnson and family came to see us July 4, 1940.

Irby Hester and family came to see us July 4, 1940 and we all went to Fairmont that night to a barbecue given by Dock Jones.

Mrs. Clevie Jernigan fell and hurt her knee July 4, 1940.
Mr. John Greer's white mule died July 7, 1940 named Jim.
Mr. L. B. Whitley's cow died July 9, 1940, she fell in a ditch.
Mr. Tom Hall died July 11, 1940 age 82, he fell dead in his yard.
Will Suttle and Mabel Brunmett married July 20, 1940.

Vernon Briley and Evelyn Cabler married July 27, 1940. *(Evelyn lived in White House, Tenn. And Vernon is the son of T. W. Briley and Lizzie Kirby Briley)mj

*(blank, mj) Summers and Jerldine Suttle married July 27, 1940.

Dock Jones had his 2nd picnic July 27, 1940, Hugh and myself went to Dock's picnic that night, we went to Harry's rest of the night.

Bud Wright died July 30, 1940.

(Page 32)

July 1940

Joel Webb and Flora Belle Hardin married July 20, 1940.
Irene got sick July 18, 1940.
I went to see Tommie and Vernon Hester July 14, 1940 , came home Friday.
Margrett Whitley left for W. Virginia July 22, 1940.
Walter Cummings died July 15, 1940, age 74 A brother of Uncle Bill Cummings.
Joel Webb our new mail carrier made his 1st trip on the route July 1, 1940.
Mr. Frank Cumminghan carried the mail one year and 8 months.

(Page 32)

July 1940

Clay Link spent Sunday with us July 21, 1940.

(Page 33)

August 1940

Jake Wise died Aug. 21, 1940 age 57.
Irby and family came to see us Aug. 3, 1940, we had cream.
Bell Gentry died Aug. 14, 1940 Monday night.
Irene went to the Protestant Hospital Aug. 6, 1940 and came home Aug. 21. 1940.

Calvin Durrett and Olean Briley married Aug. 3, 1940. * (this is my brother and they married on my birthday, Olean was a wonderful person and died at the age of 58 with brain tumor)( Calvin also died with cancer in 1999.)mj

Willard May and Merie Robertson married Aug. 3, 1940.

(Page 34)

September 1940

Wardell Mallory and Miss *(blank, mj) Choat married Sept 7, 1940.  

Mr. John Greer's mule died Sept 8, 1940, name Old John, 2 months and 1 day difference in the mules deaths.

J. C. Barber notice Sept 10, 1940.
Hugh and myself went to Tommie Hester's Sept 27, 1940 came home 29.
Ida Belle Wallace got the car at Gallatin that was given away, Sept. 1940.
Mattie Payne had a stroke Sept. 18, 1940.
Alean Greer and Herman Johnson married Sept 26, 1940.
Pat Blankinship died Sept. 2, 1940.
Dr. J. W. Smart's birthday Sept. 4, 1940, age 79.

(Page 35)

October 1940

Mr. Tint Jernigan had a stroke Oct. 1940.
Jessie Whilfield died Oct. 12, 1940.
Spencer Parmer died Oct. 11, 1940.
Hugh White died Oct. 23, 1940.
Zoe Briley went to St. Thomas Hospital Oct. 22, 1940.
Bailey Dickins and wife died Oct. 1940.

Reggie Brown dog's birthday Oct. 24, 1940 the 1st time he got hurt was Jan 5, 1941, a cat slapped him on the nose to fast.

(Page 36)

November 1940

Zoe Briley came home from the hospital Nov. 9, 1940.
We all went to White House and voted for Franklin D. Roosevelt Nov. 5, 1940.
I cleaned off Lee's and Irby's baby graves Nov. 5, 1940.
Lee's birthday Nov. 5, 1940.
Aron Briley went to work at the air port Nov. 1, 1940.
Robert Luther Reeves died Nov. 8, 1940, his wife was Dr. Berry's wife.
Ercey Wilkerson and J. F. Netherton married Nov. 10, 1940, she is living in Gainsboro, Tenn.
I went to see Harry's and Irby's family Nov. 13, 1940.

(Page 36)

November 1940

Harry and Irby killed hogs, Nov. 13, 1940.
I ate my 68th Birthday with Irby's family Nov. 18, 1940, had a good dinner.
Odell Moneyhan got burned with gas Nov. 14, 1940.

(Page 39)

December 1940

Another statement from J. C. Barber, Dec. 2, 1940.
Jimmie D. Upchurch got hurt Dec. 2, 1940.
June Wilkerson and Theda Hastin married Dec. 1940.
J. W. Hale and Helen Covington married Dec. 14, 1940.

J. W. Rogers and Florence Link married Dec. 14, 1940. *(Florence is a sister to Katherine who married Paul Baskerville)mj

Irby came and carried us to J. F. Armstrong's store Dec. 21, 1940.
Mrs. Sudie Roach died Dec. 21, 1940.
Mr. Howard Robertson moved to his new home Dec. 17, 1940.
Mrs. Jones moved home Dec. 17, 1940.
Mr. Jimmie Eidson moved Dec. 24, 1940.
Mr. John Summers moved Dec. 19, 1940.
Odell Hester moved Dec. 21, 1940.
Uncle Dan Payne died Dec. 6, 1940. (col)
Virgil Comwell Died Dec. 1940.

(Page 40)

December 1940

Harry's family, Irby's family and Tommie Hester's family spent the Day with us Christmas Day, 25, 1940.

Dot and myself carried Odell Mooneyhan his dinner Christmas Day, he was in bed.

Irby and family spent Dec. 25 night with me 1940 after supper we went to see Uncle Ewin and Aunt Cora Howell.

Granville and family spent the night with Mrs. Alice Bowling and family Dec. 25, 1940
Mrs. Sallie Jones died Dec. 25, 1940, she lived in White House, Tenn.
Lavern Hester and Marie Link married Dec. 21, 1940.
Vernon Link and family spent Dec. 27, 1940 with our family.
Edwin D. Harden and Floy Lattimore married Dec. 24, 1940.
Mrs. Mattie Carter Dorris died Dec. 25, 1940, wife of Finley M. Dorris, he died March 1931.
Earnest, Beulah and Alice Bowling ate supper with us, Dec. 28, 1940.
Jessie O. Wilkerson moved to the Wash Wallace home Dec. 31, 1940.
Irene and myself spent Sunday with Aunt Dora Johnson, Dec. 29, 1940.


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