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Patterson, Guardians, 1869

TSL&A Microfilm, A-5184
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Estates (Loose Records)

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

We John A. Patterson, W. C. Patterson, P. S. Youree and W. A. Chapman are bound to the State of Tennessee in the penalty of Ten thousand & fifty dollars Witness our hand this 3rd day of Feb. 1868.
The consideration of this obligation is such that whereas the above bound John A. Patterson has been appointed Guardian of James H. Patterson. Now if the said Jno. A. Patterson shall well and truly perform all the duties which are or may be required by law , this obligation shall be void or otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

John A. Patterson
W. C. Patterson
P. S. Youree
Will A. Chapman

State of Tennessee   }
Sumner County         }  I Jesse Cage D. C. of the County Court of said county have this day settled with John A. Patterson as guardian of James H. Patterson and find him in account as follows, viz

The amt. rec of Dr. John Patterson former guardian including interest to date:
                                          $ 5,840.91
Rent of land for 1868             350.00
Rent of land for 1869             350.00
                                          $  6,540.91

Cr By
Appmt. bond etc   $        4.15
Taxes on land in Ky. 1867         30.25
Taxes on land in Ky. 1868         31.50
Traveling expenses           16.50
Cash advanced ward         66.00
Debt. paid to H. M. Bullock         61.30
W. S. Munday lawyer fee           25.00
Allowance to Guardian         50.00
Clerks fee for Settlement           1.50
    $  286.20
Leaving the ward June 1870   $6254.71

Respectfully submitted
This the 23rd day of June 1870.
Jesse Cage DC

A list or statement of personally accruing to ward John Patterson Jr. from the estate of John Patterson Dec'd.
2 bonds U.S.  $1000.00 each
1 bond State of Tennessee for $1000.00 each
123 shares L & N RR for $100.00 each
$360.00 State Bank Tennessee currency (Old issue)
4 coupons Gold US each $30.00
3 coupons Tennessee coupons $30.00 currency
Sworn to before me                                        John Patterson
this 4th of July 1870                               Guardian for John Patterson
Jesse Cage DC

State of Tennessee   }
Sumner County         }
I Jesse Cage Clerk of the County Court of said County have this day had settlement with John Patterson as Guardian of John Patterson and find him in a/c as follows to wit,
To acct. per Inventory Report   $14,233.00
By acct. as disbursed as per report coms.
made at Aug. Term Co. Crt. 1870 Page 167
$   1729.05
Allowance to Guardian          20.00
Clks fee report & settlement            1.50
$   1750.55
Leaving due Ward 5 Feb 1872 $12,482.45

Respectfully submitted
this the 5th Feb. 1872.
Jesse Cage Clerk

Inventory of monies assets etc. belonging to Ward John Patterson, Jr. from the estate of John Patterson decd being a reserve with additional means of an inventory previously made but mislaid in Clerks office

To wit  2 United States Bonds of $1000.00 each $   2000.00
4 US coupons @ $30.00 each        120.00
1 Tenn. State Bond      1000.00
3 Tenn. State coupons $30.00 each          90.00
Proceeds of sale of 123 shares L & N RR
under order Chancery Ct. Rutherford Cty.
Previous dividend on same        530.00
Rent of land 1871        387.00
$360.00 Tenn. currency (old issue)@ $70/100        252.00

Jno. Patterson

Febry 5th 1872                                            Guardian of John Patterson, Jr.

State of Tennessee
Know all Men by these Presents that John Patterson, Sr. all of Sumner County in the state aforesaid are held and truly bound under the State of Tennessee, in the sum of Fifty thousand dollars, to be paid to the said State in trust, for the benefit of the child hereafter named, committed to the tuition of John Patterson Sr. to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves and each of us, each and every of our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.  Sealed with our seals and dated the 7 of June 1870.
The condition of the above obligation is such, That whereas the above bounden John Patterson Sr. is constituted and appointed Guardian to John Patterson Jr. a minor orphan; Now, if the said John Patterson Sr. shall faithfully execute his Guardianship, by securing and improving all the estate of the said John Patterson Jr. that shall come into his possession for the benefit of the said John Patterson until he shall arrive at full age, or be sooner thereto required. and then render a plain and true account of his Guardianship, on oath, before the Justice of our said Court and deliver up, pay to, or possess the said John Patterson Jr. of all such estate or estates as he ought to be possessed of, or such other person as shall be lawfully empowered or authorized to receive the same, and the profits arising therefrom then this obligation to be void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue.
John Patterson (Seal)

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