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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary

1936 - 1937

 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



 (Page 76)

January 1936

Mr. T. W. Briley and family moved out to Mulloys, Friday Jan 12.1936.
Carney and Estelle Broadrick moved to Mulloys, Friday Jan 10, 1936.
Jim Wright died Jan 15, 1936, a brother of Esq. Tom Wright.
Larkin E. White died Jan. 17, 1936.
Mr. Young died Jan. 18. 1936, at White House, Tenn., a brother of Roda Birdwell.
Dr. William O. Floyd died Jan. 12, 1936, age 56, he saved my life at St. Thomas.
Mrs. Carl Link's little baby born Jan. 30, 1936.
Andy Moore moved to T. W. Briley's place Jan. 12,1936.
John Biggs and Pollie Short married Jan. 2, 1936.
Mrs. McRandles died Jan. 12, 1936, Mrs. Mary Briley's step mother.
Mrs. Frank Mooneyhan died Jan. 20, 1936.
Gladys Rodgers went to the Vanderbilt Hospital Jan. 29, 1936.
Got the 2 little pups Jan.2, 1936, Jeff and Mutt.

(Page 77)

February 1936

Winnie Jackson and Jack Raybin married Feb. 4, 1936.
Irby Hester moved to the Goodman place Feb. 1, 1936.
Mrs. Carl Link's baby born Feb. 1936.
*(maybe Jan 30, or Feb. 1)mj
We went to see Andy Moore's family Feb. 9, 1936 Sunday Eve.
I went to see Irby and Elizabeth, Feb. 12, 1936.
Mr. L. B. Whitley's mother died Feb 12, 1936.
Mr. W. C. Webborn died Feb. 11, 1936.
Joe Harrison and Chorine Lattimore married Feb. 8, 1936.
Gladys Rodgers came home from the Vanderbilt Hospital, Feb. 11, 1936.
Time out with the Tennessean Feb. 4, 1936, stopped Feb. 21, 1936.
Mr. Billy Legge died Feb. 22, 1936, age 74.
Mrs. Bennett White Eastner died Feb. 23, 1936.
James House moved in Blonnie Linson's house Feb. 16, 1936.
Carney and Estelle Broadrick move to T. W. house Feb. 2, 1936.

(Page 78)

March 1936

Leonard White and ------*(Molly)mj Green married March 14, 1936, a son of Joe White.
Harry Gillihand died March 15, 1936.
Claris Pitt died March 16, 1936, a daughter of Tom and Ivy Pitt.
Carnley White died March 20, 1936, a son of Lark White.
Calvin Briley died March 19, 1936, a brother to Frank Briley.
Ralph Whitley moved in the house with Aunt Dora Johnson, March 19, 1936.
Ike Schoat's baby died March 27, 1936.
Mr. Will Philips died March 31, 1936.
Arthur Hobdy died March 20, 1936.
Jim Bradley died March 20, 1936, a brother of John Bradley.
Mrs. Missouri Edison died March 27, 1936.
Jamie White died March 27, 1936, a daughter of Lark White.

(Page 78)

March 1936

Blonnie Linson moved on the corner Jake Crittenden's place March 28, 1936.
Ralph Whitley moved in Blonnie Linson's house March 28, 1936.

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April 1936

Bruno Richard Hamptman died April 3, 1936, kidnapped Lindberg baby.
Mr. Andy J. Warren died April 8, 1936.
Mrs. Ewing Howell moved on the corner April 13, 1936.
Mrs. Fannie Maude Schoat died Aril 13, 1936, a daughter of Mage Summers, age 40.
Mrs. Odell died April 20, 1936, age 92, Mrs. Tom Hall's mother.
Mrs. Bee Brown died Aril 10, 1936.
Little Sherley Greer died April 30, 1936, age 3, a daughter of Taylor Greer.
Frank Johnson died April 23, 1936, a son of Uncle Porter Johnson.
Murphy Suttle and Edd Hughes married April 27, 1936.


May 1936

Aunt Monkey Hester died May 2, 1936 age 85.
Irby Hester and wife and Bill Brinkley spent Mothers Day with us May 10, 1936.
Nola Johnson went to the Springfield hospital May 25, 1936.
Mrs. Dora Strain died May 27, 1936, wife of
*(Illegible, mj) Strain.

(Page, no number, but should be 80)

May 1936

Louise Linson and Bill Brinkley married May 30, 1936 Decoration Day.
Brady Link and Rose Lee Crew married May 30, 1936 Decoration Day.
Brodie Hardishell and Grubbs married May 1936.
Henry Covington died May 30, 1936.
Alma Rodgers and Bryant Biggs married May 30, 1936.

(Page 80)

June 1936

Jake Crittenden moved to Portland June 9, 1936.
Joe Byrns died June 4, 1936, Speaker of Congress.
Dr. Humphrey Bates W. S. M. Opry Dean died June 12, 1936, Friday night at 8 o'clock heart trouble age 62.

Frank Morris died June 13, 1936. (suicide)
Alford White and Velma Louise Armstrong married June 14, 1936.
Fathers Day June 21, 1936.
Mrs. Ellen A. Link died June 19, 1936 age 74, wife of J. T. Link.

(Page, no number, but should be 81)

June 1936

Lola May Bradley and Wilburn Empson married June 19, 1936. *(both dear friends of mine and Wilburn died about two weeks after my husband James D. passed away. They live just down the street from us. Lola May 's parents were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bradley.  Wilburn worked for the post office and Lola Mae taught school for many, many years in Portland. mj)

J. D. Johnson and Christine George married June 27, 1936. *(not my J. D., there were two of them, mj)

Irene Conquest went to the Springfield Hospital June 28, 1936.

(Page 81)

June 1936

Bessie Lou, Hallie Roney's horse died June 22, 1936, age 28.

(Page 81)

July 1936

Mrs. Rhoda Birdwell went to the hospital July 6, 1936.
B. K. little boy born July 1936. (Col)
Mrs. Irene Conquest came home from the hospital July 7, 1936.
Oscar Stone is head of the Possum Hunters in the place of Dr. Humphrey Bates.

Erby Dempsy killed his son July 4, 1936, a half brother of Mrs. Cassie Smart. *(Cassie was the second wife of Dr. J. W. Smart.) mj

Bobby Jones died July 17, 1936, a son of Dock Jones.
Henry Ford's birthday, July 30, 1936 age 73.

(Page, no number, but should be 82.)

August 1936

Oscar Braswell died Aug. 5, 1936, a son of Mrs. Cora Wilkerson.
I went to stay with J. T. Link June 21 and came home Aug. 11, 1936.
Mrs. Nan Lutan died Aug. 9, 1936.
Gordan Wilkerson and Sarah Adeline Blackmore married Aug. 15, 1936.
Arnett little girl of Inez Berry born Aug. 18, 1936.
The well on this place was dug in the year of 1889, Mr. Wyatt dug it.

(Page 82)

September 1936

Mr. Tim Tomlinson died Sept 6, 1936, age 90 yrs, 2 mo, 10 days.
Victor H. Link and Lura Harris married Sept 8, 1936.
Annie Rodgers went to the H. P. Sept 1936.
Carl Link went to the St. Thomas Hospital Sept. 1936.
I went to see John and Lucy Roney Sept 23 and came home the 26 at Portland, Tenn.
Myrtle B. Johnson went to the hospital at Nashville Sept 28, home 29, 1936.

(Page, no number, but should be 83.)

September 1936

Ruby Glen Thompson went to the St. Thomas Hospital Sept. 28, and came home 30, 1936. *(She is the daughter of Owen Thompson and sister to James O. Thompson.)

Morgan Thompson died Sept 24, 1936.

(Page 83)

October 1936

Nadine Rodgers and Lewis Parks married Oct. 4, 1936.
Mr. Stephen Wilkerson had a stroke Oct. 10, 1936.
Lloyd Grantham and Lula Hester married Oct. 10, 1936.
Mrs. Frank Sawyers died Oct. 9, 1936.
Peat Thompson and Nola Biggs married Oct. 1936.
Little baby of Irby and Elizabeth Hester born and died Oct. 15, 1936.
Put up Ellen Links Tombstone Oct. 28, 1936.
Elliott Greer's wife killed Oct. 31, 1936, killed by a car driving by Isa Freeman at Pleasant Valley Church.

(Page 83)

October 1936

* the well on this place was dug in the year of 1889, Mr. Wyatt dug it.

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November 1936

Rain, Sheet, Snow and Ice Nov. 4, 1936.
Larkin Dunn died Nov. 5, 1936.
Thurman Rodgers and Thelma Brinkley married Nov. 5, 1936.
Irby and Elizabeth Hester came to see us Nov. 1, and went home Nov. 6, 1936 - glad to see you Kids.
Snow again Nov. 26, 1936, second snow.
Louis Hester came to see us Nov. 25, 1936, Glad to see you, Louis.
Carney Broadrick and Estelle moved back from Tullahoma No. 1936.

(Page 84)

December 1936

Granville killed two hogs Dec. 12, 1936.
Blonnie Linson's mule died Dec. 11, 1936, Blonnie lost 2 mules in the year of 1936, the first one died some time in June.

Blonnie Linson moved back to his old Home Dec. 3, 1936.
Ralph Whitley moved to Macey Links house Dec. 2, 1936.

Page (no number) but should be 85

December 1936

Christine Hardin and Cleon Biggs married Dec. 5, 1936.
John Greer moved up on the corner Jake Crittendens place Dec. 7, 1936.
Myrtle Summers and Hazel E. Meadows married Dec. 24, 1936.
Harry Link moved to Earnest Bowling Dec. 16, 1936.
James Lennie Lawrence died Dec. 29, 1936.
Bobbie Link and J. W. Kimmins married Dec. 26, 1936 daughter of Allison Link.
Lovella Biggs and
*(left blank, William, mj) McCloud married Dec. 27, 1936.
Ralph Whitley Elected Operator of Links Telephone exchange, Dec. 30, 1936.
Jack Granville bought his wagon from Esq. T. W. Briley Dec. 30, 1936.
Shirley Delois Whitley born Dec. 21, 1936.

(Page no number)

January 1937

Irby Hester moved to Rayburn Berry's place Jan. 4, 1937.
Will and Rosie Ester moved to Billie Wilkersons place Jan 3, 1937.
Col. Gill Moore died Jan. 7, 1937 age 73, a brother of Dr. Will P. Moore.
Mrs. Zemro White died Jan. 23, 1937.
I went home with Mrs. Alice Bowling Sunday Jan. 17, and came home Jan. 23, 1937.
Mr. K. T. Abbott and Ina Lamberth married Jan. 23, 1937.
Blonnie Linson Father came to see him Jan. 29, 1937.

February 1937

Mr. Marion Meritt died Feb. 6, 1937.
Norman Searcy and
*(blank, mj) Hodges *(Helen)mj married Feb. 6, 1937
I had a sick spell Feb. 6, 1937, Dr. Smart came to see us.
Lola May Clubbs died Feb., 16, 1937, age 20, Luther Clubbs, wife.
Owen Poole and Evie Lee Jones married Feb. 21, 1937.
Mitchell Summers and Hellen Birdwell Married Feb. 24, 1937.

(No page no.)

March 1937

Icy Bell Briley died March 10, l937.
Miss Bettie Matheson came to Aunt Dora Johnson, March 20, 1937.
Mr. Stephen Wilkerson died March 20, 1937.
Mrs. Sallie Martin died March 20, 1937.

Dorothy Lee Link spent the night with Mrs. Alice Bowling March 18, 1937, the 1 night she ever stayed away from home age 10.

Albert Mosley died March 27, 1937, K. Miller Hardins husband.
Irby and Elizabeth and Dot Link and Mrs. Alice Bowling spent the night with us, March 27, 1937 and Easter Sunday.

Harry and Belle, Dot Link and Mrs. Alice Bowling spent the day with us in the eve, Vernon Link, Louis Hester and Horace Ray called to see us.

Aubrey Wiseman got hurt March 27, 1937, got his leg broken in a car wreck.*(half brother to J. W. Wiseman)

Mr. Jim Lawrence died March 29, 1937.

 * It is said that a chicken louse hatched today is capable of being a great grandpa before the sun sets tomorrow evening. If you catch him in his youth, you'll have to hustle. * (a little note at the bottom of the page, mj)  

(No Page number)

April 1937

Mr. Joe White died April 2, 1937.
Mr. Charlie Groves died April 3, 1937 age 64.
Born to John and Ola Greer April 5, 1937 a boy.
Ruby Tucker Groves Died April 4, 1937.
Born to Annie Lou Lamberth twin girls April 2, 1937.
*(Jane and Jenette, father's name Floyd Lamberth)mj

Mr. George B. Howell died April 7, 1931, a brother of Ewing Howell.

(No page no.)

March 1937

I spent the day with Aunt Dora Johnson and her sister Miss Matherson, April 8, 1937.
Perry Link died April 9, 1937 age 81.
Uncle Mike Jackson died April 9, 1937 age 88.
Mr. H. J. Henson died April 14, 1937.
I came home from Harry's April 15, 1937.
Johnnie Summers moved to Springfield, Tennessee April 29, 1937.

(No page no.)

May 1937

Delvin Cook and Gerldine Pitt married May 2, 1937.
A Birthday dinner at Mr. Clyde Broadrick's May 23, 1937.
A third son born to Lindberg and Ann May 12, 1937
*(Illegible, mj) name.
Built the new toilet May 15, 1937.
John D. Rockerfeller died May 23, 1937 age 95.
Edd Albright died May 25, 1937.
Virginia Walker went to the St. Thomas Hospital May 29, 1937.
Goodman's trial May 22, 1937.  Put out Joe White's boys.

June 1937

Earline Bradley and Billie Moore married June 5, 1937.
Cleaned the Jake Link grave yard off June 5, 1937. 1st. Saturday
Louis Hester came to see us June 4, 1937.

July 1937

Mrs. Eva Trout died July 1, 1937 age 51 years, 6 mo. and 3 da.

Elizabeth, Vernen and Louis Hester spent the day with us July 26, 1937 and in the eve Mrs. Cora Howell , all had a good time.

(Page no number)

August 1937

Mr. Jim Alex Honeycutt died Aug. 19, 1937.
Myrtle B. Johnson went to the Hospital Aug. 13, 1937.
Alpin Morgan died Aug. 15, 1937, age 12 years.
The Link reunion Aug. 15, 1937.
Richard Jones died Aug. 20, 1937, age 36, a brother of Dock Jones.
Lenora Link Thornburg died Aug. 20, 1937, a sister to Sanford Link.
Association at Hall Town Church Aug. 20,21 and 22, 1937.
Mr. Neal B. Suttle went to the Vanderbilt H. P. Aug. 25, 1937.

September 1937

Elizabeth Hester sick Sept 3, 1937, Irene and myself went up there.
Dr. John W. Smart's Birthday, Sept. 4, 1937 age 76.
Jack and Nannie Briley spent the day with us Sept, 5, 1937.

(Page 81, pages mixed)

September 1937

Marron Griffin died Sept. 5, 1937, a brother to N.C. Griffin age 77.
Mr. John Brinkley died Sept 14, 1937, a brother to Esq. George Brinkley.
Aunt Dee Tomlinson died Sept 19, 1937.
Virgil and Lillie Johnson came to see us Sept 19, 1937.

(Page 81)

October 1937

Mr. France Suttle died Oct. 4, 1937, age 89 years 11 mo and 14 days.
Charlie Johnson came home Wednesday Oct. 6, 1937.
Miss Ida Bennett Fergurson Oct. 8, 1937.
The Big rain fell Oct. 4, 1937, ruined some of Granville's cane in the bottom by the road.
Mr. Neal Suttle died Oct. 16, 1937, age 54 -1-26 Saturday at noon.
Mrs. Ida Fergurson died Oct. 8, 1937 age 51.
Agnes Poole and
*(Illegible, mj) married Oct. 10, 1937.
Mr. A. W. Berry had a stroke, Oct. 14, 1937.
Mr. A. W. Berry died Oct. 19, 1937, age 75.

(No page no)

November 1937

Mrs. Rhoda Birdwell died Nov. 1, 1937.
Andy Erwin died Nov. 10, 1937 age 69.
Born to Thurman and Thelma Rodgers Nov. 11, 1937, a girl.
Tommie Hester and family and Granville Link and family spent the day with Irby and Elizabeth Hester Nov. 14, 1937.

Mrs. Lena Estes died Nov. 17, 1937, age 54.
Clinard Pond died Nov. 18, 1937, age 15, a son of Sam Pond.
First Snow fell Nov. 16, 1937, cold , snow and rain.

My. Birthday Nov. 18, 1937, age 65, Elizabeth was my guest in the afternoon, Irene and Elizabeth went up to Mr. John Greers, his sister Lena was a "corpse".

Mrs. Mary Brown wife of Bose Brown died Nov. 18, 1937. She was a sister of Mr. Neal Suttle, just 1 month and one day difference in their deaths.

Second snow fell Nov. 19, 1937.

(Page ?)

November 1937

Born to Jessie and Etheline Wilkerson Nov. 20, 1937 a girl.
Harry Link killed hogs Nov. 22, 1937.
Nov. 28, 1937 turned cold Saturday night and Sunday cold and tried to snow.
Mr. L. B. Whitley's young cow died Nov. 29, 1937 ate tobacco.
Sent for Calendars Nov. 29, 1937.
Towser, Blonnie Linson Dog, died Nov. 30, 1937 age about 4.

(Page ?)

December 1937

Walter Fry died Dec. 3, 1937, a cousin of Tom Briley Esq.
Sunday Dec. 5, 1937 trying to snow, cold! Yes

December 1937

Mr. Virg. Lamberth died Dec. 8, 1937, age 74.
O. D. Moore died Dec. 12, 1937 age 70, he was a brother of Dr. Will Moore.
Nadine Link Hornburger Died Dec. 17, 1937, age 20.
Addie Kelley Suttle died Dec. 16, 1937 age 50.
Granville killed hogs Dec. 21, 1937.
Elroy Edwards died Dec. 24, 1937, a nephew of Mr. Clyde Broadrick.
Ola Pool and Julus Lerghman married Dec. 25, 1937.

(No page no)

December 1937

Erline Lamberth and Homer A. Eden married Dec. 27, 1937. *(she is the sister of Wayne Lamberth and Homer Eden is the son of Homer and Lee Belcher Eden.)mj

Noble Briley and Tinker Cotton married Dec. 23, 1937.
Mary Shallic and Snow Hobdy married Dec. 23, 1937.

Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 1937, all of my boys and their family and Vernon Link and his family spent the day with us, hope we can do that Dec. 25, 1938.

My new Calendars came from New York, Dec. 20, 1937.  
Etheline Wilkerson and children came in from Miss. to spend Xmas, Dec. 22, 1937.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Broadrick and children had supper with us Dec. 1937.
Tommie Hester and family spent the night with us Dec. 29, 1937.
Blonnie Linson and wife and little girl Elizabeth had supper with us Dec. 31, 1937.
Irene got her radio Dec. 29, 1937.


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