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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary

1928 - 1929  

 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter



(Page 4)

January 1928

Paul Searcy died Jan. 5, 1928.
Maggie Searcy Moore little baby died Jan. 6, 1928.
Lou Griffin died Jan 10, 1928.
Edna Hester wife of Al Hester died Jan. 11, 1928. (suicide)  *(Her husband was killed by Virgil Butt, mj)

Granville G. Link and Irean Bowling married Jan. 15th 1928. (Sunday)
Uncle John Hester died Jan. 17, 1928. A brother of James W. Hester.

February 1928

Ollie Lamberth died Feb. 14, 1928, buried at Walnut Grove Feb. 16, 1928.

Mrs. Cyntha Austin died Feb. 16, 1928, died at St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tenn., buried New Hall Town Grave Yard.  *(Cynthia McGlothlin Austin was the wife of Rev. Gus Austin. mj)

Mrs. Annie Moore died Feb. 24, 1928, burial at Hopewell Church.
Saddie Morris Cole died Feb. 18, 1928.
Milton Widick died Feb. 28, 1928.

(Page 5)

March 1928

Emma Hall died March 1, 1928, buried at Walnut Grove.
Mr. Dillard died March 11, 1928, buried at the Boyd home on the L. and N. Pike.
Mr. George Greer died March 31, 1928 buried at Mt. Olive, Nashville, Tenn.
Bill Wilkerson opened his store March 24, 1928.

April 1928

Ottie Briley died April 5, 1928, buried at T. W. Briley's Place called the Briley Grave Yard.
Abb Pond died April 4, 1928.
Bill Wilson was killed by Dempsy Briley April 9, 1928.
Mr. Ceaton Cole died April 27, 1928.
Sold our good ole dog Tige April 24, 1928, sold to a man in Illinois.
Charlie Brewer died April 21, 1928, buried at the Brewer Graveyard on the L and N Pike.
Oscar Berry died April 21, 1928, buried at Portland, Tenn.

(Page 6)

April 1928

Mrs. Andrew Mays died April 28, 1928.
Turner Johnson died April 29, 1928, his wife Lena Johnson died June 18, 1946.

May 1928

Mrs. Sudie Elks died May 4, 1928.
C. P. Hardaway died May 4, 1928.
Mrs. Fannie May Choate died May 4, 1928.
J. T. Link rote
*(wrote, mj) up the fire insurance policy May 4, 1928.
Walter Link got hurt May 13, 1928.
Alice McDole died May 4, 1928.
Mrs. Hunter died May 16, 1928 died at Ral Roney's home.
Mr. Billie Pond died May 11, 1928.
Cecil Lamberth little child died May 15, 1928.
Ellis Mooneyhan died May 10, 1928 a twin girl.

(Page 6)

Mrs. Zoe Briley's little boy born May 15, 1928, Russell.

(Page 7)

May 1928

Prof. A. T. Jackson died May 13, 1928.

June 1928

Mr. John Elvis Briley died June 9, 1928.
Wesley Walker and Beaunie Poole married June 16, 1928.
The big rain fell June 28, 1928, highest I ever saw the waters and I have been here 30 years.
Mr. John Gamble died June 29, 1928, died in the County House.
Mr. Nick Griffin died June 1, 1928.

Mr. Jim Smart died June 4, 1928, a brother of Dr. J. W. Smart.  *(James Marion Smart (Jim) was born June 10, 1864 and was the father of my mother in law Lela Smart Johnson and husband of Nina Belcher Smart. mj)

A little child of Please Searcy died June 1928.
A little child of Mrs. Ottie Briley died June 12, 1928.
A little child of Prodis Pearson died June 1928.

(Page 8)

July 1928

Mrs. Eliza Willmarth went home July 1, 1928.
Mr. Ike Groves died July 7, 1928.

Born to Mr. And Mrs. Owen Lane, twins, a girl and a boy, named them Bettie Sue and Billie Hugh, Portland Doodes *(They also had two other children, Chester and Christine (Mrs. Paul Allen West) mj

Dr. Will P. Moore went to St. Thomas Hospital July 1, 1928.
Mrs. Sis Summers died July 12, 1928, wife of Bill Summers.
Elmer Hunter died July 13, 1928, age 18 years 6 mos. and 10 days, died at Memphis, Tennessee. buried at the Jake Link grave yard, Sunday 15, 1928.

Little Ruby Linson got scalded July 14, 1928, age 3 years, 4 mos. and 21 days.
Buried at Jake Link graveyard, July 19 at 12 o'clock Thursday, Little Ruby left her little twin sister Ruth.

(Page 9)

July 1928

Dasie Link went to the Vanderbilt hospital July 11, 1928.
Rogers reunion July 15, 1928.
Miss Minnie Briley died July 19, 1928.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Suttle twin babys died July 10, 1928.

August 1928

Mr. Dick Moore died Aug. 2, 1928, a Portland Bank man.
Mrs. Lizzie Briley and Mrs. Florence Meritt came to see me Aug. 7, 1928.
First time I had seen Florence in 22 years, know her, No I did not.

My brother Virgil and his wife and grandchild, Dot Hall, Harry and Bettie and their little baby, Dot and Robert Johnson spent Sunday Aug. 5, 1928 with our family.

Mrs. Adelaid Pond Starks died Aug. 15, 1928.
Mr. Bill Greer died Aug. 17, 1928.

(Page 9)

August 1928

Aunt Ellen Link died Aug. 1928, Uncle Chris Link's second wife.
Aunt Beck Searcy died Aug. 24, 1928, Uncle Cye Searcy 3rd wife.

(Page 10)

August 1928

Brodie Pitt got hurt at a saw mill Aug. 22, 1928.
Bettie Searcy and Odell Kemp married Aug. 27, 1928.
Norman Woodard and Fannie Trober married Aug. 16, 1928.

September 1928

Mr. John H. Link died Sept 14, 1928, Nashville, Tennessee.
Ernest G. Biggs died Sept 19, 1928 (suicide) Franklin, Ky.
Uncle Andy Briley died Sept 19, 1928.
Little William Schoat died Sept 22 1928 age 5 months.
Nellie Legge Hall died Sept 27, 1928.
Charlie Groves died Sept. 27. 1928.
Auther Roach and Roberta Angel married Sept 23, 1928.
The first frost fell Sept 23, 1928.

(Page 11)

October 1928

Vernon L. Link and Lillian Pitt married Oct. 7, 1928.  *(Lillian's second husband was Paul West.  mj)

Tom Jeff Wilkerson and Lucille Fulks married Oct. 9, 1928.

November 1928

Clarence McDole died Nov. 27, 1928.

December 1928

Mrs. Mollie West died Dec. 12, 1928, Stella Pitt's mother. (Mrs. Blonnie Pitt)
Mr. H. S. Steward died Dec. 4, 1928, Virgil Hester's father in law.
Mandy Turners wife died Dec 12, 1928. (Col)
Granville killed hogs Dec. 6, 1928.
Tom Link died Dec. 17, 1928, a brother of John Henry Link.
Johnnie Ray and Willie Henderson Married Dec 16, 1928.
Uncle Pink White and his wife came to see us Dec. 19, 1928.
Maggie Jewell Gentry and
*(blank, mj) Pearson married Dec. 21, 1928.

(Page 12)

December 1928

Amlars Tarance and Novie Rogers were married Dec. 25, 1928.
Albert Birdwell and Arvelle Linson married Dec. 23, 1928.
Cloyd Link and. Gladys Lamberth married Dec. 26, 1928.
Ira McCloud died Dec. 21, 1928 and was buried Xmas Day.
Rev. W. F. Jaggers died Dec. 28, 1928.
Larkin Briley died Dec. 31, 1928, age 80 years, buried New Years Day.

(Page 13)

January 1929

Larkin Briley buried Jan 1, 1929, New Years Day.
Aunt Ellen Link died Jan. 7, 1929 age 77 wife of Levy Link.

(Page 13)

January 1929

Elliott Greer's home burned down January 6, 1929.
Mr. Bill Summers died Jan. 14, 1929, a brother of John Summers.
Blonnie Berry died Jan 14, 1929.
Will Suttle's little child died Jan 10, 1929.
Mal Suttle wife of Will Suttle died Jan. 20, 1929.
Mrs. Minnie McCreary died Jan 16, 1929, age 48 years, 10 months 14 days.
We carried our tobacco off January 30, 1929, it brought us two hundred and 64 dollars.
Mrs. Cassie Chote died January 31, 1929 wife of Sam Chote.

February 1929

Sale at Minnie McCrearys Feb. 2, 1929.
Bought my bed Blankets Feb. 1, 1929.

(Page 14)

February 1929

Charlie Steward Pond and Evelyn Dorris married Feb. 12, 1929. *(Parents of Jean Pond Short, mj)
I gave Irene a rocking chair for a birthday present Feb. 13,1929.
Mrs. Elizabeth Short died Feb. 18, 1929, wife of Wils Short.  *(Robert Wilson Short was the brother of my husband's grandmother, America Short Johnson. Elizabeth was a Lamberth before she married Wilson. Their children were Frank, Gus, Daniel, Arthur, and Lee. mj)

Jew Bailey's mother died Feb. 16, 1929.
Little Spot our dog, died Sunday morning at 9:30 Feb. 17, 1929.
Lindberg the Eagle of the U.S. A.

March 1929

Cora Link Summers died March 27, 1929.
Roy Vantrees and Ruby Griffin married March 30, 1929.

April 1929

Mr. George Freeman died April 23, 1929.
Mr. Jim Brown died April 29, 1929, Bose Brown 's father.

(Page 15)

April 1929

Dean Smart and Louise Ogge married April 20, 1929.  *(Dean was the son of Dr. J. W. Smart and Cassie Henderson Smart.  mj)

Columbus Moorehand and Virginia Walker married April 28, 1929.

May 1929

Mrs. Earline Lamberth died May 2, 1929.
John Chote's little child died May 16, 1929.
Mrs. Kattie Legge died May 14, 1929.
Fount Hood and Minnie Wilkerson married May 1929.

June 1929

I fell and hurt myself June 1, 1929.
Mrs. Lou Moore died June 16, 1929.
Claris Wilkerson and Amon Camplin married June 16, 1929.
John Henry Roney's second wife killed herself June 1929, she married a Mr. Stricklan at Portland.
Mrs. Laura Payne died June 18, 1929.

(Page 16)

June 1929

Born to Blonnie and Nannie Bell Linson twin boys June 19, 1929 named R. C. and J. T. and J. T. died June 19, 1929.

Odie W. Hale went to the pen at Nashville June 1, 1929 for five years.
Onis Greer and Charles McKeller married June 17, 1929.
Loyd Pond and Jessie Arterburn married June 22, 1929.

Will Harper died June 25, 1929, died in Nashville, Tenn.

July 1929

Mrs. Hazel Pond wife of Macey Pond died July 4, 1929.
Mr. Sam Hester died July 23, 1929, a brother of James W. Hester.

August 1929

Mrs. Young died Aug. 23. 1929.
Joe Armer Conn died Aug. 24, 1929. (Col)
Arthur Biggs home burned down Aug. 1929.

(Page 17)

September 1929

John Woodard died Sept 8, 1929, son of Bob and Evie Woodard.

October 1929

Mrs. Mary E. Hester Link, wife of the late John H. Link died Oct. 14, 1929, just 13 months difference in Uncle John and Aunt Bettie's deaths. Aunt Bettie was a sister of Mrs. Eliza Willmarth.

Walter Tune and Oma Pond Link married Oct. 16, 1929.
Little baby girl born to Harry and Eva Nell Lamberth Oct. 20, 1929.
Oscar and Johnnie Wilkerson came to see me Oct. 27, 1929.
Mr. Chunk Lane died Oct. 24, 1929.
Mrs. Sarah McAdams died Oct. 25, 1929.
We got our little dog Oct. 7, 1929 his name was Andy.

(Page 18)

November 1929

A five inch snow fell November 22, 1929.
Arvelle Linson Birdwell's baby died Nov. 27, 1929.
Mrs. Judith Briley died Nov. 19, 1929.
Mr. Joe Turner died Nov. 26, 1929.
Cloyd and Gladys Link's little boy died Nov. 20, 1929.
Mr. Bill Bowling moved to his new home Nov. 9, 1929.

December 1929

Lillie Pond and Cecil Starks married Dec. 22, 1929.
Irene Legge and Herman Lovell Married Dec. 24, 1929.
Bernice Cannon and Charlie Green married Dec. 24, 1929.
Maureen Wiseman and Paul West married Dec. 22, 1929.
 *(Paul's second wife was Lillian Link  mj)

Second snow fell Sunday night 1st day of Dec. 1929.
Ewell McGreary died Dec. 8, 1929.

(Page 18)

December 1929

Hugh Gorden Link born Dec. 23, 1929. *(Son of Granville and Irene Link and grandson of Mary J. Link Hester.  mj)

(Page 19)

December 1929

Little Walt Wilkerson second wife died Dec. 31, 1929, Myrtle Cage, she left a little baby boy. *(James Leroy Wilkerson's mother.  mj)

John Auldridge died Dec. 26, 1929.

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