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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



New Years Greetings

January 1938

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Mr. Blonnie Linson came to see us the 1st day of Jan. 1938. Good Luck for a man to make the first visit in your home.

Aunt Cora Howell spent 1 hour and a half with us Jan. 1, 1938. *(Mrs. Howell was a close neighbor of my mother and father, L. D., and Cora McMurtry Durrett and also my brothers who live close by. mj)

Mr. Frank Briley spent 2 hours with us Jan.1, 1938.
Joel Greer came Jan.1, 1938.
Jessie and Nannie Briley ate supper with us January 1, 1938.
Mayor H. E. House died Jan. 2, 1938.
Will Hall died Jan. 2, 1938.
Ethelene Wilkerson and Children came to see us Jan. 2, 1938, left us January 5, 1938.
James Irby Hester moved to Oren Thompson Jan. 4, 1938.
Aunt Dora Johnson spent the day with us Jan. 4, 1938, Ethelene was here.
Bob Adamson house burned down January 2, 1938.
Loreias Justice spent Sunday Jan. 2, 1938.

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January 1938

It snowed Jan. 24, 1938.
Jim Goodman wife died Jan. 28, 1938. (Col)
Francis Rodgers moved to Blonnie 's house Jan. 13, 1938.

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January 1938

Mr. Clyde Broadrick moved away Jan. 5, 1938, Sorry to give them up.
Artis Jackson moved in where Mr. Broadrick left Jan 5, 1938.
Francis Rodgers house burned down Jan. 6, 1938.
Granville, Irene and Hugh Link spent Sunday Jan. 9, 1938 with Irby and Elizabeth Hester.
Nannie Belle Linson and little girl Elizabeth had supper with us Jan. 4, 1938.
Louise Hester and Horace Ray Broadrick went to see Irby and Elizabeth Hester Jan.9, 1938.
Clara Belle Poole and Charles Briley married Jan. 9, 1938.
Mrs. Nora Traughber died Jan. 9, 1938 age 64, Aunt to Mr. Clyde Broadrick.
Bob Adamson moved to John M? house Jan. 12, 1938.
Louise Hester Came to see us Jan. 17, 1938.
Uncle Ben Woodard died Jan. 20, 1938, age 84.

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February 1938

Bob Adamson barn burned down Feb. 13, 1938.
Mr. Jones died Feb. 14, 1938, Dock Jones Father.

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February 1938

Mrs. Addie Lattimore died Feb. 15, 1938, May Jernigan's mother. *(May is the wife of Bro. Frank Jernigan, Church of Christ minister.)

I went to see Irby and Elizabeth Hester Sunday Eve. Feb.13, 1938.
Clarence Suttle died Feb. 3, 1938.
Born to Blonnie and Nannie Linson Feb. 5, 1938 a son.

March 1938

Johnnie Summers moved to Rosa Shorts place March 6, 1938.
F. C. Enders died March 15, 1938 age 70.
Vernon Rodgers and Christine Wright married March 26, 1938.
I went to see Harry and Belle and Dot March 7, 1938.
Lucel Walker Markham's 2nd child died March 24, 1938.
Joe B. Pilingten died March 24, 1938.

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March 1938

Tom Peasson died March 25, 1938.
Harry, Belle and Dot Link came to see us March 27, 1938.

Vernon Link and family came to see us March 27, 1938.
Blonnie and Nannie Linson and 2 children came to see us March 27, 1938.
The Colored preacher at Nashville Preached March 27, 1938.
I went to Macey Link and Bill Brinkley's March 29, 1938.

April 1938

Ruth Wise and Herbert Leek married April 2, 1938, Spencer Wise's daughter.
I went to Zoe Briley's April 7, came home the 11, 1938, J. T. Link sick.
Rhoda Link Hornbuckle died April 10, 1938.
Sam Pond went to the Pro. Hospital April 10, 1938 came home in 10 days.

Clara Belle Pool and Charlie Briley married April 16, 1938. * (also listed as getting married on Jan. 9,1938) don't know which is correct, mj

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April 1938

Mrs. Lillie Briley fell and broke her arm April 19, 1938.
I went to see Irby and Elizabeth Hester April 25, 1938.
Aunt Dora Johnson and Missie Matterston spent the day with us April 29, 1938.

May 1938

Elsie Louise Link Died May 4, 1938 age 20 yrs. 4 mo. 20 days.
Mothers Day May 8, 1938.
Ruth and Mary Lee Linson came to see me May 15, 1938, I was by myself, was glad to see them.
The men fixed the cooking stove May 2, 1938.
I went to Harry Links May 18, 1938 spent the night.
Beulah and Myrtle B. spent the day with us May the 18, 1938.
Pauline Biggs and Millard Sheucraft married May 21, 1938 Saturday evening.

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May 1938

Irby and Elizabeth Hester Spent Saturday night with us May 21, 1938 and Hugh went home with them the next day, spent the day.

June 1938

A little child of Mary and Winford Lamberth died June 7, 1938.
Mrs. Mary Jackson died June 8, 1938.
Mrs. Barbee died June 14, 1938, lived in Portland.
Hugh and myself spent the night with Irby and Elizabeth Hester June 14, 1938.
Mr. Frank Briley ate dinner with us June 15, 1938.
Sallie Kelley died June 16, 1938, wife of Willie Kelly.
Fathers Day June 19, 1938 Rained.
Charlie L. Hassell died June 18, 1938, Age 56 years, a brother to Cora Sheucraft.
Dr. J. W. Thomas died June 21, 1938, age 61, Physican at Cross Plains.
Arthur Warren and Geneva Link married June 18, 1938.

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July 1938

Brother Virgil F. Johnson and wife spent July 4, 1938 with us.
Mrs. Alice Bowling and Dorothy Link spent 3, 4, and 5 with us July 1938.
Louise Hester spent 5 days with us July 1938.
Lorene Link Lawrence baby boy born July 5, 1938.
Mrs. Cora Howell fell and hurt her knee July 4, 1938.
Bill and Loueas Brinkley spent Saturday night with us July 9, 1938.
T. W. Briley and family came to see us July 10, 1938 in the eve Estell , Carney and baby too.
Myrtle B. Johnson and Lee Smith came to see us July 10, 1938.
James R. Allen died July 13, 1938, age 77 years, lives in Nashville.
Agnes and myself went to see Bill and Louease July 11, 1938, we came home 14.
I went to Harry's July 12, 1938.
Mrs. Lela Warren Hollis died July 19, 1938.

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July 1938

Ruth Linson broke her arm July 21, 1938.
Luther Armstrong 's little girl died July 19, 1938 age 2.
Morris Armstrong died July 21, 1938.
Mr. Ewin Howell had a sick spell July 24, 1938.
Harry Link and family spent July 24, 1938 with us.
Irby and Elizabeth Hester spent the day with us July 24, 1938.
Harry and Belle Link spent the night with Irby and Elizabeth, July 23, 1938.

Rean *(Irene)mj and myself went to see Mrs. L. B. Whtley July 25, 1938.
Birdie Strain's baby died July 26, 1938. (col)
Mr. Johns Greer cow died Sunday July 31, 1938.
Granville Link and family spent Sunday with Irby and Elizabeth Hester July 31, 1938.
Mary and the two little cats started home July 31, 1938.

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August 1938

I went to Harry's family Aug. 5, and I came home Aug 11, 1938.

I went to the new church Birdwell's Chapel, Sure did like the preacher, His name was *(blank, mj) Vernon.

Pleas Wright died Aug. 9, 1938.
John Cron died Aug. the 9 or 10, 1938 a brother of Claude Cron, he killed himself.
Robert Bradley and *(blank, mj) Hulsey married Aug. 1938.
Trustee Sale, Blonnie Linson's place, first ad.
Bill and Louise Brinkley moved to Gallatin, Tenn. Aug. 13, 1938.
Charlie M. Roney, Jr. and Kathleen Keller Married Aug. 14, 1938.
I went to Gallatin Monday Aug. 22, 1938.
Foree Justice moved to Old Hickory Aug. 24, 1938.
Charlie Johnson and Family came to Aunt Dora's Aug. 25, 1938 to a land sale.
Lucy Roney went to St. Thomas Hospital Aug. 21, 1938.

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August 1938

Bertha Link and Children came to see us Aug. 21, 1938, Link's reunion.
Bose Brown and Laura Suttle married Aug. 14, 1938.
Alice, Beulah and Earnest Bowling spent Sunday with us Aug. 28, 1938.
Irby and Elizabeth Hester spent Sunday with us Aug. 28, 1938.

Leonard Smart died Aug. 29, 1938, some one killed him in Chicago. He was brought home and Buried at Friendship grave yard in front of his Fathers Home. *(Leonard was the son of Dr. J. W. Smart)mj

September 1938

Dr. J. W. Smart's Birthday Sept 4, 1938 age 77 years.
Uncle Ben Woodards Masonic funeral Sept 4, 1938, he died Jan. 20, 1937.
Bettie Kemp went to the Hospital Sept 9, 1938.
Lorena ? and ? Sept 7, 1938. * (Illegible, mj)
Noel Woodard died Sept 9, 1938.
Ada Brinkley died Sept 9, 1938.
Blonnie's place sold Sept. 9, 1938.
I went to see Irby and Elizabeth Sept 5, and came home Sept 8, 1938.

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September 1938

Mrs. B. F. Duke went to the St. Thomas Hospital, Sept 1938.
Granville, Irene and Hugh went to the State Fair Sept. 21, 1938. Hugh saw a monkey for the 1st time.

Clifford Hester died Sept 24, 1938, son of Rodger Hester in Detroit.
Harvey Moore transferred to Hopkinsville Ky. Sept 20, 1938, a son of Andy Moore

October 1938

May Wilks Wright came to see me Oct. 2, 1938, First time I saw her in 40 years, I did not know her.

I went to see Harry and family Oct. 4, 1938.
John Johnson came down here Oct. 1, 1938.
Aunt Dora Johnson spent Sunday with us Oct. 2, 1938.

October 1938

Joe and Zoe Briley spent Sunday eve with us, Oct. 2, 1938

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October 1938

Belle Link and myself went to see aunt Cora Wilkerson and Fannie and Earline Moore Oct. 5, 1938, we had a real nice time.

I went with Alice and Beulah Bowling to see Aunt Emma Roberts, Mittie Payne and Myrtle B. Johnson Oct. 6, 1938.

I came home from Harry's Oct. 8, 1938.

Alice, Beulah Bowling, Belle Link and Myrtle B. Johnson spent the day with us and helped us quilt, Oct. 12, 1938.

Blanch Pond died Oct. 12, 1938.
Aunt Dora Johnson spent the day with us Oct. 9, 1938.
Moved Billie Wilkerson's store around Oct. 12, 1938.
Aunt Dora Johnson and her sister Missie Matherston spent the day with us. Oct 17, 1938.
Belle and Dorothy Lee Link spent the night with us Oct. 22, 1938.
Harry came the next day.
Elmore Broadrick and family came by here Oct. 23, 1938.
Irby and Elizabeth Hester was here and had to go home Oct. 23, 1938.

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October 1938

Joel W. Wilkerson and Ruby Ragland married Oct. 22, 1938.
Mr. Tom Keith died Oct. 28,1938, Curtis Keith's father.
Tim Callaway went to St. Thomas Hospital Oct. 31,1938.
Opal Callaway and Iney Gossett married Oct. 1938.
Harold Tate and * (Illegible, mj) married Oct. 30, 1938.
Alton Garrison went to the asylum Oct. 22, 1938.

November 1938

I went to see Dick and Icy Searcy Nov. 2, 1938.
I came home from Icy's Saturday eve., Nov. 5, 1938.
Mr. Albert Latimore died Nov. 4, 1938.
Aunt Emma Roberts died Nov. 8, 1938.
Cecil Lamberth house burned down Nov. 7, 1938.
Jessie O. Wilkerson back from Miss. Nov. 8, 1938.

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November 1938

I put my onions out Nov. 10, 1938, Thursday eve.
Mr. John Schallick died Nov. 12. 1938.
Hugh and my self went to see Harry Link and family Nov. 11, 1938.
Tim Callaway came home from the hospital Nov. 15, 1938.
Agnes Linson and myself went to see Tommie Hester's family Nov. 17, 1938.

Tommie and Vernon gave a birthday dinner, I was 66 years young, Nov. 18, 1938 and on Sunday the 20, we had 2 big opossums for dinner, they were fine.

Elizabeth Hester spent the night with us Nov. 22, 1938.
I went to see Mrs. Eliza Willmarth Nov. 3, 1938.
Mr. Duke taken sick Saturday night Nov. 19, 1938.

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November 1938

First snow fell Thanksgiving night Nov. 24, 1938.
Mable Greenarch's father died Nov. 19, 1938.
Second snow fell Nov. 26, 1938.
Agnes Woodrow and Vernon Linson was up here to hear the radio, Nov. 26, 1938.

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November 1938

Gladys Rodgers and Chester Jones married Nov. 26, 1938.
I went to see Irby and Elizabeth Hester Nov. 29, 1938, I saw Mrs. Clyde Broadrick there.
Mr. B. F. Duke died November 30, 1938 age 58 7;30 Wednesday morning.
Irby Hester moved to Mr. Broadricks Dec. 1, 1938.

December 1938

Mr. Duke carried the mail 20 years on Cottontown, Tenn. R#2, his funeral was at the Cottontown Baptist Church at 2:00 o'clock Thursday, burial at Gallatin Cemetery. He was on his route his last time Nov. 19, 1938 Saturday.

Mr. Frank Cunningham brought the mail Nov. 21, 1938.
Catherine Jackson and James Anderson Married Nov. 19, 1938.

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December 1938

Rev. Gus H. Austin died Dec. 2, 1938 Age 79 years,* (He married my in laws, the Johnson's) Retired General Baptist minister of Halltown Church. The Rev. J. R. Lewis and the Rev. Wendell Ensor officiated Masonic Rites. Burial at the new Graveyard Halltown.

Blonnie, Nannie Linson, Irene and myself went to see Aunt Maltilda Wilkerson Sunday Eve., Dec.4, 1938.

Aunt Dora Johnson and myself went to see Aunt Maltilda Wilkerson Dec. 5, 1938.

Mr. Willie Jackson died Dec. 7, 1938 age 78 years and 4 days, died Wednesday night, buried at Jake Links Cemetery, Friday Eve. at 1 o'clock, cold and snowing also was a bad day when his wife Miss Mary Jackson was buried June 8 1938, 6 months difference in their deaths liking one day. The Masons will take charge sometime later. Rev. J. A. Brown conducted he funeral.

Ruth Hale and Glenn Pond married Dec. 17, 1938.
Irby Hester came back home Dec. 21, 1938 to Thompsons.
Roy Dunlup died Dec. 1938.

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December 1938

Granville, Irene and Hugh Link went to Earnest Bowlings Sunday Eve. Dec. 25, 1938, ate supper with Harry, Belle and Dot and then spent the night with Earnest B.

Harry, Bell and Dot Link , Irby and Elizabeth Hester sent Xmas Day with us Dec. 25, 1938.

Irby Elizabeth Hester, Carney and Estelle Broadrick and son James W., spent the night with me, Dec. 25, 1938

Monday Dec. 26, 1938 , It rained all day, sure was a bad day.
Myrtle B. Johnson and Lee Smith married Dec. 24, 1938 Saturday Eve.
Mrs. Hettie Searcy Short died Dec. 24, 1938, age 60.

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December 1938

J. T. Brinkley and Frances Lamberth married Dec. 28, 1938.

Earnest, Beulah and Alice Bowling , Dean Johnson and Die McCarry ate supper with us Dec. 29, 1938.

Tommie Hester and family spent the day with us, Dec. 30,1938.

Helen Roney and Marion Hill married Dec. 31, 1938. *(Helen was a school mate of mine, at Portland, Tennessee.)

Agnes Woodrow and Vernon Linson and Roy Hardin came up to hear the radio Dec. 31, 1938.


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