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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary


 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



(Page 35)

January 1932

Mr. Henry Appling died January 3, 1932 age 71 years.
I went back Vanderbilt hospital Jan. 6, 1932.
Killed hogs Jan. 7, 1932.
Gayther May's died Jan. 16, 1932 age 19, died at Vanderbilt hospital.
Francis Rogers and Alma Poole married January 18, 1932.
Back to the Vanderbilt hospital Jan. 27, 1932.
Miss Eddie Porter died Jan. 27, 1932, sister to Charlie Porter at Nashville, Tennessee.

(Page 36)

February 1932

George Eidson and Elsie May Rogers married Feb. 6, 1932.
Pleas Wright's wife died Feb. 6, 1932, she was Ocie Riggsby.
Oliver Miller and Loree Keith married Feb. 6, 1932.
Mr. Edward Bradly died Feb. 13, 14 1932 he was sick for a long time.
Ticket agent at Fountain Head, Tenn. For the L and N. R. R.

March 1932

Delbert Link's mule died March 1, 1932.

Blonnie Baldridge died March 2, 1932 age 37. Baldridge was killed by Oliver Lanchester, his age 25.  (This is the father of Little Dorothy Baldridge who died in 1931 at the age of 8.  Lanchester and Baldridge got into a argument in the field and Lanchester struck Baldridge in the head with a grubbing hoe.  mj)

George Parkes moved his mill of off the creek, March 2nd 1932. *(Typed as read, mj) 
Tom Pitt's mill came to Jake Crittendin's place March 2nd, 1932.
*(Typed as read, many times small grist mills were taken to farms for those who might not be able to travel to the larger mills. mj)

Harlen Eidson and Pauline Rogers married March 5, 1932.

(Page 37)

March 1932

Little son of Col Charles A. Lindberghs kidnapped March 1st,1932.
Found the little Lindbergh baby May 12, 1932 found him dead. The baby was 20 months old.
Born to Charles Lindbergh and wife a second son, Aug. 17, 1932.
Owen Bates killed his brother Johnny Bates 28, March7, 1932 and stray shot his aged grandfather Calvin Briley, 75 years.  

Orvell Wilkerson died March 26, 1932.
Oliver Lanchester was carried to the Aslum March 16, 1932.
Helen Virginia Kerley died March 29, 1932, age 13 Daughter of Charlie Kerly at Portland.
Clara Lamberth house burned down March 30, 1932.
F. C. Enders and Mrs. Minnie Dickson married March 29, 1932.

April 1932

Eula Lee Fisher and John Hester married April 2, 1932.
I came home April 8, 1932, left March 29 got home sick for God's sake.

(Page 38)

April 1932

April rained all day and night.
Russell Link's wife Irene and little girl Mabel spent the day with me April 18, 1932.
Mrs. Mary Culbreath died April 17, 1932 buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park Nashville, Tennessee age 78 years.

Louise Berry died April 17, 1932, age 10 years, a child of Melvin Berry.
Harry ate dinner with me April 18, 1932.
Irby carried Miss Bettie Matherson home from Aunt Dora Johnson's April 18, 1932.
Nannie Belle Linson and Irene Link went to Springfield, Tennessee to see the sights on the tobacco floors, had a swell time they say April ?, 1932.

Will Halcomb and Ursie Reasonover were married April 12, 1932.
Mrs. Mollie Kelley died April 30, 1932 age 59 years.

(Page 39)

April 1932

On Monday April 25, 1932 in the afternoon a storm swept through our neighbor hood, did damage to Mr. Whitley, John Summers, Tom Briley, Robb and Jess Summers, John White and Charlie Belcher and Larkin White.  (Charlie Belcher was the son of Newton Belcher.  mj)

And on April 29 it rained all night the waters did a lot of damage on the creek. Blonnie Linson suffered damage.

May 1932

Harry and Belle and Dot Link spent the night with us May 6, 1932, Irene and Hugh Link went home with them, May 7th and Sunday was MOTHERS day, rained I must say.

Luther Clubbs and Lola May Medows married May 5, 1932.
Novis Briley and Lorene Lamberth married May 7, 1932.
(Novis is the brother of Olean Briley Durrett (my sister in law) and Maynard and Norman Briley.  His parents were Sam and Pearl Briley.  mj)

Cleo Link and Marima Whitley married May 19, 1932, Cleo was 21 on that wedding day.
Elia Withmarth went home May 22nd 1932, spent 1 week with us.

(Page 40)

June 1932

Tom Pitts mill move away from here June 2nd 1932.
Johnnie Wilkerson and Charles H. Street married June 5, 1932.
Mr. L. B. Whitley moved to his new home June 8th and 9th, 1932 called the O. D. Ray place.
Luther Clubbs moved in at Aunt Dora Johnson's little house June 9, 1932.
Irene and Mary called on Mr. L. B. Whitley's family June 12, 1932.

Luther D. Kirby died at Nashville, Tenn. June 13, 1932 age 46. He left a wife and 6 children. He was buried at Portland, Tenn. June 14, 1932. His pallbearers was his friends of the Tennessee Electric Power Co. B. L. Griffin, T. C. Jackson, W. E. Toon, E. S. Wilkerson, Henry Riggsbee and W. F. Nelson. ( Special request for Pallbears to wear full uniform)

Eugene Summers born June 14, 1932, son of Lee and Eldon Summers.
Guss Short died June 29, 1932.

July 1932

3 cents stamp law passed July 6, 1932, put 3 cts. on your letters if you please and I don't mean may be.

(Page 41)

July 1932

Dr. Law's wife died July 3, 1932 age 35, name Gladys.
Charlie E. Buntin died July 3, 1932 age 52.
Mr. Amos Moore died July 14, 1932 age 71.
W. C. Gibson died July 18, 1932. ( Ida Gilbert's second husband)
Rogers reunion July 17, 1932.
Bill A. Johnson died July 22, 1932 age 54. (suicide)
Rosie Summers baby born July 21, 1932, the county nurse carried the Baby to Gallatin for treatment July 23, 1932

Mr. and Mrs. Whitley came to see us July 19, 1932 Sunday evening.
Dr. Smart came to see me July 2, 1932.  Harry brought me home from his home, Macy and Maude Link was here Sunday eve.

Ophelia Biggs Moore died July 26, 1932.
Mrs. Sis Livingston died July 30, 1932.
Aunt Dizie Johnson died July 30, 1932 age 93.
Mr. John Griffin died July 31, 1932, ? Pond's Father.

(Page 42)

August 1932

Uncle Taylor Link died Aug. 6, 1932.
Owen Lane and son Harry got hurt Aug. 4, 1932 also a Mr. Gossett
. *(Herbert Gossett, Owen Lane did not have a son named Harry. mj)

Well Ladies and Gentleman, I Mary Hester voted my second time in life age 60, Aug. 4, 1932 and I am here to say it is my last time. So I do say fare-well on Election Day.

Ray Cole and Betrice Moore married Aug. 6, 1932.
The Link reunion was Aug. 21, 1932.
A second son born to Charles Lindbergh and wife Aug. 17?, 1932.  
Virgil Johnson and Lillie and Bertha came to see me Aug. 14, 1932.

Owen Lane died Aug. 22, 1932, age 38 yrs 4 mo. and 24 days. *( husband to Myrtle Cannon Lane and left four small children, Chester, Christine, Billy and Betty twins. mj)

Dr. W. D. Haggard's wife died Aug. 29, 1932 Age 32.
Minerie? Link and Madlen D rigg? Aug. 15, 1932.  
*(Illegible, mj)

(Page 43)

August 1932

Mt. Pleasant Association was Aug. 26, 27 and 28 , 1932.
J. D. Griffin 's wife died Aug. 30, 1932.
Total Eclipse of the sun Aug. 31, 1932.

September 1932

On the 16th of September 1932, a hail storm came and did a heavy damage to the tobacco Crop.
Robert C. Link died Sept 27, 1932, age 47, He is a brother to Dr. Marshell Link.

(Page 43)

October 1932

Paul Atchison and Edith Faullin married Oct. 5, 1932, a starlight wedding.
Will Suttle second wife died Oct. 7, 1932.
Born to John and Nellie Gass a boy, Oct. 12, 11932 James Roy.

(Page 44)

October 1932

Born to Sammie and Viola Link a girl Oct. 18, 1932, died Oct. 18, named Maxine.
Zoe Briley gave me the Black Clock Oct. 24, 1932.
Lunnie Clubbs moved to Mr. Walker's place Oct. 29, 1932.

November 1932

John C. Goodman and family left here Nov 10, 1932.
I went to see Harry, Belle and Dot Nov. 6, 1932.
Mrs. Minerva Stout died Nov. 6, 1932 age 84.
John T. Little died Nov. 8, 1932 age 63.
1st snow fell Nov. 11, 1932.
Bessie May Lamberth and Brady Kelly married
*(blank, mj) 1932.
Leut. Lon Redmond died Nov. 14, 1932, age 53.

(Page 45)

December 1932

Dr. B. W. Law and Ruth Dorris married Dec. 5, 1932.
Naomi Groves Wright died Dec. 23, 1932, daughter of Mrs. Charlie Groves.
Dr. Will P. Moore died Dec. 23, 1932 age 75 years.
Neely Wright McDuffie died Dec. 25, 1932 daughter of Ples Wright.
Mrs. Dora Gass Mother died Dec. 25, 1932.
Uncle Bob Evans went to the Vanderbilt Hospital Dec. 23, 1932, Uncle Bob died Jan. 6, 1933.
Beulah May Hardin and John Auther Groves married Dec. 24, 1932.
Guilford Johnson and Mildred Wiseman married Dec. 26, 1932.
(Mildred "Tis" Wiseman was the daughter of J. W. and Tempie Lane Wiseman, part owner of Wilkerson and Wiseman Funeral Home in Portland, Tenn. Guilford was the son of M. L. (Luther) and Lela Smart Johnson and a brother to my late husband J. D. Johnson.  My dear sister in law passed away on March 22, 2002. mj)

We killed hogs Dec. 15, 1932.
Harry Link moved to Oren Thompson's Dec. 22, 1932.
Bill Goodman moved to his new home Dec. 29, 1932, bought from Oren Thompson.
Loyd Wilkerson and
*(blank, mj) Jones married Dec. 24, 1932.  

Good By 1932.

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