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J. W. & Susan A. E. Smart,
Settlement & Inventory, 1899

Source: Sumner County Inventories and Settlements Book, 1895 - 1904
pages 221 - 223

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

April Term, 1899
Page 221

State of Tennessee
Sumner County
I, Harris Brown Clerk of the County Court of said County, have this day had a final settlement with Miss Mollie J. Smart Admix of the estates of J. W. Smart & Susan Smart dec'd and find her in account as follows,

1st  Susan Smart Estate


To cash on hand paye. 199

 $ 574.13

To cash Chas Turner Note

Total  $ 585.40
By Csh. Harris Brown Clk.        3.00
By Csh. Inventory          .75
By Csh. Delivering Corn        3.00
By Csh. Taxes 1898      10.80
By Csh. Expenses          .45
By Csh. Inventory Too Much    112.47  $ 130.47
Net Bal  $ 454.93
The heirs to this estate being same
as to J. W. Smart dec'd this net
Bal is carried to the Net Bal in
J. W. Smart, Estate and the two
added together and all divided
as one estate.
2nd J. W. Smart Estate
To cash on hand Paye 89 $  102.20
To cash in Bank     200.00
To Cash in Bank Interest        3.75
To Cash in Jas. A. Staggs Note      16.08
To Cash in J. W. McNerley note in part    278.89
To Cash in J. W. Butt in full    103.90
To Cash in J. B. Johnson in full    198.09
To Cash J. H. Groves in full    112.35
To Cash A. J. Webb in full      89.35
To Cash J. L. Crafton      21.38
To Cash J. C. Atchison in full      22.50
To Cash O. J. Staggs in full      10.45
To Cash Chas. Turner in full      15.86
To Cash J. P. Wheeler in full    238.73
To Cash J. P. Wheeler in full    329.70
To Cash Portland Mill Co in full    568.57
To Cash J. B. Barnard in full      65.30
To Cash A. Thomason in full      10.47
To Cash Jno. Gibbs Coe in full      54.40
To Cash Jno Gibbs Coe in full      54.80
Page 222
To Csh. Jas . Garrett        2.00
To Csh. Sale     109.25
To Csh. Int. on Sale         2.19
To Csh. Bank Stock     835.00
To Csh. Corn sold not in inventory       20.10
To Csh. wheat sold not in inventory       86.10
To Csh. Tom Anderson         2.00
To Csh. Riley Chaney         1.00
To Csh. Jo Mays         1.00
To Csh. Act. Alfred Groves         2.21
To Csh. Dividend, Portland Mill Co.     271.80
To Csh. Rents Tobacco Land       50.75
To Csh. Int. Outside Collections     163.65
Total Collections $4094.36
By Csh. Susan Smart, Years Allowance $150.00
By Csh. Harris Brown       7.75
By Csh. E. S. Bradshaw Clk.       2.50
By Csh. J. T. Baskerville Atty.       5.00
By Csh. J. W. Wickware Atty.     20.00
By Csh. Dr. J. W. Smart   ____       2.75
By Csh. Taxes 1897       9.45
By Csh. Taxes 1898       6.75
By Csh. J. T. Baskerville Atty.     25.00
By Csh. Susan Smart   290.00
By Csh. Allowance to Admin     52.50
By Cash Harris Brown Clk.       4.50   $579.20
Net Bal due Heirs $3578.16
To Amt. Received from Susan Smart Est.   $454.90
To Advancements made by J. W. Smart to Mattie Johnson     530.00
Total Jn. & Susan Smart Estates (Net) $4503.09
To be divided as follows,
Mollie Smart 1/7                           See receipt filed 643.29 6/7
Mattie Johnson  1/7 less $520     See receipt filed 643.29 6/7
Rettie Brackin 1/7                      See receipt filed 643.29 6/7
Unis Smart  1/7                             See receipt filed 643.29 6/7
Maud Smart  1/7                           See receipt filed 643.29 6/7
Martin Smart   1/7                        See receipt filed 643.29.6/7
Chas. Smart   1/7                          See receipt filed 643.29 6/7 $4503.09

Respectively submitted
Mch 17, 1899
Harris Brown, Clk.

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