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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



(Page 9)

January 1939

Blonnie Linson came up to see us January 1, 1939. Good Luck for a man to come in to your house, the first visitor.

Irby and Elizabeth Hester spent the New Year Day with us Jan. 1, 1939.
Irby moved from Thompson's to Walter Brinkley's, Jan. 3, 1939.
Francis Rodgers moved to Vernon Weiss, Jan. 3, 1939.
Paul Jones moved to the T. W. Briley Place Jan. 5, 1939.
Earl Biggs moved to Francis Armstrong Place Jan. 7, 1939.
John Bigg's Hi-Balled for Home Jan. 3 or 4. Polly stayed home.
Macy, Maude and Ann and J. T. Link came to see us Jan. 8, 1939, Sunday Evening.
Irby and Elizabeth Hester spent Sunday night with us Jan. 8, 1939, Irby went to Portland.
Granville and Irene went to see Nola Johnson Jan. 9, 1939, Monday morning.

(Page 10)

January 1939

Virgil Cook's wife died Jan. 8, 1939.
Mr. John Broadrick died Jan. 10, 1939, age 71, 8mo, 5 days, Tuesday morning.
Edna Link and Julian Landers married January 14, 1939.
Myrtle B. and Lee Smith, him and Bill Johnson spent Sunday with us Jan. 15, 1939.
Frank Hardyshell died Jan. 14, 1939, age 48.

I spent the day with Uncle Erwin and Aunt Cora Howell, Jan. 17, 1939, Aunt Cora and myself called on Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones in the afternoon.

Agnes Pool Brooks little baby died Jan. 19, 1939 age three months.
Oliver Searcy died Jan. 18, 1939, a brother of John Searcy.
Bert Briley's house burned down Jan. 22, 1939.
Hugh and myself came home from Harry's Jan. 22, 1939.
Andrew J. Pool died Jan. 26, 1939, age 64.

(Page 11)

January 1939

Elizabeth Hester and Irene Link spent the night with Tommie Hester's family Jan. 28, 1939.
Irby spent the night with us Jan. 28, 1939.

February 1939

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whitley Feb. 2, 1939, a son named Donald Perry.
I went to see Aunt Dora Johnson and Irby Feb. 1, 1939, Wednesday.
Mr. Frank Briley ate dinner with us Feb. 7, 1939.
Mr. Thomas E. Willis died Feb. 10, 1939, age 78, he was Pearl Ponds father.
Mr. John Bowling went to St. Thomas Hospital, Feb. 14, 1939.
Irby sold his tobacco Feb. 14, 1939, crop at Thompson's (1938)
Uncle Dave Macon's wife died Feb. 14, 1939, she left 7 sons and her husband.
Mr. Lon Wilkerson died Feb. 16, 1939, age 80.
Mr. Will Jernigan's little child died Feb. 17, 1939.
John M. Wise died Feb. 11, 1939, a son of Bob Wise.
I spent the day with Uncle Ewin and Aunt Cora Howell, Feb. 16, 1939.

(Page 12)

February 1939

Miss Marie Turpin and Wilson Summers married Feb. 3, 1939.
I went to Aunt Dora Johnson and Irby Hester Feb. 3, 1939.
Paul Legge and Ruth Crafton married Feb. 25, 1939.
Little Child of Leo Rodgers died Feb. 19, 1939.
George Washington, the first president of the United States born Feb. 22, 1752, died Dec. 14, 1797.

Tom Fisher died Feb. 25, 1939.
Mrs. O. D. Moore died Feb. 28, 1939, wife of O. D. Moore.
Irby and Elizabeth Hester sent Saturday night with me Feb. 4, 1939, rained and stormed that night.

Jack and family spent the night with Jack Briley Feb. 4, 1939.

*(Note from the transcriber, mj) Marie Durrett and James Davis Johnson was married Feb. 20, 1939, Marie is the daughter of Leslie and Cora Durrett and James D. is the son of M. L and Lela Smart Johnson. * Miss Mary missed this so thought that I would add it as my parents moved to that community real soon. James D. died July 9, 2001 and we were married 62 years.

Page 13

March 1939

Pore *(Poor)mj Blonnie Linson's house burned down March 1, 1939.

Jack carried his tobacco to Springfield, Tenn. March 1, 1939, Hugh went with him. * (I am pretty sure that Jack was a nickname for Grandville.)

Victor Wise *(Weiss)mj went to St. Thomas hospital March 4, 1939, scalded with a tobacco steamer.

Lula George Thompson died March 25, 1939.
William Hagan died March 17, 1939.
John Bowling came home from the hospital March 14, 1939, St. Thomas.
Irby Hester moved to Elmore Broadrick's March 20, 1939.
Hiram Jones moved in Blonnie Linson place March 18, 1939.
Alice Bowling came home with me from Harry's March 15, 1939.
Billie Wilkerson's store robbed March 18, 1939.
R. D. Link died March 29, 1939, age 77.
Ben Willard Pitt , son of Blonnie Pitt went to the Protestant Hospital, March 29, died April 1, 1939.

Victor Wise *(Weiss)mj came home from the St. Thomas Hospital April 5 or 6, 1939.

(Page 14)

April 1939

We all spent the day Easter Sunday with Harry's family, April 9, 1939, had a good time.
Tommie Hester got hurt April 10, 1939.
Vernon Linson spent the night with us April 11, 1939.
Rodina Livingston died April 7, 1939. He died in Memphis, Tenn., Government Hospital.
Mrs. Susie Flatt died April 19, 1939.

Mary L. Hester transferred from Woodall and Austin, April 20, 1939. By A. A. Groves to Barber's Mutual Burial Association, Milldale, Tenn.

Aunt Dora Johnson spent the day with us April 23, 1939, Sunday.

(Page 14)

April 1939

Gregory and Lena May Ragland married April 9, 1939, Easter Sunday.

(Page 15)

May 1939

A little colored baby born to Evella May 6, 1939.
Granville' family spent Sunday May 7, 1939 with Vernon Links family.
William Rodgers and Louise Harper married May 1939.
Odie Hale went to the asylum May 16, 1939.
Larry Link and family and Onie Marlin spent Sunday with us May 21, 1939.
Blonnie Linson and family spent Sunday with us May 21, 1939.
John and Zeldia Armstrong poisoned on meat May 25 or 24, 1939, they had to go to the hospital.
Julias Layman died May 24, 1939, Ola Pools husband.
Mrs. Inan Shaw died May 18, 1939.

(Page 16)

June 1939

Lewis Hester and Mattie B. Ragland married June 3, 1939.
Carman Jackson little 3 year old child died June 5, 1939.
Annie Bauldrige and Ben Carter married June 1939.
Virgil Cook and Louisa Sheucraft married June 4, 1939.
Howard Briley's child died June 7, 1939.
Irby got his pigs June 7, 1939.
Mrs. Joel Wilkerson's baby born June 9, 1939.
Clay Link spent Sunday with us June 11, 1939.
J. R. Jones died June 14, 1939, he was a son in law of Uncle Dock Link.
Kem Bryant's wife died June 17, 1939. (col)

(Page 17)

July 1939

Mr. Fount Hood died July 5, 1939.
Mr. Barbee died July 6, 1939, He lived at Portland, Tenn.
Virgil F. Johnson and Family spent July 4th 1939.
Irby and Elizabeth Hester spent Saturday night and Sunday with us, July 16, 1939.
Mr. Willie Jackson's Mason funeral July 16, 1939.
Edd Biggs died July 23, 1939.
I went to see Irby July 29, 1939, came home Aug. 5, Irby and Elizabeth came home with me.

(Page 18)

August 1939

Mrs. Em White died Aug. 6, 1939.
I went to see Uncle Ewin Howell Aug. 9, 1939.
Irene and Hugh went to see Irby and Elizabeth Aug. 8, 1939.
Jessie and Nannie Briley and Clay Link spent Sunday with us Aug. 6, 1939.
Link reunion Aug. 20, 1939.
Tom Bauldridge died Aug. 18, 1939.
Beulah Lane and Don Wright married Aug. 12, 1939.

(Page 18)

August 1939

Babe Hicks died Aug. 1939.
Ida Gilbert Gibson and old man Absher married Aug. 19, 1939.
Norman Grubbs died Aug. 26, 1939.
Alice Bowling came to see us Aug. 31, 1939.

(Page 19)

September 1939

The first association due Sept. 1, 1939.


Earl Harris
Dorothy Eden
Mrs. Joe Andrews
John Hart
Fred Thompson
Barber's Mutual Burial Association Milldale, Tenn.

A dinner given in honor of Mrs. Duncan and her son Ray of Huston, Texas at Aunt Dora Johnson in her yard Sept. 5, 1939.

Mrs. Duncan and son left for home in Houston Texas Sept 7, 1939.

Aron Wilkerson died Sept.11, 1939. * (Aron is the brother of Harold Wilkerson who is part owner of Wilkerson, Wiseman Funeral Home in Portland. He also had a twin sister Aaron who survives him.)mj

Hattie Shaton died Sept 4, 1939 (Col) killed by Haywood Hassell.
John Bryant died Sept 5, 1939.
I went to see Irby Sept. 23, 1939.
Lester Eidson killed by lightening Sept. 29, 1939.
Belle Link and myself went to see Paris Hester Sept 16, 1939.
Dr. John W. Smart's Birthday Sept 4, 1939 age 78.

(Page 20)

October 1939

Billie Wilkerson's store burned down Oct. 12, 1939.
Irby and Elizabeth's little baby born Oct. 13, 1939, weighed 4 lbs and a half.

Mrs. Alice, Beulah Bowling, Belle Link, Aunt Dora Johnson and Nannie Briley hope * (helped)mj us quilt. Oct. 11, 1939

Spears house burned down Oct. 16, 1939.
Lee Livingston died Oct. 26, 1939.
Dr. W. P. Moore's Memorial unveiled, Oct 28, 1939.
Dr. William D. Huggard made
*(Illegible, mj)

Sadie Belle Moore's husband died Oct. 9, 1939, his name was *(Illegible, mj), lived in Missouri.

Rosia Hardin had a stroke Oct 28, 1939.
Mr. Frank Briley went to Fountain Head Hospital Oct. 21, 1939.
John Biggs died Oct. 28, 1939, a son of Wiley Biggs.

(Page 21)


Rosa Hardin died Nov. 4, 1939.
I was in Gallatin Nov. 2, 1939.

(Page 21)

November 1939

Frank Briley came home Nov. 4, 1939.
Irby moved to Jessie Briley's Nov. 8, 1939.
Mrs. Emlie Brinkley died Nov. 7, 1939, Bud Brinkleys mother.
Old Dixie, T. W.'s horse died Nov. 9, 1939 age 37.
Ruby Jones, wife of Max Jones died Nov. 16, 1939, a
*(Illegible, mj) age 37.

Irby and Elizabeth and Doris Hester *(the Doris that gave us permission to transcribe this diary and put it on the web site, our thanks to her.)mj, Harry, Belle and Dorothy Link, Verner and Louise Hester spent the day with us, Nov. 18, my birthday age 67, Irby little baby's first visit.

Mr. Forest Duke has been dead one year today, Nov. 30, 1939.

Irby and Elizabeth and baby spent Nov. 30, with us Thanksgiving Day, Irby and Lizzie was married 24 years that day.

They carried Mr. Frank Briley to the asylumn Nov. 25, 1939.
Granville killed hogs Nov. 28, 1939.

(Page 22)

December 1939

Mr. Forest Duke was buried one year today Dec.1, 1939.
Sold old Heif Cow Dec.4, 1939.

Elizabeth Hester and baby, Doris, and Nola Broadrick spent the day with us Dec. 1939, Granville's birthday age 41 years young.

Mr. and Mrs. Johns Greer, Earnest , Beulah and Mrs. Alice Bowling came to see us Dec. 10, 1939.

The 2nd Association dues Dec. 4, 1939.

Names dead:

John C. Offiett
Mrs. Mitten Morris
Henry Sawyers
V. P. Byrnes
Tom Arnold
Barber's Mutual Burial Association, Milldale, Tennessee.

Agnes Tomlinson and James Starks married Dec. 16, 1939.
Mrs. Lillie Jones Spent the day with us Wed. Dec 20, 1939.
Painted the Hotel Dec. 22, 1939.
Christmas Day Dec. 25, 1939.

Harry and his family, Irby and his family, Tommie Hester and his family spent the day with us, all had a fine time.

I went up to Irby's Dec. 30, 1939.


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