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R. L. Garrett, 1890
Final Settlement

Source: Sumner County Inventories and Settlements,
September, 1887 - November, 1909
TSL&A Microfilm 331

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

Page 265, October Term, 1890

Final settlement with
Mrs. B. J. Garrett Admrx.
of R. L. Garrett, decd.

To One Yoke of Oxen sold for $  40.00
To One Note on J. M. Liver (Insolvent)     46.30
To One Bal. on N. D. Mays     14.50
Total $100.80

By each paid Letters $  3.00
By each paid Homestead & Dower     6.00
By each paid Homestead & Dower & Years Support     4.00
By each paid Commissioners     6.00
By each paid J. M. Anderson Undertaker   30.00
By each paid Jo L. Weis Tomb Stone   20.00
By each paid T. J. Dillon     5.00
By each paid Jno. W. McNeely     3.50
By each paid Woods for medicine     1.25
By each paid Nancy Barnard 152.00
By each paid R. K. Gillespie   21.10
By each paid Tom Moore   10.00
By each paid Richard Moore     7.50
By each paid Allowance to Admrx.   35.00
By each paid Clerks for Settlement     1.50
By each paid T. C. Mulligan Atty     2.50 $ 308.25
Balance overpaid & due Admrx. $ 207.55

Respectfully submitted
Sept. 30th 1890  Harris Brown Clerk

Inventories and Settlements

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