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Mary Johnson Link Hester's Diary

1926 - 1927

 Our sincere thanks to Dorris Hester Vanatta, for granting permission to post on our site.

Transcribed by: Marie Johnson
Proofed & Formatted by: Linda Carpenter


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Beginning with:

January 1926

Aunt Sis White died January 1st 1926 died at Gallatin, Tenn.
Chester Link died Jan 1, 1926 died in Detroit, Michigan.

Clarence Edwin Groves died Jan. 1, 1926, son of Buford Jones Groves, killed in Nashville Tenn. by an Auto.

Bud Reed's daughter died Jan 1, 1926 died at Fountain Head, Tenn.

Mrs. Filzgerald daughter of Esq. George Brinkley died Jan. 1, 1926 died at White House, Tenn.
Chester Link's body arrived at Gallatin, Tenn. Tuesday night at 7:30 and was buried at Walnut Grove at 11 o'clock Wednesday.

Mrs. Lizzie Briley came home from the hospital Jan. 11, 1926. *(She was the wife of T. W. Briley and also did a scrapbook and gave it to her granddaughter, Lenora Durrett. I have transcribed portions of it for this web site, mj)

Raymond Riggsby and Anna May Searcy married Jan 11, 1926.
Uncle Jim Link died Jan. 24, 1926 age 86 years, 9 mos. and 19 days. (Uncle Batch Jim)

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February 1926

Lee Short died Feb. 4, 1926.
Tom Moore died Monday Feb. 8, 1926. (suicide)
Sadie, Mr. Hester's black horse died Feb.10, 1926 breaks her leg Feb. 9, 1926.
Raymond Riggsby moved to Blonnie Linson's Feb. 10, 1926 and returned Mar. 15, 1928.
Mr. And Mrs. Ollie Ford moved to Mr. Bill Goodman's Feb. 8, 1926.
Inda Hester died Feb. 12, 1926 died at Gallatin, Tenn.
Frank Martin died Feb. 1926 died in Detroit, Mich.
Mr. France Legge moved at Blonnie Linson's Wednesday Feb. 17, 1926.
Frank Burton died Feb. 19, 1926 died in Nashville, Tenn. Dora Shans husband.
Ollie Kirby moved to T. W. Briley's place Feb. 26, 1926.
Bought Dollie from Mr. Clarence Wright Feb. 11, 1926. Dollie is a horse.
Hal Armstrong and Lula Lynch married Feb. 26, 1926.

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March 1926

Johnnie Summers' twin girls born March 1, 1926, names Bertha May and Virgie May.
George Martin's mother died March 1926.
Carlis Thompson little girl died Feb. 6, 1926 died in Nashville, Tenn.
Russell May's moved to Blonnie Linson's March 18, 1926.
Icy Kemp Ray died March 19, 1926.
Mrs. Reed, Henry Pitts mother, died March 23, 1926.
Mrs. Tatam, Dr. J. W. Smarts, mother died March 24, 1926.
*("Granny Tatham" - Mary Jane Somerville Smart Tatham, was my husband, J. D. Johnson's great grandmother on his mothers side. Dr. Smart was his great uncle. mj)

Mrs. Sina Short died March 19, 1926.
Bud McCreary died March 27, 1926.
Mr. Babe Kelly died March 27, 1926

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March 1926

Mrs. Hugh Harris little girl born March 30, 1926.
Joe Bradley died March 30, 1926 died in Acklin, Ohio, buried in Portland, Tenn.

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April 1926

Put Uncle Batch Jim Link's tombstone up April 6, 1926.
Sale at Uncle Andy Briley April 19, 1926. Sold farming tools.
Mrs. Maude Walker died April 10, 1926.
Miss Nora Walker, sister of John Armstrong's wife died April 21, 1926.
Uncle West Mack (Col) died April 12, 1926.
Mrs. R. D. Link died April 23, 1926.
Mrs. Sallie Estis Woodall died April 28, 1926.

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May 1926

Uncle Boon Johnson died May 14, 1926.
Anna Lou Link and Floyd Lamberth married May 15, 1926.
*(she has Loid but it is Floyd mj)
Elmore Cole and Pearl Arterburn married May 22, 1926.

June 1926

The Mason funeral march of Uncle Batch Jim Link was June the 20 1926, was to be May the 30 on the account of rain was put off.

Aunt Clarindie Link went to Nashville June 1926.
John Moore died June 12 1926, he married Phebie Pitt.
Mr. Shim Walker died June 11, 1926.
Lizzie Atchison and Jim Freeland married June 22, 1926.
Clarance Short and Estell Booker married June 23, 1926.
 *(my husband's grandmother's (America Short Johnson) nephew, mj)

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July 1926

Ward Benton Bradley and Jessie Biggs married July 31, 1926.
Taylor Shannon died July 2, 1926.
Dean Lamberth died July 22, 1926.

August 1926

Bobby Gant and Annie Armstrong married Aug. 18, 1926.
Mr. John Summers house burned down Aug. 9, 1926.
Granville Link came home on a visit Aug. 1, and went back to Detroit Aug. 13, 1926.
( Mary Hester's son. mj)

Uncle Porter Johnson spent the night with us Aug. 1, 1926.
Mr. John Summers moved in Mrs. Lady Clubbs house Aug. 16, 1926.

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September 1926

Mrs. Bettie Cole died Sept 7, 1926.
Sold Uncle Jim Links land in 4 tracts Sept 8, 1926.
Harry Link and Belle Glover married Sept 12, 1926.
Roger and Emma came home Sept 21, 1926 on the account of Mr. Hester being sick.
Granville Link came home on the account of Mr. Hester being sick Sept. 22. 1926.
Mr. James W. Hester died Sept 29, 1926 age 72 years 7 months 7 days.

September 1926

*(Mary Johnson Link Hester's husband, born Feb.22 1854, buried at Walnut Grove Church Cemetery beside his first wife Sallie.  mj)

Mrs. Jim Searcy died Sept 1926.
Harry L. Link and Belle Glover married Sept. 12, 1926.

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October 1926

We got our pigs Oct 19, 1926.
Sold old Kate mule Oct 18, 1926 to Tom Searcy Oct. 18, 1926.
Mrs. Sallie Pitt died Oct. 13, 1926.
Bobbie Pleasant died Oct. 27, 1926.
Bob Lanier died Oct. 28, 1926 age 76 years.
Mary and Irby Hester went home with Mrs. Eliza Willmarth Oct. 21, and came home Oct 24, 1926.
Roger, Emma and baby and Granville went home Oct. 4, 1926.

November 1926

Hendersonville Wreck on the L. and N. Railroad November the 16, 1926. Pan American train run into an auto killing Luther Payne and Frankie Frankes.

Bill Johnson went to the Protestant Hospital Nov. 22, 1926.
Virgie May Summers died Nov. 30, 1926 a twin child of Johnnie and Rosie Summers.
Mrs. Ben Woodard died Nov 17, 1926.

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December 1926

Uncle Bob Livingston died Dec. 3, 1926.
My brother Virgil Johnson and his wife and little granddaughter came to see me Dec. 5, 1926.
Belle got her cow Dec. 20, 1926. (On Monday)
Ollie Kirby moved to T. W. Briley's second place Dec. 1926 Sallie Hester's place.
Russell Mayes moved from Blonnie Linson's place to Columbus Links Dec. 29, 1926.
Guy Cook and Clara Gillihan married Dec. 1926.
Clifton Gourly and Claudie Belle Link married Dec. 1926.
Bond Ball moved in at Blonnie Linson's Dec. 29, 1926.
Lester Legge and Carrie Eskue (Escue) married Dec. 31, 1926.
Lovie Brown and
*(Illegible, mj) married Dec. 1926.
Dora Brooks died Dec. 1926.
A sad old Year 1926 Good by.

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January 1927

Mr. Jim Lamberth died Jan 1, 1927.
Little Johnnie Summers son of Jabe Summers Died Jan 7, 1927.
Clark Cron's sale Jan 8, 1927.
Mrs. Lady Clubbs sale Jan.8, 1927.
Clyde Riggs and Sue Culbreath married January 9, 1927.
*(Miss Sue was a former teacher at Portland Elementary School for years. mj)

George Ostean died January 15, 1927.
Lois Ellen Cruttenden born January 16, 1927.
Inman Shaw died January 1, 1927.

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January 1927

Herman Link's little boy born January 21, 1927.

February 1927

Ollie and Sallie Ford moved to Dick Bateys place February 16, 1927.
My time is out with the Nashville Paper Feb. 4, 1928.
John Hester, a brother of Charlie Hester, died February 26, 1927.
Luther Harden, a son of Willie and Lillie Harden, died February 27, 1927.

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February 1927

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Goodman moved to their new home February 24, 1927.
Will Short died February 6, 1927.
Rachel Briley died February 12, 1927.
Mrs. Alice Batey wife of Dick Batey died Feb. 20, 1927.
George Lanier died February, 1927.
Paul Briley and Pearl Harden married February 26, 1927.

March 1927

John Marlin a brother of Mr. Charlie Marlin died March 5, 1927.
Clint Caruthers and Rosie Short married March 16, 1927.

Little Walt Wilkerson and Myrtle Cage married March 16, 1927. *(Walter was one of the owners of Wilkerson and Wiseman Funeral Home. mj)

Elishie Briley died March 22, 1927.
Mrs. Bettie Biggs died March 23 1927 wife of Will Biggs at Franklin, Ky.
Sold Mrs. J. W. Hester's last crop of tobacco March 24, 1927.

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March 1927

Harry got the little pig March 6, 1927 on Sunday, named her Ethelean.
Mrs. Elvia Martin died March 25, 1927, Jim Martin's mother.
Sold old Sal our red cow March 29, 1927.

April 1927

Kyle Link and Leola Martin married April 10, 1927.
Leonard Culbreath died April 24, 1927.
John Searcy and Mrs. Ezra Payne Tate married April 16, 1927.
Robert Moore son of Ophelia Moore died April 26, 1927.
Macy Pond's little baby died April 28, 1927.
Prof. George Keen and the Widow Wheeler Married April 16, 1927.

May 1927

Mrs. Tamps Austin, Uncle Jimmie Austin second wife died May 2, 1927.
John Searcy got hurt with a tractor plow May 16, 1927.
Granville bought a mule from Tom Searcy May 16, 1927 mule's name Shortie.
John Allen Griffin died May 26, 1927 Annie and Leona Links, Father.

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May 1927

John Griffin, a brother of Nick Griffin died May 30, 1927 age 77 years and lived in Nashville, Tenn.

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June 1927

Eula Moore wife of Morris West died June 12, 1927. (suicide)
Prof. G. B. Roberts died June 6, 1927. (suicide)
Mrs. Flora Thompson died June 18, 1927.
Lillie Pitt, Ewin Pitt's second wife died June 1927.

July 1927

Dorothy Lee Link born July 6, 1927.
Mr. Charlie Pond died July 17, 1927 lived at Fountain Head, Tennessee.
Ike Shoat and Fannie may Auldridge married July 23, 1927.
Charlie E. Link died July 30, 1927 age 62 years 4 months and a few days.
Sallie and Ollie Ford moved in the little house of Mr. Goodman July 26, 1927.
Clara May Hester and Lewis Fisher married July 23, 1927.

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July 1927

Nina Woodard and Willie Gilliham married July 23, 1927.
Mrs. Hettie Hobdy Lanier died July 23, 1927 Age 70 years.
Bob Adamson and Nilla Rogers married July 24, 1927.
Charlie E. Link Died July 30, 1927.

August 1927

Eva Nell Rogers and Harry Lamberth married August 6, 1927.
Sallie Ford's Sale August 5, 1927.
Mrs. Nora Matherson died August 26, 1927.
Mr. Henderson White died August 28, 1927.
A little Gregory child died August 30, 1927.

September 1927

Mr. Fate Biggs died September 12, 1927.
Bill Hall died September 18, 1927.
Mandie Link Rippie died September 25, 1927.
Fate Biggs house sale Sept. 28, 1927.

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October 1927

Governor Austin Payne died Oct. 2nd 1927.
Effie Hester and D. Lamberth married October 13, 1927.
Dewey Summers died October 16, 1927, age 25 years 7 mo and 7 days.
Mr. Thomas Summerville died October 27, 1927.
Mr. E. P. Dickerson died the last of Oct or the 1st of November 1927. Watkins medicine man.

November 1927

Mrs. Jessie Wilkerson's little baby died Nov. 14, 1927.
The first snow fell Nov. 17, 1927.

December 1927

Leo Rogers and Irean Blackwell married Dec 25, 1927.

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