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Timothy Garrett
Inventory & Settlement

Source: TSL&A Microfilm #70
Inventories and Settlements
Oct. 1861 - May 1879

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

October Term, 1867
Page 421

State of Tennessee }
Sumner County       }  I, John L. Bugg, Clerk of the County Court of said
county have this day settled with Robt. Cunningham as trustee of Timothy Garrett & find him in account as follows viz;
To amnt. realized from the sale of the land of Timothy Garrett   $4000.00
To amnt. received for one mare                                                         100.00

Cr. By Vouchers from No. 1 to 30 See Ex. A             $2209.39
Cr. By Allowance to Trustee                                           110.00
Clerk's fee for settlement                                                   2.50      $2321.89
                                  Leaving due T. Garrett Oct. 11th 1867         $1778.11

Page 422
Respectfully submitted
Oct. 11, 1867                                   John L. Bugg Clk.
                                                         by J. A. Trousdale, D.C.

Page 468

State of Tennessee   }
Sumner County         }  I, John L. bugg Clerk of the County Court of said
County have this day made a Supplemental Settlement with Robert Cunningham as Trustee of Timothy Garrett & find him in a/c as follows, viz;
Amount due last settlement Oct. 11th 1867                               $1778.11
By Timothy Garrett's receipt      No 1                                         1736.55

                             To amount carried forward                            $    41.56

Page 469

To amount brought forward                                                        $    41.56
Cr. by Timothy Garrett's receipt      No 2                $32.10
Cr. By S. McKain's receipt              No 3                    9.55             41.65
Respectfully submitted 29th Feb. 1868
John L. Bugg, Clerk
by J. A. Trousdale, D.C.

November Term 1869
Pages 93 - 94

All a/c of sales made of the personal property of the estate of Timothy Garrett dec'd at his late residence in the county of Sumner after having advertised according to law
Patton Bell 1 mans saddle $4.00
J. W. Garrett 1 table   1.50
J. W. Garrett 1 press   2.00
Moses Shaw 1 Bed stead   8.00
Total Sales $8.00

August Term, 1872
Page 273

State of Tennessee  }
Sumner County        } I Jesse Cage Clerk of the County Court of Sumner have this day had a settlement with Jas. F. Roscoe Administrator of Timothy Garrett dec'd and find him in a/c as follows to wit:
To amt. of sales                                                                              $     8.00
To Bal. of note reported in inventory                                               409.70
To T. W. Garrets a/c                                                                            10.00
                                                                                                         $  427.70

Cr. by vouchers as per Ex. "A" herewith filed        $308.56
Cr. By Clerks fee for bond etc                                       1.00
Cr. By Clerks fee recording invtry. & settlement        1.75
Cr. By allowance to administrator                               20.00        $   331.31 
Amt. that came into hands of Admr.                                             $  427.70
Amt. of Credits to be allowed him                                                     331.31
                                                                                                        $    96.39

All of which is respectfully
submitted this 10 Aug 1872
Jesse Cage Clerk

Inventories and Settlements

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