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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



(Page 54)

January 1934

John Groves died Jan. 1, 1934.
Edwin Roberts moved Jan. 1, 1934.
John Gass moved Jan. 1, 1934.

Gretner Johnson and Nelson Fromm married Jan 6, 1934. (I knew Mr. Fromm when I was a teller at the Farmers bank and he was a regular customer, he was a gentleman. mj)

Borned to Leo and Irene Rodgers, January 10, 1934 a girl.

Jim Draper died Jan. 15, 1934.
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthday Jan. 30, 1934 age 52 years.

February 1934

Wes Rodgers went to the St. Thomas hospital Feb. 5, 1934.
Ralph Wilkinson died Feb. 7, 1934 age 30 years.
Lee Rodger's house burned down Feb. 9, 1934.

Vernon and Estelle Briley had the measles. Feb. 5 and 6, lasted them quite a while, sick Yes Lord.  (Vernon and Estelle are the son and daughter of T. W. and Lizzie Kirby Briley and Estelle is the mother of Lenore Broadrick Durrett, who has the scrapbook of Miss Lizzie Briley. mj)

Col. Charles Lindbergh's birthday Feb. 5, 1934 age 32 years.

(Page 55)

February 1934

Irby Hester went to bed with the measles Feb. 17, 1934.
Mr. Josh Fox died Feb. 15, 1934.
Mrs. Julia Shaw Goostree died Feb. 21, 1934 age 72.
Luther Lamberth twin baby's born and died Feb. 23, 1934.

Feb. 24, 25, and 26 and some bad weather. It snowed, rained, thundered and lightening and sure was to bad to get around.

Mr. Wade Wilkerson died Feb. 27, 1934 age 80.  
Weslie Rodgers came home from the St. Thomas hospital, Feb. 22, 1934.

Hugh Link went to bed with the measles Feb. 28, 1934 ("Miss Mary's" grandson and son of Granville and Irene Link. mj)

J. W. Bunch died Feb. 27, 1934, a son in law of Aurther Biggs.

March 1934

Ora Legge and Tom Starks married March 3, 1934.
Hershel Legge and Clara Buntin married March 3, 1934. A double wedding, married by Esq. T. M. Briley.

(Page 56)

March 1934

Rosa Kriby and *(blank, mj) Adcox married M *(blank, mj) 1934.  
Mrs. Blanch Donoho died March 3, 1934, Mr. Jim's wife.
Luther Lamberth 's wife died March 3, 1934.
Jessie Wilkerson birthday March 3, 1934 age 47.
Mrs. Mary Jane Buntin died March 6, 1934 age 88.
Clara Ruth Hodges Crafton's little baby born March 4, 1934.
Dr. Luther Lanier died March 31, 1934 died in California.

(Page 56)

March 1934

Victor Wise and Rebecca (Louise) Whiteside married March 31, 1934.  (Rebecca married Victor Wise and Louise is her sister, a little confusion here. mj)

Vernon Wise and Mildred Wright married March 31, 1934. Victor and Vernon are twin brothers. (a double wedding mj)

A heavy rain and sleet March 19, 1934, did damage to the trees and telephone lines, sure cold times.

(Page 57)

April 1934

Mrs. Frank Link died April 6, 1934 age 77, mother in law of Tom Durham at Gallatin, Tennessee.
Rosco Bonds and Robert S. Webb drowned in Cumberland river April 18, 1934.
Robert S. Webb's body found April 19, 1934.
Roscoe Bonds body found April 20, 1934, 2 hundred yards from Webb's body was found.
Walter Schoat and Pina Yarbough married April 23, 1934.

May 1934

I went to J. T. Links May 12, 1934 and came home to stay Sept 12, 1934.
Jim Wilks died May 5, 1934.
Ollie Ford died May 9, 1934.
Ellen Link had a stroke May 13, 1934, Mothers Day.
Mrs. Birdwell went to the P. hospital May 3, 1934.
Jessie Whitfield and Virginia Lane married May 13, 1934.

(Page 58)

May 1934

Stan Lamberth and Nannie Wilkerson married May 28, 1934.
Mr. Wiseman died May 27, 1934.
Mrs. Nola Berry
*(blank, mj) Keen married May 19, 1934.  
Mrs. Tint Jernigan died May 23, 1934.

June 1934

Jim Cunningham died June 3, 1934, a brother of Mrs. Mike Jackson.
Mrs. Lizzie Harper died June 4, 1934, second wife of Marshall Harper.
Mr. Wiley Biggs died June 5, 1934.

Estelle Briley went to St. Thomas hospital June 15, 1934, very sick and came home June 28, 1934.  (daughter of T. W. and Lizzie Briley mj)

Dona Wilkerson died June 27, 1934, wife of Alvin Wilkerson. (suicide)
James Pleasant and Mildred Suttle married June 9, 1934.
Edna Frakes died June 11, 1934, age 57.

(Page 59)

June 1934

Henderson Wilkerson came home from the T. B. Hospital June 28, 1934.
Henderson Wilkerson died July 6, 1934.

Mrs. Delia Empson and Mary L. Hester went to see Uncle Tom's Cabin on screen at Fairmont June 28, 1934, had a fine time.

J. D. Griffin and Mary Geavhiser married June 9, 1934, his second wife.
Jean Haggard and
*(blank, mj) married June 2, 1934, Dr. W. D. Haggard's daughter.

(Page 59)

July 1934

Melvin White and M. C. Anderson married July 12, 1934, a baby born at their home Oct. 4, 1934.
Aunt Patsy Link died July 10, 1934.
Lizzie Martin Rainwater died July 11, 1934.
John Dillinger was killed July 23, 1934, he was a gangster.
Alma Jackson went to the P. hospital July 3, 1934, and Alma came home July 26, 1934, a short stay.

Govnor Henry H. Horton died July 2, 1934.

(Page 60)

July 1934

John and Della Link came in July 24, 1934 and went back home July 26, 1934.
Louise Link went to the P. hospital July 19, 1934, back home July 27, 1934.
 (Protestant Hospital, mj)

Joe Light and Corine Lamberth married July 10, 1934.
Irby Dempsey killed his son July 4, 1934.
Callie Pitt George died July 14, 1934.

August 1934

Eunic Watkins died Aug. 14, 1934.

Norman Briley and Christine Suttle married Aug. 10, 1934.  (Norman Briley is the son of Sam and Pearl Briley and brother to Olean Briley Durrett (my sister in law) Christine is the daughter of Mr. Tom Suttle. mj)

Link reunion Aug. 19, 1934.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bowling came down home Aug. 18, 1934.
Lillie Hardin died Aug. 30, 1934.

Wayne Bradley and Diana Brewer married Aug. - 1934.  (Wayne is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bradley, brother of Lawrence Bradley and Lola M. Bradley Empson, mj)

Homer Van Meter killed Friday morning Aug. 25, 1934, he was a member of John Dillinger gangster.

Pretty Boy Floyd killed Oct. 22, 1934,Charles Makley died Sept 23, 1934, Harry Prespont died Oct. 17, 1934, all gangsters.

(Page 61)

September 1934

Virgil Johnson wife and granddaughter Dot Hall came to see us Sept 9, 1934.
I came home to stay from J. T. Links Sept. 12, 1934.
Mildred Harry and Charlie Cox married Sept. 1934.
Lucy Pond died Sept 18, 1934, wife of John Pond living in Robertson Co.
Rev. S. V. Dorris died Sept. 1934.
Born to Sammie and Viola Link a boy Sept 15, 1934.
Sue Culbreath Biggs baby born Sept 20, 1934.
Nannie Belle Linson sick at Charlie Hardins Sept. 30, 1934.

October 1934

Clarance Wilkerson and Joan Conley married Oct. 23, 1934.  
Henry Warren went to Louisville, Ky hospital Oct. 16, 1934 and came home Oct 27, 1934.

(Page 61)

October 1934

Ruby B. died Oct. 27, 1934 and buried Nov. 1, 1934 age 21 years.

(Page 62)

October 1934

Louise Link and Floyd Suttle married Oct. 1, 1934.
Mrs. Bill Greer died Oct. 9, 1934.
Eurin Shoecraft  
(Sheucraft) and Lillian Summers. Married Oct. 13, 1934.
William Wesley Rogers died Oct. 19, 1934.
James ( Bud) Summerville died Oct. 4, 1934.
Myrtle B. Johnson came to see us Oct 15, 1934, and went home Oct. 21. 1934.
Ammon Camplin moved to Rabern Berry's place Oct. 17, 1934.
I went to see Uncle Porter Johnson, Mary Johnson , Bill Bowling, J. T. and Ellen Link Oct. 17, 1934.

Dr. Humphrey Bate at Clear View, Oct. 12, 1934.

November 1934

Onie Bradley died Nov. 10, 1934.
I went to see Harry and family Nov. 15, 1934, came home the 17, 1934.
Born to Harlin and Pauline Eidson, a boy Nov. 11, 1934.

(Page 63)

November 1934

Charlie Whitley and Violet Tate married Nov. 9, 1934.

Maynard Briley and Edna Keith married Nov. 1934.  (Maynard Briley is the son of Sam and Pearl Brilely and brother to Olean Briley Durrett , my sister in law. Olean passed away at age 58 with a brain tumor. mj)

Luther Link son of Uncle Dock Link died Nov. 25, 1934, better name Bud.
Baby Face Nelson died Nov. 26, 1934, gangster.
Moved S. M. Griffin and J. D. Griffins wife to Gallatin, Tenn. was buried at Walnut Grove Church Nov. 1934.

December 1934

Mrs. Isabel Braswell died Dec. 16, 1934, Mrs. Cora Wilkerson's mother.
Ethlene Wilkerson's little baby born Dec. 18, 1934 name Evelyn Sue.
Mrs. Henry Link died Dec. 18.1934.
Roy Roach and Jewell Hale married Dec. 20, 1934.
Malcomb Parmer and Clara Pearl Wallace married Dec. 22, 1934.
Estelle Briley and Carney Broadrick married Dec. 22, 1934, Saturday night at Franklin, Ky.  Estelle is the daughter of T. W. and Lizzie Briley.

*(Illegible, mj) White died Dec. 6, 1934.  

(Page 64)

December 1934

Boughes Huse died Dec. 20,1934.  
Mrs. Iva Garrison died Dec. 24, 1934, a sister of Ova Jackson.
Dr. J. T. Spain's wife died Dec. 23, 1934.
Lucille Hall and Virgil Ostean married Dec. 24, 1934.
John A. Hale and Alma Wilkerson married Dec. 29, 1934.
Vernon Wendt and
*(blank, mj) Kelley married Dec. 22, 1934.  

(Page 64)

December 1934

Muriel Link and Ward Austin Dec. 1934.


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